Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Steps to Nowhere

When Olga and I visited the Heath on Saturday, I snapped this picture of the long brick wall that separates part of Sandy Heath from the end of North End Avenue. Don't you love all that green, mossy texture? I wish I knew the history of this wall. It's not far from the Pitt House Gateway, and I wonder if it also dates to the 1700s.

Seems like a wall that old would have fallen down by now, so maybe not.

Nearby I noticed some steps, practically buried beneath the vegetation. In fact, they are buried and invisible under brambles and ivy most of the year. As many times as I've walked this path, I've never seen them before.

So the New Hampshire election results are interesting. Are we headed toward a Bernie candidacy? I have mixed feelings about that, as I've written before -- I like his politics but I'm not sure about him, personally. I'm glad Buttigieg and Klobuchar did well, and I wish Warren had done better. I'm not sure where this leaves her. She's looking more and more like a long shot.

Oh, and I never mentioned the Oscars, which we did not watch. Dave and I haven't seen "Parasite" yet, but we certainly will. I suppose I might even get myself to a cinema. (Ugh! Loud advertisements and trailers! Other people!) I was happy to see Renee Zellweger and Laura Dern win -- Dern has been one of my favorite actresses for years. As for the guys, I haven't seen "Joker" but I think Joaquin Phoenix is an interesting actor, so no quibbles there. And Brad Pitt was fabulous in "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood," so I can't argue with that either. I'm glad the Academy finally gave Pitt his due, rather than dismissing him as a mere pretty boy.

I haven't seen "Marriage Story" yet, but we have it saved in our Netflix queue, so we'll get to it one of these days.


  1. It was good to see the rise of Amy Klobuchar in New Hampshire. She is articulate and compassionate - a pragmatic, measured socialist. I admire Bernie Sanders and believe him to be authentic and true but I don't think that the rump of America is ready to endorse his unapologetic leftist outlook. It seems to me that Amy Klobuchar embodies the core spirit of the nation - fair-minded, democratic, hard-working and optimistic. In such ways the contrast with Trump would be stark.

  2. Just finished watching the three seasons of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. There was a STAIRWAY to nowhere I think in Miami, Women could make their grand entrances (from nowhere). So glad we’ve evolved and you and Olga can make your entrance, too.

  3. Interesting photos, and that wall could still be as old as you first imagined. I'm waiting to see who falls out and who remains. Good luck with the dental stuff.

  4. I didn't watch the Oscars either and truthfully- I haven't watched one debate. I think I have given up hope on our system. I do not think the election will be fair.
    I hope you like "Marriage Story" better than I did.

  5. I follow a historian, Heather Cox Richardson, on Facebook. She posts a nightly roundup of the political news of the day & is a sane voice in an otherwise insane time. Here is a snippet of what she had to say about the NH primary:

    "...the New Hampshire primary showed something very interesting. Progressive candidates Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren won 35% of the vote in New Hampshire, while the moderates—Pete Buttigieg, Amy Klobuchar, and Joe Biden-- won 53% of the vote. Now, for all the fact that we pay such deep attention to Iowa and New Hampshire, those states are emphatically not representative of either Democratic voters or of the United States at large. But it is not inappropriate to see groupings at this point, and to note that Democratic votes seem to be resting on candidates perceived to be moderate rather than those perceived to be more progressive."


  6. I haven't watched the Oscars since I was a kid and I haven't seen any of the movies. I did see a tweet where some guy lost it because the best picture guy gave his acceptance speech in Korean...they're destroying America!

    I hope Bernie doesn't get the nomination. I don't think he's electable and I think he's dishonest. He's not a democrat and the only time he claims to be a democrat is when he's running for president and wants the democratic resources.

  7. We didn't watch the Oscars, but did listen to a few acceptance speeches on Youtube. We tried watching a few of the early debates, but gave up. The questions and answers just seem too rehearsed and repetitive and mostly without substance. I'm beginning to really like Amy Klobuchar. She's smart. I like Pete as well. I'm not a fan of Bernie, but I'll vote for him if I have to.

