Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Almost-March iPhone Photo Parade

I have more (hopefully) curious or interesting photos saved up on the ol' iPhone. Here's some of what I've been seeing in recent weeks.

First, this magnificent Lamborghini has been parked on our street. The last time I saw it, it wasn't even in a space -- just planted by the curb. I think if I owned a car this expensive I wouldn't be leaving it streetside in seedy London neighborhoods like mine!

This is a photo of a photo. When I went to the ABBA exhibit in mid-January, there were many old '70s images of the band exhibited on the walls. This guy was a friend or roadie, and I got a kick out of his shirt, which looks like he stenciled it in his garage.

Also from the ABBA exhibit -- Olga was one of the band's first record labels! Isn't my dog due royalties?!

A rubber mask found lying in the street one rainy morning, outside the pub. There was an elephant too. Guess someone had a wild party.

Lost footballs on a rooftop at a school in St. John's Wood (not the one where I work). Seems like they need to figure out a way to drain rainwater off that roof! The drains are probably clogged with all those leaves.

I encountered this woman walking her little dog through the Overground station, an umbrella in its mouth. This was the best picture I could get considering we were all on the move.

The high-street grocers replaced their broken window and got a new Croatian sausage poster.

Do any of you watch the Netflix show "Schitt's Creek"? We're enjoying it a lot. We paused it several nights ago and happened to catch Moira in this pose, which seemed to capture her character perfectly.

When I was at the beach last week I happened to spy this rock, signed by someone named Angus. The chalk from the cliffs is easy to write with -- just like regular chalk -- and I guess any hard, dark surface makes a good blackboard!

Someone living in the nearby housing estate has this tree standing on their patio, in a bag. It's very strange, because they live in an apartment and seemingly have nowhere to plant it. I'm not sure what it's doing there. (And no, I am not going to save it. There are limits to my powers.)

Finally, Olga with primroses, on our walk on Saturday.


  1. When you say that your neighbourhood is "seedy" do you mean that lots of local people are interested in horticulture and the germination of seeds - just like you and Dave?

  2. Olga and primroses, what could be better.

  3. Another great collection. That rooftop is awful.

  4. How did you get a picture of a school's rooftop? I am curious.
    So you and Dave are really watching Schitt's Creek? I've finished it all and am so sad that it's over.

  5. Fun selection.

    The dog with the umbrella in its mouth reminds me of two Labrador Retrievers in my in-laws neighborhood, whose owner, in order to be compliant with the leash laws, walks his dogs with leashes on, but the dogs hold them--folded neatly--in their own mouths.

  6. I love the dog carrying the umbrella. He will be ready when it rains but I'm guessing he will get help opening it. That roof top is awful. I'm surprised it isn't leaking (maybe it is). It's always nice to see Olga, royalties or not.

  7. If I had that car, I'd want to bring it indoors at night. This is what I call "fun photography." Your photos are wonderful. Olga's photo is awesome. I love all the beautiful colors around her. And yes, I think she should have gotten royalties. You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.

    p.s. I really think you should have taken the tree and planted it. hahaha.

  8. the ol' eye phone has been busy.

  9. Who doesn't love a Croatian sausage?

    I've watched Schitt's Creek once or twice but never really got into it. Maybe another look.

  10. I suspect that fancy car belongs to that Croatian whose id card you're holding. He's scouring the neighborhood with gun drawn looking for you. Beware!

  11. Quite an interesting collection, and my favorite was definitely that first orange sports car followed by the umbrella toting canine.

  12. I had to watch Schitt's Creek episode by episode on the computer after each one aired on CBC TV! No netflix here. On the other hand, I've gone back and watched them more than once (while waiting impatiently for a new one) and sometimes I've picked up things I missed the first time around. Hopefully Dan Levy will come up with a new series soon. I think I read that was a distinct possibility.

    Great pictures, as always. I feel sorry for that little dog, actually - looks like he has been clipped, and I doubt that umbrella is for him to be sheltered with as he already looks drenched. Maybe dogs don't need as much fur as we need clothing, but look at all the clothes his owner is wearing. Why would someone clip a pet's fur in the cold weather?

  13. MOIRA!!!
    I haven't seen the last season of "Schitt's Creek" yet but looking forward to it.

    Jenny O asked about clipping a dog in winter.
    (Hi, Jenny O!)

    The librarian in me has a hard time letting a question go unanswered! :)

    Sooo.... Friends who have a wire-haired fox terrier get him clipped even in winter in MN because his hair grows & mats:
    some dogs, you know have hair that grows, they don't shed, so you have to get it clipped. That group includes poodles--is that a poodle in the photo?

    Anyway, if you don't clip them, their hair can mat as it grows and pull their skin and hurt them.
    Hence, dog coats!
    (You could brush your dog assiduously to avoid hair-matting, but my friends' terrier won't tolerate that.)

  14. I LOVE Olga among the primroses! I really need to figure out how to watch some of these shows like Schitt's Creek (& the Good Place). I don't have Netflix either...

  15. Olga is always a charmer, and yes, I have used the pool.

  16. Thanks for answering my question, Fresca. I see the need for clipping but I wonder if they need to be clipped quite so short in cold weather. I suppose there might be an element of economy in many cases.