Sunday, July 26, 2020

The Fingers of Tutankhamun

Olga and I went for a walk to the cemetery yesterday morning, and I noticed they've been mowing. I think the cemetery people try to strike a balance between encouraging wildlife and keeping things tidy, but I don't know why they mow in the middle of summer, rather than letting the long grass stay through the season for the benefit of insects. They did at least leave the ragwort, in case (I assume) any cinnabar moths have laid their eggs on it.

I took this picture on my iPhone, which seems as good a reason as any to post another round of random iPhone pictures!

I love this mosaic Welsh dragon on the floor of the entrance to a dry cleaner's around the corner. Even the dragon wants social distance.

This discarded birthday card made me laugh!

King Tutankhamun's fingers?

An interesting box discarded outside a pharmacy. Quite a supply of meds, there!

Some nice slanting summer-afternoon light on our living room wall.

Remember the tree-in-a-bag? Well, it has remained in a bag, and not only leafed out but produced apples! Apparently it's perfectly happy to grow that way, at least for now. Soon after I took this photo someone picked the fruit.

This vase sits in the window of a nearby home-builder's office. I dig it. If I found it at a flea market I'd buy it.

A closed shop from the days of yore. Funny how they painted out the word "Hollywood" but they left behind the videos and dvds? (Neither of which should have apostrophes, I'm pretty sure.)

And finally, a weirdly specific delivery van on the high street. Avocados are trendy, but I'm surprised there's sufficient demand to require their own van!


  1. I agree about the misused apostrophes but DVDS does look odd - as if the "S" is also in place of a word - hence - Digital Versatile Disc Splitter (i.e. an axe). On reflection, the "s" should actually be a small case letter as in "DVDs". It's good to visit "Shadows and Light" where issues of great international import - like this one - are debated.

  2. Don't you Londoner's debate weather it is less or fewer items when at the checkout in Sainsburys. My classic, which I remember from the 1980s at a milk bar (corner shop), Fresh cut sandwich's. So wrong in so many ways.

    Don't underestimate the avocado. Apparently eating smashed avo is responsible in Australia for not being able to buy your own home.

  3. The cemetery photo has a surreal beauty about it. I agree about the apostrophes. I wonder why the tree is sitting out in a bag. Is someone waiting to see if a stranger will come along and take it home with them? Hmmm. I don't eat avocado so I really can't comment on the pretty pink van. I love all the "just because" photos. You have a super day, hugs, Edna B.

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  5. Somehow it does not surprise me to see the avocado trade so specialized.

  6. I was gonna say you had a ground theme going til the picture of the living room wall.

  7. Life is interesting when you see such a variety of things.

  8. Nice collection of iPhone photos. When I first saw the mosaic dragon I thought it may have been part of a tombstone at the cemetery.

  9. fingers in a paper cup all the way from Cairo- I love your random phone posts.

  10. A fun mix up of images. Avocados are quite common here (and expensive) but I can't imagine a delivery van just for them. That is an interesting vase. I looks hand made. I feel sorry for that tree. It needs a home in the ground. King Tut's fingers are just a bit creepy.

  11. Tutankhamen's fingers. Horrors.
    At last you've mentioned them, the cinnibar moths. Have they put in appearance yet?

  12. Tree photo: Gives new meaning to a bag of apples.

  13. Your iPhone pictures are always a treat. And you have a LAVA LAMP!

  14. Does the lava lamp work? I miss those things, they were fun to watch. Do you know how the tree in a bag came to be where it is?

  15. Love the random photos. iphones are perfect for taking those random shots.

  16. Fun pictures! And I need to see if I can find a lava lamp for Mike - I think he would really dig that!

  17. It kind of surprises me that the apple tree is doing so well in such little soil! Real apples on it and everything :)

    I like your other lamp in the picture of your living room - what does the part under the tall shade look like? Are there multiple sockets for light bulbs? It's so cool!

  18. YP: I agree -- DVDs makes sense.

    Andrew: I thought it was Starbucks coffee that's putting all the millennials in the poor house? But of course that's just an excuse cooked up by the wealthy oligarchs who keep us all in poverty!

    Edna: I don't now the story behind the tree in a bag. It just appeared early this year and has been living in the bag ever since. I hope it gets planted out eventually!

    Padre: Thanks for catching up!

    Ms Moon: It's a strange phenomenon, though, isn't it? Why avocados?

    Ellen: Had to break up the pattern!

    Red: It pays to keep your eyes open!

    Robin: Ha! I don't think I've seen any dragons at the cemetery, though there are a profusion of angels.

    Linda Sue: Thanks! :)

    Sharon: I agree -- I think someone made that vase.

    Alphie: I saw an adult several weeks ago, which I blogged about, but we haven't seen any caterpillars yet.

    Mary: Right?! Bag of apple TREES.

    Catalyst: We love our lava lamp! I think I blogged about it when I first bought it, but that was a year or two ago so you may have forgotten. :)

    Allison: Yes, it works! In fact, prompted by all your comments, I've just turned it on, so it will be lava-ing in half an hour or so. I have no idea what the backstory is on the tree in a bag.

    Michael: It's so handy to ALWAYS have a camera.

    Bug: They're not very expensive! At least, not here. I assume it would be the same in the states. I think ours was about $20.

    Jenny-O: It surprises me too. I thought that tree would be suffering. The tall lamp has two levels of multiple sockets beneath the shade -- four up near the top and four in the middle, for eight bulbs in all. (Those little chandelier-style bulbs.)

  19. I, too, love that dragon mosaci. I'd keep my distance.

    Did you stick around to watch King Tut emerge fully formed from that cup?

    Beautiful shadow shot in your living room.

    Apple-Tree-in-a-Bag is kind of comical. (Maybe it's ceramic to look like a bag.)

    I would also pick up that vase.

    Thank you for pointing out those ridiculous apostrophes. One of my pet peeves. That would make me crazy every time a walked by the place.