Wednesday, August 26, 2020

iPhone Roundup with Necrophilia

It's been blowing like crazy all night. Somehow all the plants have remained standing, so I don't have to run out and rescue the avocado or the canna lilies again. Apparently, we've had two named storms within the past week -- Ellen and Francis. It's very unusual to have such severe weather in August. I thought we were just having wind and rain!

Anyway, I have to do some reading for a meeting this morning at work. (Which of course I haven't done yet.) So let me catch you up on some accumulated iPhone photos!

First, I found this sticker on a discarded piece of paneling on the high street. It doesn't really make me want to get one of Anita's tattoos.

This bowl was in the window of one of our local charity shops. I need another bowl like I need a hole in the head, but I like the passionflower motif.

Olga and I pass this bench every day on our dog walks. This might be the first time I've seen someone sleeping on it! Olga was unfazed.

Here's another self-portrait in shop window, this one a silhouette with that cool vase I showed you a few weeks ago. 

I was surprised to see this wheel cover on a Toyota (not a Land Rover) on our street. Colorado?! It's a British model Toyota with the steering wheel on the right, so who knows. I guess someone is well-traveled and yearning to breathe free in the wide-open spaces. As long as they stay on the correct side of the road.

Olga and I found some very bad amateur art being given away (I guess) on the corner. We didn't take any of it. Olga, again, was unimpressed.

Someone dropped some cans of paint on our street, with far-reaching consequences. Argh!

We collected lots of rainwater in our makeshift rain barrels during storm Ellen! It's good for the plants.

A rather surprising word to come across on the pavement. This is from a game called "Cards Against Humanity," which I have never played, but I've heard is pretty fun. Certainly looks intriguing, in a repulsive kind of way.

This is the site of an old pub on Finchley Road that has been demolished. (I don't think I even have a photo of it -- it wasn't a very auspicious-looking place.) I have no idea what's going in here, next to the Finchley Road and Frognal Overground station. Right now it's just a big pit. I took this through the security fence around the edges.

And finally, can I make a rule (or at least a sincere plea) that people should remove all their little sticky page-marking tabs before they return their library books? Because otherwise, guess who gets that job?


  1. It is always a delight to see what random photographs emerge from your i-phone.

  2. A truly great, interesting, funny collection. No, that sticker is NOT a great pitch for a tattoo by Anita. Those paintings do nothing for me but they're and interesting backdrop for Olga and make for an arty photo. I'm craving some of that rain. We've had a 1-3 percent chance of rain in recent days. It spit for half a minute yesterday morning. Just enough to get spots in the dust on the windows.

  3. Sorry about your bad wind. I've suffered from bad wind myself. Isn't removing sticky flags easier than scrubbing out notes in book margins?

  4. Olga does have her "unimpressed face" on for the art viewing. Don't blame her.

    One of my pet peeves in donated books.
    What do people need with so very many of them, anyway?

  6. I've never put a sticky tab in a book in my life as far as I can remember.
    I imagine that Anita has a loyal following of people who love spiders.
    I've never played Cards Against Humanity either but my kids love the game.
    Can you imagine being homeless and having to sleep like that?

  7. I think of Cards Against Humanity as (very) adult Madlibs. The one time I played it with some coworkers it was HILARIOUS.

  8. I had to go back to your title to see what was going on in your post.

  9. glad to see I provided you with some rainwater for your plants. I see some pretty bad amatuer art at some of the estate sales we go to.

  10. Love seeing your iPhone pics. Olga and the art photo is wonderful.

  11. What A Fantastic Montage Of iPhone Photos - What A Great Post - The Tabs, Not So Much - The Dropped Bucket Of Paint, Not So Much - But Boy DO I Ever Feel Refreshed After That Bench Nap - Thank Olga For Not Barking At Me Or Waking Me Up With A Wet Tongue To The Ear Hole - Stoked About The Water Collection System - And Last But Not Least, Wickedly Wonderful Sticker

    P.S. Hide An Uncle T Biscuit For Olga BECASE She Is That Good Of A Dog

  12. That was fun! I love the Botanic Garden pattern Portmeirion designs.

  13. The wheel cover probably is not from Colorado. Center is spelled 'wrong'. Love your blog and thanks for all the amazing pictures.

  14. Olga is a typical art critic, sneering at the pictures. Speaking of pictures, this was a good set. And at least the book is by a favorite author of mine. Carry on, librarian!

  15. That is quite an assortment of photos today! That last one made me laugh. I put those little sticky things on pages to remember to go back for a quote but those are my books and if I give one away, I do remove the little sticky things.
    That bowl looks like a Portmeirion dish. I visited Portmeirion in Wales back in 2005. It's a very unique place and I enjoyed my stay there very much. If you were ever hooked on the old British TV show "The Prisoner" you would enjoy it.

  16. Your mentioning necrophilia has given me the creeps. Not, of course, that a cadaver knows what's being done to it. Bastards. Can't even, in self defence, kick them where it hurts. I believe I have only lived two thirds of my life so far (ever the optimist), however have left instructions as to my burial (yes, in the ground, maggots and all, yummy) and NO embalming. Embalming such a disgusting and environmentally unfriendly procedure. In the wake of your post I shall now add that I want my grave not only unmarked but hidden without trace.

    As to stickers in library books. Count your blessings. I have had the misfortune of borrowing library books with annotations on the margins.


  17. I'm not surprised that Olga wasn't impressed with the free art. I wouldn't take it either. This was quite a nice collection of photos. I don't ever put sticky notes on books and magazines that are not mine. Actually, I use a piece of paper or a bookmark. Books are my friends, I'm not comfortable hurting them. You have a super day, hugs, Edna B.

  18. Love those gourd vessels in the storefront self portrait. I've played cards against humanity. It is riotously enjoyable, and gives funny insights into people.

  19. I used to work with attorneys who would tab transcripts. No matter how many times I asked, I always got them returned with tabs still intact. I feel your pain!