  8. I think we're going to hear more about the wall from you.

  9. I haven't seen "Parasite" yet either but I'm looking forward to it. I did watch "A Marriage Story" and thought it was very well written and wonderfully acted by one and all. It took me a couple of days to fully appreciate "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood". I had to think about it for a while but, there was no doubt that Pitt was excellent in it. Now I'm a fan.
    As for the election, I was happy to see Klobuchar move ahead. I'm still a big fan of Pete B because I think he makes sense and is highly intelligent but my friends think he would have a hard time against the Trump ridicule machine. As for Sanders, I like his ideas but I feel like he is too much like Trump in the opposite direction. We really need someone who will at least attempt to unite us.

  10. I saw Parasite and I liked Once Upon a Time in Hollywood much more but I'm happy that Parasite won best picture. It makes my BTS obsession seem less crazy. Korea is going to be a cultural powerhouse for the next 50 years.

    I hate Bernie Sanders almost as much as I hate Trump for the exact reasons that robin andrea said, he's dishonest and he's only a Democrat when he wants party money and resources. I hate that guy. I also think he will hand Turmp another term in office if he's the candidate because Trump will mow him down. Also, Bernie's wife is really solvenly looking. they are both so creepy.

  11. I really love seeing old buildings, walls and things that I try and figure out the back story. It is like wishing these old walls could talk. I do love the green moss growing.

    I didn't waste my time on any of the trial and I didn't watch the debates either. Mainly because of my left eye.
    UGH speaking of the eye, today I have the first laser surgery done and will go from there...

    You and Olga have a Fantastic Day!!!

  12. That wall is very interesting. I think the moss gives it character. The stairs is an awesome find. I would wonder where they either come from or where they go. Hmmm, rather mysterious. You have a great day, hugs, Edna B.

  13. The only one we've seen is "Judy" and we both agreed that Renee Zellweger did a fabulous job.

  14. That's how I feel about public theatres also. I find the noise especially overwhelming. So, not having seen (nor intending to see) any of the Oscars movies, my only comment is that Brad Pitt is starting to remind me so much of Robert Redford in looks. I assume from the comments that his acting is pretty good too.

    Maybe those stairs are usually either covered by snow or spring growth, and this year's open winter has allowed them to be seen.

  15. The old wall and the steps are very interesting. I wonder what the story was there so long ago.
    Brad Pitt well earned his Oscar but the dog should have gotten one, too. I was glad Renee Zellwegar won for Judy. I look forward to seeing Parasite. It sounds like a hoot. An excellent movie not mentioned is Good Liars with Helen Mirren.

  16. I agree Dean is coming back into her own ....

  17. YP: Yeah, I'm getting more interested in Klobuchar, too. I think she'd be a good contender against Trump.

    Mitchell: Yes! It's a famous stairway in a hotel on Miami Beach -- I don't remember which one. Does it feature in "Mrs Maisel"? Dave and I need to get back to that show.

    E: It could be that old, true -- but it just seems so straight and sharp-edged. I'm betting it's newer, but maybe not by much.

    Ms Moon: I never watch debates. I just don't need to see everything on such a granular level!

    Bug: Yeah, that's a good point. Klobuchar and Buttigieg basically split the moderate vote, which carried the day overall.

    Ellen: I hope it's not Bernie too. But if it is, he's got my vote!

    Robin: I like Pete a lot. I just think he's too young and too inexperienced!

    Red: Ha! Maybe!

    Sharon: I've been looking forward to "A Marriage Story" for a while, but getting Dave motivated to watch it has proved challenging. Despite my doubts about Pete's age and experience, I think he could stand up to Trump's ridicule pretty well. He'd provide such a contrast -- young, optimistic, motivated. Trump would look like a sour old mean-spirited grandfather next to him.

    Vivian: It IS interesting how Korea seems to be surging culturally.

    Beth: England is a very mossy country! Especially in winter.

    Edna: I think they're garden steps. There's a slope there, and someone probably installed the steps to make the climb from street level to the hill easier. We should still use them, because that path gets muddy and fairly treacherous!

    Catalyst: Didn't she? A sad movie, but she was so good.

    Jenny-O: That's true! He IS very Redford-ish.

    Penelope: Ha! The dog definitely helped! I don't know that Helen Mirren movie. I'll look it up.

    John: Dern has been good from the beginning. I loved her in "Citizen Ruth" and the TV show "Enlightened." I just realized her mother is Diane Ladd -- I'm not sure I knew that!

  18. PS -- Mitchell, the Stairway to Nowhere is in the Fontainebleau!