Monday, February 17, 2020

Rainy Dennis

More rain yesterday, pretty much all day. I took Olga out for a short walk in the morning, but otherwise we stayed indoors. She got a little stir-crazy toward evening but I wasn't about to walk her in this weather. She was in and out the backdoor about ten times, and then wanted to play her "I'm-going-crazy-inside" game, which basically means keep-away with the Kong, and me chasing her around the dining room table.

(No, we did not take a video.)

Parts of England have seen flooding from Storm Dennis, and when Dave and I went out in the back garden yesterday afternoon, our lawn was under about an inch of water in places. Standing water isn't a common occurrence in our garden but the ground is so saturated.

We failed to pay any attention whatsoever to Valentine's Day. It wasn't even on my radar, to be honest. Fortunately, neither Dave nor I are big on that particular celebration. And yesterday was my Dad's birthday -- he would have been 83 if he were still with us.

The upside of the terrible weather is it's given me lots of reading time. I got through all of "The Library Book" yesterday, and I really enjoyed it. Maybe working in a library myself heightens my appreciation, but I think anyone would find it interesting -- it's basically the story of the Los Angeles Public Library, with special focus on a mysterious fire that destroyed a substantial portion of the collection in 1986. (I don't remember this fire. It occurred at almost the same time as Chernobyl, which no doubt overshadowed it in the national news coverage.)

I'd hoped to practice with my metal detector this week, but there's literally nowhere local I can go. I can't detect on the Heath or in public parks, at least not without permission. My only option (aside from our own garden) appears to be the beach, especially in this sodden weather.

(Photo: A piece of smoky glass that hangs in our window. I found it on the street a few months ago. I think it came from a light fixture or a chandelier.)


  1. On behalf of God Almighty may I sincerely apologise for the recent inclement weather? As you will no doubt be aware, the British government strive to welcome and accommodate all foreign immigrants and very much regret wet weekends that inhibit outdoor leisure pursuits such as secretly searching for national treasures with metal detectors and walking on the hallowed resting places of the dead.

  2. Our lawn is like a saturated sponge...the good thing is that we are at the top of a hill! The downside of that is the wind.. hopefully your garden hasn't had wind damage.

    It's funny how windy weather affects dogs and humans....going grumpy or crackers!!

  3. Beautiful photo. I have never liked nor oversees Valentine’s Day. Just a day to make people feel alone and unloved! The only reason I notice it now is because our favorite restaurant has an annual special menu dinner.

  4. Rainy here too. I'll be chasing little boys instead of a dog but sort of the same idea.

  5. I love taking photos of the raindrops on plants, windows, whatever. They really are beautiful. Poor Olga. I guess when you are used to taking walks every day, all this rain can really make you loco. The sun will come out again though. You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.

  6. I hope the weather clears up there soon. I think it's sweet that you ran around the dining room table with Olga playing Kong. She's such a well-loved doggie.

  7. I think I've said it before, you are an urban archeologist.

  8. we could use a good rain here. it's been fairly dry this winter. We don't pay any attention to Valentine's Day here either. just a made up excuse to make people feel guilty if they don't buy stuff for someone. or as Mitchell says, make you feel lonely and unloved.

  9. Sometime soon the rain has to stop thee and dry up. Any more rain and a lot of you will be flooded out.

  10. Rainy days are perfect for reading and baking. Olga probably wanted you to use your magical powers and make the rain stop.

  11. Really Cool Weather Photo - And Mental Detectors - Have A Blast Searching Away


  12. We have rain forecast for Saturday after a week of high temperatures in the 60's. But I don't think we'll get as much rain as you. When I was a kid I had a room that had once been a pantry all to myself. I had an old armchair right by a window with a steam radiator to warm up the room. I used to love to sit there and read for hours, especially when it was raining or (more likely) snowing outside.

  13. As a confirmed chocoholic I LOVE Valentines Day. Although this year, per my request, my beloved refrained from giving me any.

  14. You folks have really gotten a couple of good whacks from the weather there this week. Even the name (bomb cyclone) is scary.

    I never thought about the fact that there aren't many places to use a metal detector. It would be the same here, except that ordinary people in the country often have larger areas of land under their ownership. But for us, for example, we'd have our yard and the beach and that would be that also.

  15. I hope your weather soon improves. The news is scary.
    I have a great mental picture of you and Olga playing.

  16. YP: Don't just apologize. Get with God and do something about it! :)

    GZ: We've been spared most wind damage, thank goodness.

    Mitchell: Yeah, it's a commercial racket, like a lot of those special days!

    Ms Moon: Ha! And I only have one to chase!

    Edna: Rain always makes for a moody photograph!

    Robin: I always imagine the neighbors seeing me through the front window and thinking, "What the HELL is he doing?!"

    37P: I often think of that since you said it the first time! I like that description, although it implies far more training on my part.

    Ellen: I wish I could send you some of this water!

    Red: I doubt we would ever flood here -- we're on high ground, and it seems most of the rain from these storms off the Irish Sea usually falls in Wales, Northern England and Scotland. London gets relatively spared.

    Sharon: I think she really WAS confused about why we couldn't go outside! She thinks I have more power than I do.

    Padre: I'm laughing at your typo, "mental detectors." Will they make me smarter? LOL

    Catalyst: That DOES sound cozy! You probably didn't have a dog whining at you for a walk.

    Bug: Yeah, a side benefit of forgetting about Valentine's Day is not ingesting so much sugar and fat!

    Jenny-O: It IS a scary-sounding name, isn't it?! And in some areas it has caused real suffering.

    Penelope: Sometimes this dog just has WAY too much energy.

  17. Ooh you got a metal detector! You could use it on the shore if you get a permit from the Port of London Authority. You can only dig to about 7cm with a permit but it would help you find things that are not easy to spot by eye. I never find coins or tokens or anything like that but I am sure they are there!