Thursday, August 20, 2020

Several Types of Recovery

When I took my walk up to Hendon a few weeks ago, I passed this restaurant in Childs Hill. I had no idea we had a Uyghur restaurant in the area. I couldn't even say what Uyghurs eat. (According to this restaurant review, kebabs, pilaf, dumplings and noodles, among other things. I guess the restaurant moved since that article was written.)

Well, today's the day -- my first back at school since March! The kids aren't returning yet, so for the next ten days it will probably just be me and a couple of co-workers in the library trying to straighten things up for the coming year. We have a lot of straightening up to do. The school's closure last spring was so rushed and (at least in the library) crazy, and there's been construction during the summer to make the place more resistant to infection transmission -- so there's a lot to recover from.

I'm not nervous about going back, strangely. In fact I'm looking forward to it. I never thought I'd be glad to see the end of summer vacation, but after all, we've basically been home for the last five months. It wasn't all free time -- we were working remotely during the spring -- but being unable to travel and even take day trips, I still feel like I've been trapped on the couch (and in a straightjacket) all that time.

It poured rain yesterday -- more rain than I've seen in weeks and weeks. I tried to look up how much we got but my normal weather website's rain gauge is out of order, and others were strangely reticent when it comes to what's happened in the past. All I could find were future forecasts. Anyway, it was a lot -- and it was also a bit chilly -- 66º F (19º C) at 4:30 p.m. I was very happy.

The rain didn't deter the gardeners next door, who were out with their noisy power tools in the afternoon. I would have thought running them in the rain would be a safety hazard.

Oh, speaking of the garden, remember that sad canna lily I ordered? Well, this (above) is what it looks like now. STILL SAD, right?! I had it sitting next to the bird feeder, where you may remember it was overturned a month ago. Well, I belatedly realized that the pigeons were also feasting upon it and tearing it apart. So I moved the pot onto the patio where I'm hoping it will recover. This plant is cursed!

I picked the last of our blackberries yesterday -- undersized and tart -- and put them on my cereal. That's it for the year. How quickly the season passes!

Olga went out with her dog-walker as usual, but she was not happy, having to go in the rain. When she got back home we gave her a bath and she retreated beneath the pink blanket to recover. Such a drama queen. 

My return to school today and Dave's return next week will mean a big adjustment for Olga. She'll be back to spending weekday mornings alone. She may appreciate the additional nap time!


  1. I am sure she will be sharing walks ..just at a different time of day! She looks cosily snuggled into that blanket.
    Hope school goes ok.

  2. That Lilly does look a bit poorly but I know you are the man to bring it back to life, I watch in anticipation.
    Lovely shot of Olga, always welcome photos of that lovely girl.

  3. Uyghur food! No fanks.
    It must be a bit queer for dogs to have their humans at home all the time. Olga may miss you initially but quickly adjust to her former life.
    Aren't most garden tools now battery powered?

  4. I love that photo of Olga! The cana lily will I’m sure recover and thrive. I enjoy nursing plants back to health. Not so, unfortunately, does SG. I wonder if I should be worried (just kidding; thankfully he’s been very good when it comes to taking care of me... so far).

  5. Pleased For Your Excitement Upon Returning To Work - The Tight Attitude Goes A Long Way - Love Those Berries And What A Wonderful Year For Them - Olga, What An Eyeball There - The Additional Nap Time Is So Needed - Just Wait Until You Return, Pure Happiness All Around

    P.S. Hide A Biscuit Before You Leave From Uncle T

  6. I've recently seen various articles giving ideas about how to prepare your pets for the time when folks return to work. Haven't read them (I'm not going anywhere), but clearly there is a fair amount of anxiety out there--maybe not from the pets, but from their two-legged companions. Would guess that Olga will just be happy if no one forces her out in the rain so she can go back to snoozing. The girl's no fool.

  7. Olga's photo sums up my day. I just want to crawl under a blanket and sleep.

  8. Happy return to work! For all the annoyances and futzy adjustments at work, my mood is greatly improved for being there. I hope the same will be true for you.

  9. Except for a few brief moments (ok, about a half an hour) in the morning, I'm pretty happy that I've had to work throughout this whole business. I can do SOME work from home, but not nearly enough to keep me busy. I hope your first day has been going well! You should post a picture tomorrow - Steve's First Day of School, 2020. :)

    I'm going to buy Mike a rain gauge of some kind for his birthday. He's not OBSESSED with rain like my dad is (well daddy isn't either since he didn't plant a garden this year), but he likes gadgets & I think we'll find it interesting.

  10. Olga's pink blanket is the same pink as around her ears. and I wouldn't worry about the canna, they are almost impossible to kill. and yeah, get yourself a rain gauge.

  11. Oh, Olga! Sweet girl.
    Glad you get to go join the world some. I hope all works out seamlessly. I know you're ready for more activity.

  12. That is a cuisine I have never heard of before. It seems pretty specific.
    Good luck on the first day back at work. I bet you will have lots to organize.
    I love the photo of Olga. She really does look like she's hiding out.

  13. There is a tiny village named Hendon just north of Wadena, where we get our mail and groceries, etc. So many places here are named after places in Britain! -Kate

  14. I guess it's a bitter sweet situation going bck to school. for one thing it will be far from normal.

  15. I've never heard of Uyghur food/people, etc. The food doesn't appeal to me. However, your breakfast cereal looks yummy with all those berries. Mine had strawberries in it this morning. Knowing you, your lily plant will be okay. As for Olga, she looks darling wrapped up in her blanket. I hope your first day back to school was fun and exciting. I would love to be going off to school again. sighhhhhhhh. Enjoy your day, hugs, Edna B.

  16. A drama queen indeed. But still a cutie.

  17. If there's a Uyghur restaurant, there must be Uyghur people in the area. Good for them for escaping the genocidal Chinese regime that has imprisoned millions of them for the crime of being Muslim.
    Olga looks darling, she'll probably enjoy her extra nap time once you and Dave are out of her house.

  18. Hope it goes well at school. I saw some work colleagues for afternoon tea today and they are all pretty unsure about how things will go. I am quite looking forward to going back too.
    I have never seen a Uyghur restaurant either but I am glad for the people there that they are not in China anymore.
    Olga looks so cute in her pink blanket! I bet she will at least miss the two of you a little!

  19. Hope all goes well for your return to school and work.
    Love that photo of Olga all bundled up in pink. What a cutie!

  20. I'll be really curious to hear your reports of what school is like when the kids return. Olga sure does look cozy. She has a good life!