Friday, November 16, 2018

Parakeets and a Crime Scene

Two parakeets showed up in the garden yesterday morning, trying diligently to get into the finch feeders. But the holes on the feeders are so minuscule, I don't understand how tiny finches eat from them -- much less gigantic, lumbering parakeets. I suspect they flew away frustrated.

Apparently our UK government is on the brink of collapse over Brexit. I wouldn't mind too much, except I worry about who might come into power. No one on the immediate horizon seems all that desirable. I can't get over what a shambolic mess this is, and I don't blame Theresa May -- it was always going to be a shambolic mess because it's a terrible idea! In fact, if anything, I think May should get tremendous credit for trying to make this dog's dinner, ordered by a closely divided electorate, palatable. But I'm sure all the blame-casting will focus on her, with the Leavers beating their "leave" drums even harder rather than beating a retreat back into the EU, as we should.

I found this somewhat alarmist and yet not incorrect sticker on a streetlight while walking home from school a few nights ago. I have yet to see a pro-Leave sticker in London. We are a hotbed of Remainers.

I think Dave and I are both glad we haven't invested in property here. Prices are sliding and apparently buyers are holding off, waiting to see what will happen. Of course everything is still astronomical -- houses on our street have gone from something like £80,000 to more than a million pounds in the last few decades. Which is why, if we buy, it won't be in our current neighborhood, sadly. Even Brexit isn't going to make our street affordable.

We finished the TV show "Safe" on Netflix. I really liked it right up until the last episode, when I thought it slid into absurdity. It's still worth watching, though -- the performances are good. Now we're on to "The Romanoffs," on Amazon.


  1. We have had parakeets along the river ( Lea) here in Harpenden for over 5 years now.

  2. I think I have a crush on that parakeet. You took a marvelous photo -- it's almost like a fairy tale, such an unlikely sight, and I am dazzled. I am such a softie that I would put out food just for them. I bet they would like dry cat food, because the Blue Jays in my backyard on the north shore of Long Island love it and for some reason I think parakeets are every bit as smart as Blue Jays.

  3. We're hearing a LOT of Brexit stories over here. It's a huge, big thing. What a mess!
    I've gotten hooked on a Netflix documentary series called "Civilization." It's mostly about the art of different civilizations and it's fascinating and beautiful. I didn't think it would hook me but it has.
    I would be so, SO excited if a wild parakeet showed up in my yard.

  4. That parakeet just adds a note of exotic to London - so interesting that you have them running wild there.

    Brexit IS a mess. And the fight over it illustrates how almost evenly divided we all are over almost anything.

  5. I was listening to a conversation on a news broadcast last night about Brexit. One person thought all this trouble could signal a new referendum vote. Another said he agreed with May, that this was the best deal that could be negotiated and that others would soon realize that. It will be interesting to see what happens.
    Cute little parakeet peeking out from the branches.

  6. That is quite a beautiful parakeet. What a color! Brexit, oy, I can't figure out why it's still unfolding and hasn't been shut down. It's crazy. Interesting times we are living in, interesting times.

  7. It's amazing to me that an Indian Ringneck can survive in London. They have colonized many places where you would not expect them to survive, as well as Quaker Parakeets. Please do feed them, they're such a little flicker of joy in troubled times.

  8. Poor Mrs. May is having a difficult time, it seems. Brexit was such a dumb idea and she has to try to make something out of it. IF she survives as PM. I think we're going to begin on "The Romanoffs" shortly though we still have to finish with Mrs. Maisel.

  9. I don't even know what to say about Brexit. The people spoke, sure, but were they adequately educated about the pros and cons? The only good vote is an educated vote, in my opinion.

    I hope the parakeets aren't cold! It's hard to imagine they wouldn't be.

  10. that's an amazing and alarming price hike on house values, wow!! we just started the Romanoff's { sp ? )too,

  11. I thought the PM was wholly composed in her press conference yesterday. Me? I'd throw up my hands and scream, "All right, you dogs, YOU fix it!" and stomp off. Who needs the abuse, right? For all the complaining, no one has come up with a better plan after all the work that has gone into it. It's a disaster, for sure, and another example of an uniformed, knee-jerk electorate.

  12. another country going to hell in a handbasket. I think it's neat that escaped parakeets have survived and multiplied.

  13. Frances: They're beautiful, but they are spreading and I think that's worrisome to the invasive species experts!

    Vivian: I considered trying to feed them, but I'm sure pigeons would show up and take all the food. And the parakeets, though beautiful, are invaders and I don't think we're supposed to encourage their population to grow!

    Ms Moon: It is a gigantic mess. It makes me crazy. I'll have to check out "Civilization" -- sounds interesting, and I could use a positive cultural message right about now!

    Bug: Yeah, it's the same voter dynamic we see in the states -- an almost 50/50 split. Isn't that strange?

    Sharon: I would be very surprised if it went to a new referendum. I think the outcome would indeed be different, but a surprising (to me) number of people say they'd still vote for Brexit, even knowing what we know now. And honestly, I think if we voted again and the result changed, the Leavers would be so angry we'd have civil unrest.

    Robin: There's just no way to shut it down. We're on the train and we have to ride it.

    Allison: I do love them, and they seem to do very well here. They're all over the parks and open spaces around London. We really don't get very cold, so the climate seems to suit them.

    Catalyst: I think she deserves a medal for the abuse she's endured trying to see this thing through.

    Jenny-O: I would say no, the vote was not based on an educated perspective. But I don't know that we can go back and do it over, as much as I'd love to.

    Laurie: Real estate in this city is insane.

    Tara: I KNOW! I think the same thing. It's amazing how patient she is with all this carping and criticizing. None of those other bozos could do any better. Her critics seem to think we're living in the days of Empire, with Britain at the center of the civilized world. They think Victoria is still on the throne.

    Ellen: Well, exactly. We're all in for a bumpy ride, no matter which side of the ocean we inhabit.