Sunday, February 9, 2020

Another Day, Another Dog Walk

We had beautiful weather yesterday afternoon. The sun was out and the temperatures were pleasant, so Olga and I went to the Heath.

On the way home we stopped for some pictures among these dramatic shadows. I just couldn't get the shot without the sun in my lens – but then I figured, "Well, maybe that adds to it." Let's go with that.

(Olga is always on a leash when we're on the street, by the way. I just took her off for this quick picture, which is partly why I couldn't fool around with trying to get the light right. She'll "stay" when she's told, unless she sees a cat, so it was a slight gamble.)

Our daffodils are out and they're looking great -- but today we're being slammed by heavy winds from Storm Ciara, so they may all be flattened. Every time I worry about daffodils and cold or stormy weather, though, they seem to come through just fine. I guess they're made to bloom in a tempestuous environment.

(Speaking of the wind, as I write, there's some large white object back by the shed that I can't identify. It's definitely not supposed to be there. Something apparently blew into our garden from somewhere else. Mysterious! I'll report back.)

After our walk we came home, Olga had her bath and she promptly went to sleep. Dave was at work so I had a rare moment to watch some movies that I knew he wouldn't want to see. I watched "A Hatful of Rain," a '50s drama with Eva Marie Saint about morphine addiction. Pretty good, and very moody -- and filmed in Manhattan along the East River, right where I used to go running!

I also bought my ticket to Florida to visit the family during Spring Break in April. No, I won't be partying on the beach in Fort Lauderdale. (Or wherever students party now.) Those days are definitely over – and actually, for me, they never existed.


  1. Ha! Spring break in Fort Lauderdale 1970. Drove my father's VW camper van down with several friends. Stayed in a regular campground, obeyed all the laws, but was still harassed by a very un-charming police officer. Me. Probably the only goody-two shoes in town that week. Never have returned. Hope your spring break is enjoyable and harassment-free.

  2. I do miss daffodils. Not enough to return to that climate however. I “partied” one spring break in Daytona Beach. I was miserable.

  3. Sometimes the shadows and light give us some interesting photos. What a good girl Olga is to pose for you. My Pogo is not so obliging. That's why I have so many photos of him sleeping. I love your daffodils. It's too cold here for ours to come up. I never did get to go on a Spring break. I did not miss it though. Enjoy your trip to Florida. Pogo and I will be there the first half of March. You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.

  4. Those daffodils are wonderful and a sure sign of spring. Olga looks joyful rolling in the grass.

  5. By the time I even realized what spring break was and was in nursing school, I had two children so that was never part of my experience, either. But I had friends who went. They barely survived.

  6. Daffodils are definitely very hardy. Here we have to make sure we have hardy plants and many plants are developed so that they can grow in this area.

  7. Always good to get out there in that sunshine and get those shadow photos. Beautiful. Love seeing the daffodils. They're blooming here too! Hurray for spring. It's on its way!

  8. wow, sunlight and long shadows, how wonderful! The sunny photo of Olga and her questionable looking toy is so warm, i could feel it! I like the filterless shot! Still under water here, plus a heavy frost this morning...and the Orange Rump is still in the white goes on.

  9. A friend follows a Facebook page for terrier-lovers: "Stinkeye".
    Olga is a Staffordshire terrier, I'd guess? She gives good stinkeye anyway!

  10. it's amazing how often we have the same weather being as far apart as we are. yesterday was sunny, today is overcast and windy. my daffodils came up but not one bloom. last year I only got one bloom.

  11. I never did spring break, I just could not see the point of it. Of course, most of my schooling was in Arizona, so there really was no reason to go to Florida. It's nice that your daffs are up. I would really like to have a large pot of blooming anything, but the javelinas will eat them, so there's really no point.

  12. I pre-date the spring break phenomenon and I'm glad - seems like just one long bender to me :)

    Olga is such a good girl to stand while you take photos. Even if she DOES feel compelled to make an exception for a cat :D

  13. I did spring break in Myrtle Beach one year (1983) & got my first French kiss there. I thought it was gross. Ha!

    Love the daffodils! Our neighbor has some in bloom now, but ours are still a bit away. That splash of yellow is so nice in an otherwise monochrome landscape.

  14. I have been reading about the storm and hope you, Dave and Olga are safe.

  15. Mary: Well, at least you got to visit during the Spring Break heyday! Fort Lauderdale took a dim view of that whole phenomenon for years. That cop probably saw you as easy pickings for harassment.

    Mitchell: Ha! Yeah, "partying" was not my thing either. At least we can say we survived!

    Edna: Have a great time in the Sunshine State! Where are you going to be?

    Sharon: They do definitely perk up the garden.

    Ms Moon: I went to Key West with a friend when I was a freshman. It was a pretty tame couple of days! Otherwise I don't remember doing anything special for Spring Break. When you grow up in Florida it seems kind of pointless.

    Red: I'm always amazed how durable daffodils are.

    Robin: It is indeed! Arguably a little early!

    Linda Sue: It's so funny you mention the "questionable looking toy." A lot of times when people walk past her I hear them saying, "WHAT is she carrying?!" I can only imagine what they're thinking. I guess if they don't know what a Kong is they must be perplexed.

    Fresca: She does indeed give good stinkeye. She's become incredibly impatient with my photography. She used to stand and wait for me, but now she barks at me!

    Ellen: Yeah, it's funny! I've noticed the same parallels -- I don't know if it has to do with the jet stream carrying your weather our way, or just similarities based on season.

    Allison: Yeah, I imagine living in Arizona there would be no point in coming to Florida. Kind of like Spring Training!

    Jenny-O: She does behave, for the most part, though as I said above she sometimes explains.

    The Bug: Ha! Well, makes a good story, anyway!

    Penelope: Yeah, we were fine. We stayed inside!