Saturday, November 3, 2018


This mylar balloon is caught in some trees near our house. It's been there for days and days. I'm sure it's a remnant of some child's birthday party and I have to wonder how it will ever come down.

Speaking of birthdays, yesterday was mine. I have officially been on the planet for 52 years. I didn't mention it yesterday because there wasn't much to tell, and there still isn't. I got a postcard from my step-mother, who's traveling in Portugal, and my co-workers gave me a little gathering with a card and a flourless chocolate cake. Oh, and my boss's boss gave me a coaster for drinks, shaped like an old floppy disk. Dave already took me to dinner, so that's that!

I did make myself a rare martini, which was fabulous, and we watched "Clueless," because if you're going to drink a martini and watch a movie you can't watch something that requires any thought.

Oh, and I heard from 90 people on Facebook, which is pretty great. I am terrible about wishing people happy birthday on Facebook, and yet every year when my birthday comes around and I get so many messages, I am touched! It makes me realize how many great people I know and how many paths I've traveled. Say all you want about the evils of Facebook -- and in many cases you wouldn't be wrong -- but it does birthdays well.


Alphie Soup said...

Happy birthday Steve...
since you asked, we use the word footpath in Australia.
And we use the word autumn. Autumn. Not Fall!
We also use the words pedantic and boring. Frequently.
Enjoy the next year,it won't come round twice.

Jennifer said...

Happy Belated Birthday Steve! I hope you have a great year. ❤

Yorkshire Pudding said...

I knew it was your birthday yesterday but I didn't care to say anything as I did not wish to remind you that you are older than before. However - just like extracting a troublesome tooth - I shall now offer up a cheery but belated "Happy Birthday". Do with it what you will.

Anonymous said...

Happy belated birthday! I agree, Facebook certainly does do birthdays well lol, I’m terrible at remembering birthdays on Facebook, so much so that I don’t post my birth date on Facebook public so people won’t send me birthday wishes, that way I don’t feel as bad about missing others birthdays, that makes no sense reading it lol,, that balloon is a beautiful colour,

crafty cat corner said...

Happy belated Birthday.

jenny_o said...

Wishing you a happy birthday, and many more!

Ms. Moon said...

I love the 3 in the tree.
I thought that Dave was going to be gone. Did he have to cancel his trip?
"Clueless" sounds like the perfect movie to watch with a martini.

Cheryl West said...

Happy belated Birthday and all good wishes for a happy year. I hope you are feeling much better with your achy chest and that you finally get resolution for that pesky tooth.

Sharon said...

A martini on your birthday sounds like a good way to celebrate. Given the number floating in your neighborhood, you might have been inspired to have three. However, that would have made Saturday morning a little harder to navigate.

robin andrea said...

I like wishing friends a Happy Birthday on Facebook, but I don't list my birth date there because I'm a wacky recluse. Sounds you like had a nice quiet birthday... a martini and a movie with your love.

ellen abbott said...

I meant to do the FB happy birthday thing. I'm also bad about doing it. so Happy Birthday. my birthdays are all low key now and that's OK. I'm surprised that 3 is still inflated.

Red said...

Well, belated happy birthday.

Catalyst said...

Happy birthday, Steve, and remember - you're younger than you will be tomorrow! :^D

David said...

Happy birthday Steve!

Jennifer said...

Happy Belated Birthday Steve! I hope you have a great year. ❤

Tara said...

I'm so glad you made yourself a martini! Been a favorite of mine for decades, though I drink them rarely these days, too. When age increases, the vices need to decrease or we will be the worse for wear. When I do have one now, I savor the chilly goodness.

Steve Reed said...

Alphie: Ha! Yes, I think we should all move beyond the sidewalk/footpath/pavement question and get on with our lives! :)

Jennifer: Thanks! :)

YP: Thanks for your extra consideration, although I'm not troubled about being a year older. Not yet, anyway.

Laurie: No, that DOES make sense! That's a good way to handle it!

Briony: Thanks!

Jenny-O: Thank you!

Ms Moon: Yes, Dave cancelled. He had doctor's appointments (which unfortunately wound up not being very productive) but at least he's on some medication now for his earache. (He has an earache too -- did I mention that?!)

Cheryl: The chest seems fine now, thank goodness. Ask again about the tooth after Tuesday!

Sharon: I used to be able to drink three martinis, but that day is long past!

Robin: Yes, it was a good birthday! Being a wacky recluse isn't a bad thing. :)

Ellen: Thank you! I imagine the 3 will collapse upon itself at some point and just hang there limply for months. It's impossible to get those balloons out of trees and they never degrade.

Red: Thank you!

Catalyst: Indeed!

David: Thanks!

Jennifer: Thanks again! :)

Tara: A martini is my favorite drink, provided it's the traditional version with gin and green olives. None of these fancy bastardized martini-like creations, and no lemon twists. And no vodka. They are definitely a rare pleasure these days!

Sabine said...

Happy belated birthday Steve.

Sabine said...

Happy belated birthday Steve.