Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Surfin to the Eskimo Dance

After yesterday's political discussion, I need at least a day of recovery. So how about some iPhone pictures?

Surfin appears to be the name of a cafe chain (is two a chain?) in some communities north of London -- one humorously named Biggleswade and neither particularly close to any surf.

I found this poster intriguing. What, I wondered in my square way, could an Eskimo Dance possibly be?

Turns out it's a well-known event among followers of London's "grime" music scene. Grime is electronic urban dance music influenced by hip-hop, and Eskimo is a specific beat developed by the musician Wiley.

I have no idea why it's called Eskimo. Maybe because it's so cool?

This tree is always one of the first on our street to change color in autumn.

An interesting (?) art piece I found discarded in a dumpster. I was not tempted to rescue it.

Nor did I try to save this baby half-shirt, even though it is rockin'.

This was waiting outside a house down the street. It's a somber-looking collection, especially with that wheelchair in the middle. I wonder if someone died.

Finally, this is in the window of the paint-it-yourself ceramics shop on West End Lane. Looks like Snow White had a rough night. Or maybe she's reacting to Kavanaugh's confirmation. (Sorry -- politics slipped in there after all.)


  1. I love this ecletic collection of photos - both thought-provoking and artistic, all in one go! Whoever thought you could find such trash and treasure just sitting around on the streets of London!

  2. Snow White did eat the apple.

  3. This is a record of your travels in one day. You could write a great story based on these photos.

  4. That shot on your street is wonderful. It makes me want to be in London but, then that is easy to do. I always want to be in London. The Snow White ceramic made ne laugh out loud. I love it. Even Snow White can have a bad night.

  5. I love what catches your eye on your walks!

  6. That last picture is exactly how I felt last week after all the Supreme chauvinistic ugliness.
    I was intrigued by all the plaid bags - if those were trash bags, they're much classier there than here.

  7. The picture of Olga and the tree made me wonder who sweeps up those leaves. When we lived in Guadalajara I was impressed that the maids would come out every morning and sweep the sidewalks and the streets to the center line in front of the houses where they worked.

  8. always a great collection when you do these. love that snow White. I can relate.

  9. Aw, that a red tree is sweet. So is the little puppy contemplating life and all its mysteries.

  10. Your street is charming.
    Eskimo is akin to the Inuit as "ni**er" is to brown skinned people.
    Realized this when I was looking up a doll in Inuit fashion.