Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Baby Sun Superman

Olga and I always pass this window on our way to the cemetery. The Man of Steel has been standing there for years, looking like he desperately wants out.

I have discovered (through Googling) a solution to the New Blogger line-spacing conundrum! If you hold down the shift key and hit return, you get a single line space -- which is what I want between paragraphs and between my words and photos, rather than New Blogger's ridiculously wide default spacing. Even better, that formatting then seems to persist for the entire post whenever you just hit enter. YAY!

So now I think I can live with New Blogger. It's still not ideal but at least my layouts will be the way I want them. (On the computer. I can't vouch for layouts on the phone, and apologize to any of you who read on your phones, because God only knows what you're going to be seeing.)

Are these the "Dog Days" of summer? They certainly feel like it. We're back in the low 90's today with no rain and no air conditioning. Sigh.

The little flower above is an Aptenia, also known as a baby sun rose. I bought it months ago from Waitrose when they were clearing out some sad-looking annuals. I put it in a pot with some purple trailing petunias, and it's looking good. I'd never seen this type of plant before -- apparently it's from South Africa.

This tiny garden spider has woven a web above one of our pink geraniums. Can you see it, suspended near the center of the picture? Spider season begins again!

Our woodpecker pal was back on our bird feeders yesterday evening.

I'm ready to hear Joe Biden's VP pick. I'd be happy with any of the possibilities, I think, but I'm curious to see who he'll choose. Dave is hoping for Susan Rice -- he even bought her book, which he will add to the stack of political books he has bought but never read -- but I could live with Kamala Harris or Elizabeth Warren just as well. Drum roll please!

Did you all read this article about Christian Trump voters in small-town Iowa? I thought it was even-handed and quite interesting. I'm always curious about people who support Trump -- what they see in him and what they want for the country. (Especially if they're ardent Christians, since Trump is about the least Christian person on the planet.) There was a lot of talk about preserving a culture they feel is endangered -- holding on, protecting, saving -- and that's interesting to me. This desire to avoid change. They like their community where everyone knows everyone else, where they all went through school together, and where their children will find "like-minded" spouses. It's the essence of conservatism, but to me it feels very constricted and futile. The world changes, and people change, and I don't think that should be instinctively feared. Rather than resisting movement, we should make sure we move in the right direction.


Yorkshire Pudding said...

Strange that Amy Klobuchar (MN) does not appear to be in the running for Vice President. Elizabeth Warren is an impressive woman - a "can do" kind of person with genuine feeling for the deprived and the denied. Picking the right running mate is more important than ever given Mr Biden's age and dodderiness.

ellen abbott said...

I always thought the dog days were so because it was even too hot for dogs to lay in the sun but it actually has to do with the position of the dog star sirius in the night sky.

I don't understand why those people think things will change drastically. their little town will probably remain what it is no matter who is president. was it radically different during Obama's 8 years? no, of course not. and I understand their desire but I don't understand why they think Trump will help that happen. are they just unaware of all the horrible and damaging things Trump has done? (I have not read the article yet.)

and thanks for the spacing fix. I'll check it out on my next post.

Michael said...

I am anxiously awaiting Biden's VP pick. With him being the age that he is, this VP could be leading the Democratic Party in the near future. I saw that article but didn't read it as I was in the midst of doing something else. I just don't get how deeply Christian people can support someone as amoral as him. Thanks for the explanation.

The Bug said...

I'm also eager to hear Biden's pick - but I already feel sorry for her, whoever she is. She'll not only have to endure Trump's (certain to be) sexist attacks, but she'll have to endure the petty bickering of the Democrats. I hope she has a strong backbone!

Ms. Moon said...

"Baby sun rose." That may be the best flower name in the world.
Amazing what you can find on google, isn't it? Thanks for the spacing report. I will try it.
Whoever Biden picks will be better than Mike Pence so I really don't care. But yeah, I wish he'd go ahead so I can get yard signs with both names on them.

robin andrea said...

I just wish today was November 4th and we're all celebrating a clear and definitive Biden victory. The next few months are going to be insane in every way. I don't really have a top choice for VP. I just want her to be as tough and brilliant as possible. She needs to kick some serious butt.
Thank you for the info on the new blogger formatting issues. I may have to give it a try. Oy.

Red said...

The evangelical attachment to Trump is mystifying. They have some very opposite viewpoints and behavior.

Edna B said...

Thanks for figuring out about the spacing problem on Blogger. That little baby sun rose flower is beautiful. I've never seen it before. As for the drum roll, nope. I'm for Trump. Have you noticed I never say anything bad about the other party? Enjoy your day, hugs, Edna B.

Sharon said...

i love that woodpecker visiting your feeder. And superman does look like he wants out. I didn't see that article. I'll read it today. I'm anxious to hear Biden's pick too but I agree, any of the choices talked about will be fine with me.
I'll try that trick with new blogger (when I get around to using it again).

Linda Sue said...

I read "power" and "Fear", as usual, Christians are the most scared people on earth. The lamb and the fish- lambs will follow anything and fish will swallow anything, trump knows this and has used it brilliantly.
Please let super man out, we need him!
The little south African flowers are so sweet, They might not do well in English winter...another one to bring in from the cold.
Thanks for the new blogger tip!

