Thursday, November 8, 2018

Red and Blue, Red and Yellow

The consensus seems to be that the election news is brighter than I initially believed yesterday. I thought it was sort of a "meh" result for the Democrats, but The New York Times called it a "rebuke" of Trump's policies -- maybe even a "stinging rebuke," though I can't remember their exact wording. Nate Cohn has a column (with a very hard-to-understand graphic) explaining why the election was better for the Democrats than it appears. I'm not sure I buy it, frankly -- I'd hoped for a much bigger and bluer wave -- but it's an interesting perspective.

At least Nancy Pelosi is now back to annoy the Republicans even more. This thrills me to my bones, knowing how much they complain about her.

Trump's behavior is going to be fun to watch. Now that he doesn't have to tiptoe around to pacify mid-term election voters, he's going to become even more autocratic. Jeff Sessions is just the first step.

Interesting times!

Look how red our Japanese maple has gone, seemingly overnight! Less than two weeks ago it was a dark bronze color. It really stands out at this time of year. Apparently it's a hemispheric phenomenon, as Lorianne in New England said hers just went bright red, too.

I went back to Starbuck's yesterday and collected my free coffee via my health insurance. This time, they had hot water. Yay!

Oh, and I rolled our carts of discarded library DVDs into the staff lounge at work, with "free" signs on them. I figured that would help us get rid of them, and it has -- several shelves' worth have disappeared. Less for us to throw away!

(Top photo: An autumn leaf  in Queen's Park, on Sunday.)


  1. As one who lives in a part of Australia where we have zero autumn (aka fall) colours, the sight of that Japanese maple is just beautiful.

  2. An old timer pushing a shopping trolley around- filled with all of his worldly possessions - that's a sad image. I didn't realise you were a war veteran... Now that the midterms are over, it will be interesting to see what happens to the so-called "caravan" of immigrants because I have the feeling that Trump cynically engineered this threatened invasion. I suspect that the "caravan" will simply fizzle out and be forgotten.

  3. Sadly too many homeless pushing trolleys , we don’t have that here, it’s too cold for homeless to stay out of doors but there are shelters, but it’s so sad, that leaf is perfection, I love when they just start to turn, well, I love them fully turned as well, I do love Fall,

  4. After I read this post I turned to look at my own Japanese Magnolia which is still bronze but as I focused on it, I noticed the first camellia bloom, open to the sky on one of my bushes.
    Giving away the old DVD's was brilliant!

  5. I think percentage of votes for the Democrats was a good happening.

  6. gerrymandering and voter suppression tactics are still giving republicans an edge...closing of polling places in democratic areas, wiping hundreds of thousands of people off the rolls, not providing enough voting machines, etc. there might be a recount in Florida and Georgia too and some other state is still counting dropped off ballots.

    and the maple is gorgeous.

  7. That Japanese Maple looks stunning. In fact, your yard is looking very nice, like a little fall oasis.
    So far, I'm still a little down over the elections. I know we took the house which is a good thing but there were so many other disappointments. And, I worry that House Democrats will screw things up again like they did with the Kavanaugh nomination. I came to a realization yesterday that our government no longer is doing what is good for the country. It's all about what will keep them in power and right now what keeps them in power is appealing to uneducated, rural voters who fear anything that looks different than them.

  8. I'm not a big fan of Nancy Pelosi, but I'll take her over Paul Ryan any day. I would like to see a blue wave that is also a new wave of ideas. I've got my hopes on Beto O'Rourke for president. Beautiful colors on your Japanese maple. Ah the seasons go round and round.

  9. Nancy Pelosi is a very rude person. There isn't any excuse for any government person/or individual to be so rude. I am truly sick of people thinking they have to right to speak/or act so mean. We have a country full of selfish people ugh...sorry but i am so happy the elections are over. The government is not doing a good job for the people, they can't get over themselves trying to out do the other side. Both sides are full of nitwits
    I voted, so i have a right to complain haha

  10. After the "presser" yesterday, full blown tRUMP tantrum - I think that yes, indeed we are going to be seeing a lot more insane rages from him, Sarah Sanders, Kelly Ann and the has begun- RBG is down and I hope NOT out. and children in a california club murdered- Umurka shines brightly like an exploding supernovae

    This autumn has been the most colorful up here as well. The wind and rain has piled it all on the ground , looks like the remnants of the day after News years eve.

  11. I love your red and yellow pictures. Groups around here are trying to stir up support for a march to protest Trump's firing of Sessions. Curious considering what a threat Sessions was as A.G. But the beat goes on.

  12. Your colours are gorgeous.

    It's all pretty obvious now, no? Firing Sessions to protect the Trump family silver, running down the press with doctored video, all these stories about voter intimidation.

  13. The colours of the trees at the moment are just too stunning, that red is beautiful.

  14. Interesting times, yes. And stressful!!

  15. David: I grew up in Florida, parts of which also have very subtle autumns, so I know what you mean! (Fortunately we have swamp maples there, at least, which change color every year.) Do you blog? If so, what's your blog address?

    YP: What the heck are you talking about?! How did I go from pushing DVDs to being a homeless war veteran? I think you're right about the caravan. That was just political gamesmanship.

    Laurie: Fall is one of the most beautiful seasons, no doubt!

    Ms Moon: Isn't it early for the camellias? I seem to remember ours blooming in February. Of course, we were farther south than you, so maybe that makes a difference.

    Red: Indeed!

    Ellen: Yes, the infrastructure is still biased in favor of the Republicans, thanks to all their appalling and unconstitutional manipulations. Seems like some of these races are still being sorted out. It's amazing how close elections come, these days.

    Sharon: I can understand being down. Your Senate race is particularly upsetting, given the number of votes that went to the Green Party candidate and that could have tipped the balance in favor of the Democrat. I just don't get people who vote third party in such situations. It's idealism over common sense.

    Robin: Beto for president! THAT's an interesting idea...I still like Elizabeth Warren, but I fear she'd be so polarizing.

    Vivian: Is she rude? I never had that impression. No ruder than anyone else in Washington, anyway! (And certainly no ruder than the current president!)

    Linda Sue: That press conference was crazy, wasn't it? Trump is going to be very entertaining over the next few months, at least.

    Catalyst: Yeah, I'm definitely not ready to march in support of Jeff Sessions! Good Lord!

    Sabine: I suppose it's been obvious for a while, to anyone really watching with a critical eye, but now they're not even going to try to be subtle.

    Briony: Isn't it?! It just glows, out there in the garden.

    Jenny-O: "May you live in interesting times" -- isn't that what the Chinese say? They don't address the stress, though. :)