Tuesday, February 4, 2020

The Word of the Day is Ugh

Well, I spoke too soon. Last night I began feeling a hint of a sore throat, and this morning it's still hanging around. I may have Dave's cold after all. To make matters worse, I had a terrible night's sleep.

Even worse, I'm supposed to go to the dentist today. (What are the ethics of going to the dentist with a cold? Do I cancel, or simply inform the dentist? Or just stay quiet? Hmmmm...)

There is, however, some good news -- I finished "The Dark Frigate." Whew! I hope that proves to be the most challenging of the Newbery books. It could very well be true, at least among the fiction winners -- I suspect the nonfiction "The Story of Mankind" from 1922 may be an even more arduous slog. And as I said yesterday, "The Dark Frigate" did gain momentum after about 75 pages. I was pulling for the hero!

I bought this bouquet at Tesco on Friday for Dave, to cheer him up during his cold. It's still looking good, so I suppose it will cheer me up too.

(Top photo: A neighborhood near Willesden Junction, on Saturday.)


  1. Ahh, my sympathies on the approaching cold. But I truly thought that the blog, entitled "Ugh," related to the colour of the building in the first photo. The main colour(not the red slash at the bottom) is what I would call "puce" and almost rhymes with another word spelt slightly differently with a k. No offence intended for those who like that colour - evidently the people in that house do. But the colour scheme is definitely "out there", and I still think the word "ugh" applies. Great photo though, and no reflection on you Steve!

  2. I love those flowers, Feel better soon!

  3. Sorry. Just finished an awful cold myself; probably awful because I haven't had one in a year or more. Healthy people are often bad patients.

  4. Well, it was almost inevitable that you would get the cold.
    Let us know how you decided the ethics on that dentist appointment.
    For some reason, that picture charms me. The red panel is so random but I like it along with the...shadows and light.

  5. Rut Row!! If You Go Down Sick, What Happens To Olgas Daily Walks?? Dig The Flowers.

    Stay Strong,

  6. ugh is right. i rescheduled my dentist appointment yesterday. too much already going on here.

  7. Do they sell Zicam in the UK? I call it a miracle drug. You are supposed to take it when you have the very first sign of a cold coming on and it will either stop it or lesson the effects. It's worked for me a number of times so I always keep it handy. That's my cold tip for the day! I'm not sure what you should say to the dentist. I'd probably postpone the appointment but then I'd use any excuse to postpone an appointment with the dentist.

  8. Ugh is right... so sorry you are not feeling well. Please take care there. Get lots of rest. If I lived where Mrs Kravitz lives, I would make a big pot of chicken soup with matzoh balls for you. All I can do is send good healing wishes your way from the far north coast of California.

  9. Steve, hi, I would have but can't leave a comment to you in John's blog's comment box. Reason? He deletes me. Regardless. I could be Einstein. Not that he would recognize him. Or worse, Mother Theresa, Florence Nightingale. Who'd dare to upstage John? Sorry, Steve, me and myself got the better there. So please do forgive me, give me the benefit of the doubt, and here goes: You (and your comments) came to my attention because you are a truly lovely person. Not a sycophant (a species I do detest). Measured. If you don't have anything nice to say you don't say it without jeopardising your integrity. Your packaging is second to none. I mean it.

    Yes, back to business in hand. Should you tell your dentist about your sore throat? By all means do. They wear masks anyway. Reminds me of the doctor who told me NOT to worry about taking my (then tiny) son on a flight despite him having chicken pox (at the surgery you are not even shown into the waiting room - you are in and out in a jiffy if you so much as make a lay woman's diagnosis of, yes, chicken pox).

    May you recover, speedily. In the meantime I shall remember the occasion when I had tonsillitis, some other "itis" affecting the vocal chords, can't remember now, topped by, like the cherry on a cake you don't even wanted to eat, namely, laryngitis. Lost my voice. My boss sent me home. What am I without my voice? Coincided with my sister coming to visit for a week. I was speechless - literally. She loved every minute of it.


  10. Most of my days could go by the word "Ugh". Be glad you don't live in America any more. Trump ruins everything, all the time.

    Wonderful photo today. I love the door's color.