Catalyst said...

My wife has been hoping Biden will pick Kamala Harris. I'm more in favor of Susan Rice. But only time will tell. Your commentary about the article on the Iowa conservatives is very astute. I read it too and was appalled, though I felt it probably resembles the views of my relatives who never left North Dakota. It's strange how members of one family can diverge so much in their lives and their views. I love your photo of the Aptenia plant. It glows in its softness.

Angelicastar said...

Whoever for Trump is just as racist as he is. Lying bastard. He has lied so much the social websites are fact checking everything he post. Everyday Trump is in the news for something stupid. Most American don't approve of dictators. He need to run the United States business and stay out of private citizens business. That's what you call dictatorship. It will never happen in America. He has lied so much until he lean when he is talking. I think Susan Rice would be a good pick. Kamala Harris is off my list because she started the race card with Biden. We have enough of that already. Anyone except her will be better than the bullshit up there in the white house now. Pence lie as bad as Trump and still calling himself a Christian. God is telling all the lying idiots in the white house now, I made you but I don't know you.

Moving with Mitchell said...

This is a minimal trump day for me... Your photos are spectacular! I'd love to know about the people who live with Superman and what their thoughts are on his window position.

Angelicastar said...

I am watching breaking news. Biden chose Kamala Harris. As long as she doesn't play the race card I will take her. She is educated and smart but just followed Cory Booker with the race mess.

John Going Gently said...

Loved that first photo

Anonymous said...

Interesting about the spacing. Blogs are supposed to appear better on phones, part of the point of the changes.
Some spiders can be cuter than others.
The Vice President pick has been announced now, as I woke to the news this morning.
Those who vote for Trump clearly feel some kind of alienation and perhaps have been politically neglected and taken for granted over time. Keeping such a large, diverse and extreme country together is problematic.

Alphie Soup said...

I read the article. I think these people are fearful and if Trump looks to be on their side they will vote for him regardless of his shortcomings. Small communities often have one powerful voice which can lead to group think. My opinion, not in the article.
This article is also interesting from the point of view of people who consider themselves marginalised - they are not the only ones but their voting - they are white and voting is easily within their reach - this is how they solve their problem.
I might just say I know of an Australian woman who holds dual American citizenship who voted for Trump!! Why? Because she didn't like Hillary...
This woman is no Christan fundamentalist I can assure you.
So, there's my view from the outside looking in, fear driven votes from those people in Iowa.

jenny_o said...

Good to know the tip about new Blogger - thank you.

Interesting article in the link. I do worry about the influence of the white evangelical voters because I think Alphie's right - they'll accept all of Trump's un-Christian behavior as long as he promises to protect their way of life. The conundrum they seem to be ignoring is that their way of life calls upon them to reject him; if they don't do so, they are failing the tenets of their religion.
And I wonder if they will ever realize he's using them.

I'm pleased that Biden picked Kamala Harris. I think they'll be a great team.

Steve Reed said...

YP: Biden really wants a woman of color, which made Warren an unlikely choice too.

Ellen: But to hear them tell it, Obama was TERRIBLE for the country. How?! Re. the spacing, when I wrote the subsequent post I had to hold the shift key for every return -- the format change didn't seem to "stick" for the entire post. And at one point I had to go into the html to remove the spacer above a photo. So who knows.

Michael: The article is truly illuminating on that point. I think Harris is a good choice, and yeah, she could easily wind up being president.

Bug: It's going to be an exhausting election season. (Isn't it always?)

Ms Moon: See my note to Ellen about spacing. I wonder if I can get a yard sign here? LOL

Robin: I can't wait to see her debate Pence!

Red: They think Trump supports them, but he's just using them (as Jenny-O said).

Edna: I know you're for Trump, and I am honestly curious about why. I would love it if you would write something about why you think he's the best choice for the country. But if you don't want to, that's cool too -- you certainly don't owe me or anyone else an explanation.

Sharon: The woodpecker is funny because it's so shy. It flies away at the slightest provocation and always sits on the side of the feeder away from the house.

Linda Sue: I don't get the fearfulness. I mean, these people are supposed to have God on their side! What are they afraid of? And yet they're terrified. Maybe it's all that talk of Hell.

Catalyst: It's amazing how some people grow up wanting to get out and see the world, and some people want to stay in their little bubble. I suppose the world needs both kinds?

Angelicastar: I think Harris is a good choice. As you said, she's smart and educated and capable. I'm sure race is bound to come up in the campaign but I'll support Biden/Harris no matter what because we've got to get out from under Trump!

Mitchell: Maybe he's supposed to be flying? (Straight up?!)

John: Thanks!

Andrew: The thing is, they're not politically neglected -- they just FEEL that way. If anything, I think evangelical Christians have outsized influence on American politics.

Alphie: I find the fear so mystifying. I think they believe we're all on the road to Hell and God will smite us. I never understood all the dislike for Hillary. She struggled with that ever since the early '90s and I never saw what other people dislike so much about her.

Jenny-O: Some of them go so far as to believe God sent Trump to lead the country! Which is DOUBLY mystifying. Why on earth would God send HIM? I don't think they mind being used as long as he supports/protects their interests.