Wednesday, October 17, 2018

A Foggy Day with Mags

A heavy, dewy mist settled over Salisbury yesterday, obscuring the tower of the cathedral. It made for some interesting photos and an atmospheric walk through the "water meadows," a system of man-made channels surrounding pastures and farmland.

But I'm getting ahead of myself -- because before Dave and I took that walk, we had breakfast at our hotel. And just as we sat down to eat, who should show up but Margaret Thatcher! Again!

(Not the REAL Margaret Thatcher, obviously. See yesterday's post if you're confused.)

With impeccable hair and timing she appeared just as we were about to get food, and wound up talking to (at?) us for another half an hour, at least. This time we mostly steered clear of politics, thank God. We heard about innocuous subjects like breeds of chickens (which she knows from her family's farm) and extinct varieties of pheasant. (Ditto.) We heard more about her husband's CBE and her illustrious family.

The conversation was more pleasant than yesterday, but I still wanted her to go away.

Finally we stood, leashed up Olga and went back to our room to freshen up. Then we set out across a nearby park to get to the path into town through the water meadows.

We enjoyed the foggy morning, the sheep in the fields, the old mill beside the river and the dew-soaked spider webs on the bridge. And then Dave looked behind us, and who should be following but Mags! She was stalking us!

We tried to walk faster but she finally caught up with us -- "You can't get away from this crazy Welsh woman!" she said. I guess this time we gave off positively hostile vibes because she eventually kept walking, bound for communion at the cathedral.

After Mags departed we were able to relax once again. We wandered the park and found little knitted artworks decorating some of the benches, such as this tea set, complete with knitted cookies! (It was fastened to the bench with a subtly placed zip tie.)

We walked into town and settled into a Cafe Nero for coffee:

We found a prime window seat with wonderful people-watching opportunities. We got a kick out of listening to the ladies sitting beside Dave, who were complaining about the results of "Strictly Come Dancing" and making their own amusing comments about passing pedestrians. ("His mother loves him," they said about one man.)

Finally we collected our bags from our hotel, ate some take-out Thai food at an unpretentious pub near the train station, and caught our train back to London. Traveling went smoothly and we were home by about 4:30 p.m. I think Olga was happier to get home than any of us. She spent the entire evening asleep on the couch, under her pink blanket.


  1. When Margaret Thatcher died on April 8th 2013, I danced a happy jig and sang "Always Look On The Bright Side of Life"...and now you are saying she is fit and well and holidaying in Salisbury? Get me a jar of Novichok quickly! I am also bound for Salisbury.

  2. I hate it when people won't take subtle hints because I don't LIKE being rude! Well, at least you have a good story out of it.

    Who's a good girl?? Olga :)

  3. I bet you anything that when you and Dave look back on this little adventure, it will be that woman you remember above all else.

  4. I can't imagine why that woman felt like she should keep talking to you, and then to find her out on your walk trying to keep it going. Ugh. She must be very lonely with her crazy right-wing nuttiness in full bloom. Love that photo of Dave, and really glad you all had a good time.

  5. There were major screws loose in this version of Margaret Thatcher. What a kook!

  6. I encountered her twin the other day. she and her granddaughter were walking down the street and Minnie ran at them barking so I approached to let them know she was harmless and I learned all about her diabetes, her exercise regimen, how empty the pool at the aquatic center was the other day, her weight, her male companion's stunned reaction to the flood and I don't remember what all. couldn't get a word in edgewise and was glad when she decided they needed to get back and check on her grandson who was playing video games and not interested in a walk.

  7. At least she realizes that she is a "crazy Welsh woman". Gadfrey! Nice to see Dave up close. Nice picture though he looks a bit tired.

  8. I love that you and Dave get out and see the world. We are such homebodies over here. But I am traveling with my daughter tomorrow so that’s something.