Saturday, August 15, 2020

A Greener Phone Box

Speaking of old telephone boxes, as we were yesterday, here's an example of one that's been creatively repurposed. I found it in Archway, a neighborhood in North London, where I believe it was rehabilitated just last year. But I've photographed similar planters in Archway in years past, and apparently the old phone boxes were first turned into green sculptures there back in 2012. It's a great idea, isn't it? Provided someone keeps those plants watered.

(By the way, I know those of you reading this blog on a phone see distortion in vertical photos, like the one above. It has something to do with New Blogger. I have no idea why it happens, but I've reported it. If you click on the photo you should see it normally. It doesn't seem to be a problem on computers.)

I think we got a bit more rain overnight -- everything is damp out there this morning -- but so far we've been spared the downpours that have wreaked havoc and flooded streets in other parts of England and Scotland. Yesterday was cloudy but dry. Dave, who was at school for a planning meeting all day yesterday, said it rained there, and that's in St. John's Wood, just a 25-minute walk away. But we didn't see a drop here -- and believe me, I was watching for it.

I spent most of the day reading and doing stuff around the house -- deadheading the dahlias, putting away the rubbish bins after our trash collection. Nothing very exciting.

The woodpecker in our back garden finally cooperated and allowed me to take its picture, rather than hiding on the far side of the feeder while it ate.

I picked some more blackberries yesterday, but the harvest is coming to an end. Most of the ones I haven't already picked have gone mushy or dropped. There are still some green or red ones so we may have a few more berries before it's all over, but soon I'll be back to buying fruit to put on my morning cereal.


  1. The authenticity of this blogpost has been affirmed by the CFVIB (Committee for Veracity in Blogging) but has only been awarded an amber certificate as veiled criticism of "New Blogger" is against regulations under Google Blogging Guidelines para 47(b).

  2. My apologies. I meant it to be unveiled!

  3. Great photo of the woodpecker and I like the greenery in the red phone boxes.

  4. I love that phone box. I hope the planter versions don't also get trash tossed inside.

  5. I don't know. Seeing a plant or plants trapped in a phone box really doesn't excite me much. Looks a little dystopian to me.
    The woodpecker is great, though. It's almost like he has an expression on his face of vast surprise.

  6. Neat idea for the pone booth, It looks like the paint has been kept up too.

  7. With Mary on this one, It is nicer than garbage but those poor plants yearning to breathe free, look like they must have done something wrong to be in red jail with pavement baking around them. An idea for Steve , the savior of plants , to tuck them under his arm and take them to the garden, comes to mind.

  8. good shot of the woodpecker. and yeah, the plants look trapped in the phone box. it is so hot and dry here. except for the air which is 80% humidity right now, temperature is supposed to get to 98˚ today.

  9. That woodpecker photo is great. He really did pose for you. I love the phone box/planter. It reminds me of one I saw back in 2013 on my trip there. I was walking back from Hampstead Heath and decided to look for the hotel I stayed in back in 1992. There was a restaurant on Rosslyn Hill (or it might have been Haverstock Hill) called Chimichanga Mexican Grill. They had a phone box on the patio with a giant cactus (made of metal) growing out of it. I have a photo of it. Knowing how restaurants come and go, it's probably gone by now replaced by another restaurant.
    I just visited a blog from Amsterdam and it looks like they had some torrential, street-flooding rain there.

  10. That woodpecker is such a beauty, and the green repurposed phone booth is very lovely as well. Heatwave here in California. We're mostly spared but it was 80 degrees here yesterday. EIGHTY!

  11. Good use of the phone booth. Great photo of the woodpecker.

  12. That's a nice photo of the woodpecker. I love the phone booth planter idea, but I would like to see the top of the booth removed first so that the plants can breathe and grow. I wonder what the high temps will do to those poor plants inside that booth. Enjoy your day, hugs, Edna B.

  13. Our village phone remains a phone
    But in the surrounding areas we have a mini library, notice board and defibrillate holder

  14. That's a really nice photo of the wood pecker. I've been stalking the quail for some time now, but they refuse to come out of the shadows. Really, I can't blame them for seeking shade as it is so unbelievably hot.

  15. Steve, this has nothing to do with your post but I wanted to tell you that you were in a dream I had last night. It was weird....we were sitting together on a couch watching tv, and cuddling. Not in a romantic way at all, just in a comfortable, long term friends kind of way. It was bizarre but kind of nice! Lol.

    Dreams are weird as f*ck sometimes. :)

  16. I confess I'm on the "nooooo!" team about the plant in the phone booth. There's just something unnatural/cramped/unbalanced/claustrophobic about it :) Takes all kinds, right?

    It must have felt satisfying to finally get a photo of the woodpecker. Maybe he/she is getting more used to you and your camera.

  17. Andrew: Yeah, I think the phone boxes make a good planter!

    Mitchell: They probably will. But maybe it will be better obscured by the plants?

    Ms Moon: Ha! I think they look quite good, as long as they're cared for.

    Red: Yeah, the boxes were repainted when they were planted.

    Linda Sue: Now, see, I think they look nice this way! The key is maintenance. As long as they're watered they look great.

    Ellen: Ugh. You're much hotter than we are now that our temperatures have come back down.

    Sharon: I don't think Chimichanga is still around -- I've never heard of it, anyway. But I'll look! Apparently flooding has been happening all over, because the ground is so hard it can't absorb the sudden rains we've had. We soaked it up readily here in our garden.

    Robin: Is 80 insanely hot for where you are? That doesn't sound so terrible to me.

    Catalyst: Thanks! I was glad he finally held still in a visible location.

    Edna: Actually it's hard to tell but I think the top HAS been removed. You can see a stalk growing out of the roof to the right. I think the booth is so well-ventilated with all the glass removed that it doesn't get very hot.

    John: I'm sure for safety's sake it makes sense to keep some of them phones. But honestly, I can't tell you the last time I used a pay phone. And a lot of people don't carry change anymore!

    Allison: Creatures know how to stay cool and comfortable, at least as much as is possible!

    Jennifer: Ha! That's awesome! I feel honored to have been in your dream! What were we watching? LOL

    Jenny-O: OK, it's funny how so many of you had this reaction! I really liked it. But yeah, it takes all kinds! :)