Tuesday, November 27, 2018

iPhone Pics, Late November Edition

Because I have to be at work early today, and I don't have time to cook up a proper blog post, here's another parade of iPhone randomness for your entertainment!

First, some colorful mats laid out on the gym floor at the school where I work.

Looks like it was someone's 18th birthday. I believe I would have deflated the balloon before throwing it away, but that's just me...

Dave and I had brunch in a restaurant where someone was offering these for sale. They're old bricks painted to look like books. The seller suggested they be used as doorstops or bookends. Kind of cool, and if I needed bookends I might pay £35 for a pair. I like the eclectic choice of titles.

This is a cool building near the theater where I saw "Hamilton" on the 21st. I just liked the curvy architecture and the lighting.

Someone apparently doesn't much care for this Russian World Cup footballer. Olga isn't very interested, either.

The pigeons were lined up on this rooftop with almost military precision. Maybe they really ARE plotting to take over the world...

This groovy garden gate belongs to a house up near Fortune Green. Points for creativity!

And finally, for Remembrance Day, someone set out this wreath of poppies along with an old photo at the memorial to war dead in Hampstead Cemetery. The soldier on the far right in the photo is marked, which suggests his name is on the stone above. Someone thought to honor him, specifically. Touching!


  1. Those crows and that building DO look rather ominous!

  2. Crows? They are pigeons Elizabeth. But it is still like a scene from "The Birds".

    Another fascinating set of pictures Steve. Thanks and have a great day librarianing!

  3. Love those painted bricks! Very cool.

  4. I too love the painted bricks, but I think I would baulk at paying that much! I mean, you could buy the real book for that price, surely!

  5. Your iPhone pictures always make me happy. I think the iPhone allows us to see what you see in a less structured fashion. And you have a good eye.
    I would love to have that gate. It is entirely groovy.
    Those pigeons must have had a measuring tape.
    Sweet tribute in the cemetery.

  6. Very cool photos. Love those bricks. What a grand idea.

  7. really liked the building with the pigeons and the garden gate is fun. and so touching the photo at the war memorial.

  8. Another great assortment of photos. At first I thought the top photo was some kind of game board. My first thought when I saw the "bricks" photo was that Valley of the Dolls was not that thick of a book. I love the building with the blue lights. It gave me a pang of nostalgia wishing I could be walking those streets. That is a very old photo with the poppies behind it. It is very touching that he is being remembered all these years later.

  9. The variety of photos makes for a good post. Someone will be interested in some or all of the posts.

  10. I love the iphone photos, and look forward to those posts.

  11. Your world is amazing, so glad you carry your phone along ! Fabulous photos! Every one a story.LOVE the bricks! oh, and the pigeons!!

  12. I like the variety of photos and it sounds like others do too.

    The person who painted those bricks did a really good job on them. I can see why they cost what they did. It's a wonderful idea for a bibliophile.

    Love the birds all lined up!

  13. Maybe the pigeons HAVE taken over already? Subtle as they are.
    Great pictures, Steve. I must admit I would have burst that balloon walking past.