Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Elections, and Scaffold Man

I woke up at 4 a.m. to read the American election results. Nationwide, they're not a total disaster. It's great that the Democrats won control of the House, as expected, and there were a few bright spots -- like the defeat of the far-right gubernatorial candidate in Kansas, of all places. Even in Florida, where I voted, it's terrific that a long-standing discriminatory law banning ex-felons from voting has been eliminated. That will have a significant effect in upcoming years and is another step toward true justice.

Of course I was sick to see the Democrats lose the governor's race and a Senate seat in Florida -- but frankly, I kind of expected it. I was just telling a co-worker yesterday that I thought those losses were likely. It's still Florida, y'all -- the "Gunshine State." I'm so used to voting on the losing end of statewide elections that I don't bat an eye anymore.

To the extent that it's all a referendum on Trump, the fact of the matter is, while he turns my stomach and those of a lot of urban, educated voters, many, many people do not care what he says or how he says it. If anything, they like his plain-spokenness and his bluster. They find him entertaining and they don't feel preached to or looked down upon. There are many ironies there, but that's how it is. The economy is up and he's pledged resistance to immigration, and many people respond to those issues. I just have to swallow the fact that I think differently.

So, onward. I hope having a Democratic House at least imposes some checks and balances.

I went back to the dentist yesterday evening to get my crown adjusted again. The good news is, it seems to have really helped. My tooth feels much better than it did. We'll see what happens over the long haul, but I am hopeful.

Oh, and Dave -- who stayed home from work yesterday morning for a doctor's appointment -- texted me to say the scaffold was going up around our house, enabling the roof work to proceed. He sent me this picture:

I was like, " that really a picture of the scaffolding?"

Dave swears he was not photographing Hunky Scaffold Man, and in fact he said the guy's not all that hunky in real life. Whatever!

In all seriousness, I was glad Dave was home, because I worried about how Olga would respond to workmen clambering over the house and clanking around with those huge metal poles. Dave said she didn't like it, but I hope now that she's been introduced to the disruption she'll be comfortable here on her own.

(Top photo: A chicken place in Queen's Park, on Sunday. I'm always intrigued when I see 'Southern' fried chicken advertised in England. Is it from Southampton?)


  1. No. The chicken is from The Isle of Wight. Leaving Dave at home with hunky scaffolders around - you must be very trustful. Is the garden camera still working?

  2. Yes good news from America , gives hope in the least, I’m Canadian and never have the politics of America been so carefully followed on our side of the border lol,, at first glance, the scaffolding photo, having never saw a photo of Dave , I thought that was him lol then I thought no how could he have taken the photo, but he is certainly a handsome specimen of a man , Yorkshire Puddings comment is the best lol 🙈

  3. PTSD here from 2016.
    Yes, some strides were made.
    But I still live in a country enamored of an insane idiot who does things merely because he can and the crueler, the better.
    Who in the world combs their hair like that guy to do construction work all day?

  4. Yes, at least we took the House and a few governorships but I'm really disappointed that that lying fucker Cruz wasn't kicked to the curb.

    and yeah, not a great picture of the scaffolding whatever Dave says.

  5. You and Dave are hilarious. I was glad that the Dems took the house back (& in excellent diverse fashion!), but in my county not a single democratic candidate won. Why am I surprised?

  6. I will never understand how people can vote for some of these people.

  7. Given the "peri peri" written below on the chicken sign, I'm guessing it's a lot further south than Southampton. However, your comment about "Southern fried" did make me laugh.
    Arizona is just as bad as Florida. We still have a sliver of hope on our Senate seat because it's still too close to call but, my gut tells me we will lose it. What a shame. That McSally woman is simply awful. She's basically Trump in a skirt. I agree with Ellen about Cruz and I couldn't have said it any better.
    I love the photo of the hunky scaffold man. If Dave didn't take it for himself, you can tell him that I enjoyed it a lot.

  8. I am just relieved that we took the House and seven governors from the rotten Republican hands. I wish we had taken the Senate as well. I hope the House is strong enough to apply some checks and balances to the Trump insanity. The scaffolding guy photo made me laugh. Thank you and Dave for that!

  9. I am very glad of the majority in the House but already Trump is being obnoxious (and having his stand ins be obnoxious) about the results. Not a surprise, I guess.

    LOL on the hunky scaffolding guy :)

  10. Your comment on the southern fried chicken brought a smile to my face. Thanks.

  11. hmmm do I believe that Dave was just photographing the scaffolding- naw, don't think so.

  12. First, I am happy that the tooth problem may be resolved. Achy teeth are so disrupting.

    As to politics I, like your other readers, hope the House majority can foil Trump and his disastrous policies. I live In CT and am very fortunate to report that we have elected a Democratic Governor and have the majority in our state legislature. I wish the Blue wave had been larger and stronger.

  13. Regarding the election...evolutions take time. We must be patient and give the new legislators time to find their wings.