  11. Colds are never nice. You know the drill...drink lots, hot soup! I hope you recover quickly.

  12. Cancel the dentist, cancel work and stay in bed. Pamper yourself.

  13. I agree with Red and 37paddington.

  14. I'm so sorry to hear that you may have picked up Dave's cold. The flowers are beautiful and hopefully will make you feel a little better. Beth R. said she would catch up with your blog as soon as she can see well enough. She had an aneurysm in her eye and it burst. Get well soon, hugs, Edna B.

  15. I think you should cancel the dentist and stay home all day with Olga. Drink lots of fluids and heat up some Campbell's Chicken Soup (can you get that in London?) and rest. Feel better soon!

  16. My friend Susan has been telling me for months that I really, REALLY needed to visit your blog. She knew I would love it and she was right. So, I now have a lot of catching up to do. Beautiful bouquet. Sorry about the cold! I would say don't go to the dentist with a cold, but my orthodontist has seen ME with her own cold... and that, to me, is even worse. Either way, hope you feel better quickly.

  17. I hope you feel better soon. What a sweet bouquet you've given to Dave. Cancel the dentist. It is really the best excuse to avoid going.

  18. I'm sorry you're not feeling well! My dentist always wears a mask, probably for just this sort of reason. Although going to the dentist with a cold would be just the worst for me.

  19. I would cancel the dental appointment, but that has more to do with it adding another layer of anxiety to my already almost unbearable anxiety of going to the dentist!

    It's very hard to escape a cold when your partner has one. The germs are everywhere :) Hope it's a mild one and you're feeling better fast.

    That's a gorgeous bouquet of colour.

  20. I do hope you and Dave are soon better. Take good care of you both.
    I like the photo of the small garden area with the shadows of the trees. You have a good eye.
    I think if you are sick it is best to avoid infecting others. Stay home and watch trashy tv or movies and consume chicken soup and lots of fluids.b

  21. David: Ha! I always thought puce was green (too much "Exorcist"?) -- but I see you're correct, it's a variety of red. It seems to be slightly browner than that red, though, which might be more cerise. :)

    E: It always helps to have some flowers around, particularly in winter!

    Marty: I don't get colds much either, although working around kids, I always feel like a target.

    Ms Moon: I like it too. I think it's just a patch of paint to cover some underlying graffiti, but I love how bright it is.

    Padre: Olga gets walked no matter what -- we have a dog-walker come in on weekdays!

    Ellen: Yeah, I could see how you've got too much on your plate to deal with that now!

    Sharon: I am probably past the window for it by now but I'll look for it for next time. I've never seen it here.

    Robin: If ONLY Mrs. Kravitz would come through with some chicken-matzoh soup! I might even let her use our trash bins!

    Ursula: I did 'fess up to the dentist -- I called and said, "I have a mild cold. Should I come or reschedule?" And they suggested rescheduling. Like you, I figured, they have a mask anyway, so they should be protected. But I guess it's best not to tempt fate.

    Vivian: Well, politically, EVERY day is "ugh" these days, in America and virtually all over the world!

    Red: I am drinking lots of water. Colds make me thirsty anyway, so it works out.

    37P: I cancelled the dentist, but I don't think it's so bad that it warrants staying home from work. (I wish it did!)

    Catalyst: Good health advice, definitely.

    Edna: OH NO! I'm so sorry to hear about Beth! I'll drop her a note.

    Dee: Do we have Campbell's? You know, I don't even know. (Dave buys the groceries.) We definitely have SOME kind of chicken soup, I'm sure.

    Mitchell: Thanks! SO glad you came by! I agree -- it's FAR worse for the dentist (or orthodontist) to be the sick one. Especially for what they charge!

    Colette: It's true. I was happy to postpone! But I gotta go sometime, I suppose.

    Bug: You found some blog-reading time! Yay! Yes, my dentist wears a mask too. I guess it's essential when you're in such close contact with people's open mouths. (Talk about ugh.)

    Jenny-O: It's true. Between Dave and the kids at school, I'm surrounded!

    Penelope: Oh, I could really go for some trashy TV movies right about now. (Of course, that's always true, even when I'm well.)