Sunday, February 2, 2020

Muddy Scrubs

Olga and I took a walk along the Grand Union Canal and through Wormwood Scrubs yesterday. I can't believe it's already been two and a half months since we were there last.

Someone's been cutting trees along the north side of the Scrubs, near the railroad yards. I can't tell if it's just heavy pruning or complete tree removal. (Obviously the one in the picture has been cut down entirely, but maybe that was some time ago.) There's a huge urban regeneration scheme in that area and I wonder if it has something to do with that.

Someone played tic-tac-toe on this stump. Looks like it was a draw.

Olga, ever-alert for vulnerable squirrels. (Of course she caught none, as usual.)

We had the Scrubs almost to ourselves, partly, I suspect, because it's very muddy at this time of year. I didn't even try to walk some paths that I know are prone to mud. Olga didn't care, though.

The snowdrops are coming up in clumps in the woods.

Snowdrop shake-a-shake! (Not very effective. She still needed a bath when we got home.)


  1. When is Olga's birthday? I want to trap a grey squirrel and send it to her as a surprise birthday gift. Finally she will get to eat squirrel meat - complete with fur, tail and bones.

  2. Fantastic Post & Stellar Photos - Enjoy The Upcoming Work Week - Be Well Brother


  3. Good to see Olga out on a nice muddy walk there.

  4. I would think that after such a muddy walk and then bathing Olga, you might need a shower or bath yourself. You're a good Olga-Dad to brave the whole process. Is it wrong of me to sort of wish that at some point Olga might accidentally catch a squirrel? I am just so curious as to what she'd do with one if she got it.

  5. I just love your photos, especially the one's that make me see the world through Olga's eyes.

  6. It's good to see those snowdrops popping up. I actually noticed the buds on the flowering pear trees today. They usually bloom in February and it looks like they will be right on schedule. I love seeing Olga out for a walk, enjoying the mud and doing a little squirrel hunting.

  7. Olga certainly is enjoying her walk through the mud. What is it about mud that kids and dogs love? It's so nice to see the little flowers coming up and blooming. You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.

  8. I think Olga enjoys her baths so she gets muddy and dirty on these walks just so you'll have to pamper her when you get home.

  9. Olga is so happy and content to walk in the mud and I bet that she is ready for a bit of pampering and loves a good rub down. I use to have a dog that actually rolled in the mud. He had very long fur and I think that he did it just to have a bath. My boyfriend at the time had that job because it took 2 hours to bathe him, comb and brush him out and to blow dry him. Not me doing all of that. He just got a bath from me haha.

    Have a very awesome week ahead!

  10. I have always been fascinated by house boats, but those two don't look very romantic. Will the gentrification of the area displace people?

  11. The late Sparky the Dog would chase squirrels up one of the backward trees here at my house and just stand underneath it and bark. Since Sparky was effectively blind the squirrel would immediately jump to another tree and scramble off.
    Sparky would stand under the first tree continue to bark for up to 15 minutes.

  12. even if I was to take Minnie out to a muddy area I don't think she'd walk in it much less run. unless she saw a squirrel of course.

  13. That is a lot of mud and a very muddy dog. Lucy likes hares, which is why she stays on a leash. The snowdrops are lovely.

  14. Olga is a lucky girl to get such interesting walks :)

  15. YP: She would love that. Send domestic squirrel so I don't have to pay customs duty. :)

    Padre: Thanks! Olga loves basking in your attention.

    Robin: She had fun, for sure!

    Ms Moon: Olga gets far muddier than I, but yeah, laundry is always called for after these muddy walks.

    Colette: Thanks!

    Sharon: Some of our seasonal flowers seem a little ahead of schedule, but the snowdrops and crocuses normally appear about now.

    Edna: She does love it!

    Catalyst: LOL, believe me, that's not it. She does get a treat afterwards, though, and she looks forward to that.

    Beth: Two hours! Holy cow! I'm glad Olga has short hair.

    37P: It might. Some of the surrounding neighborhoods are older and when this project is done their value will surely increase. It will help owners, I suspect, but hurt renters.

    Beach Bum: Poor Sparky! It cracks me up how dogs stand under trees and bark -- like that's going to do anything to get the squirrels down! I guess it's sheer frustration.

    Ellen: Olga gets muddy partly because she chases the Kong when I throw it, and that involves skidding and/or sliding.

    Lilycedar: Yeah, wildlife benefit from leashes, that's for sure. Fortunately Olga can't really catch anything.

    Jenny-O: She enjoys them, and so do I!