Thursday, February 6, 2020

Making a Choice

I got my ballot for Florida's "Presidential Preference" primary election in the mail on Tuesday. I didn't realize I was going to be asked to make a choice so quickly! Apparently Florida runs an early presidential primary on March 17, well before the main primary elections, which are held in August. I don't remember this in the past, but maybe I've just forgotten.

I opted for Elizabeth Warren, because I love her message and I think she's got the experience and determination to be a good president. But honestly, I could just as easily have gone for several of the others -- Bernie or Pete Buttigieg or Amy Klobuchar. I'd like Buttigieg to have a bit more experience, ideally. Why doesn't he run for Congress first? And I hate to say it, but Bernie's age and health give me pause, and Klobuchar just doesn't seem to have much momentum.

I'm glad Biden came in fourth in Iowa. I think his time has come and gone. We need new leadership, not a revisitation of the same old characters -- and during the Obama years he struck me as almost as much of a liability as an asset.

But I will literally vote for whoever the Democrats nominate. They could nominate a dead, stinky cod and I would vote for it. Didn't you love Nancy Pelosi tearing up Trump's speech? Priceless!

Anyway, I mailed my ballot yesterday.

I also finished "Daniel Boone," the book I bought to complete our library's Newbery medal collection. It was a fairly pedestrian biography -- not particularly illuminating but surprisingly even-handed as far as the Native Americans are concerned, considering it was published in 1939. Part of one chapter was devoted to a speech by Red Jacket of the Seneca tribe, talking about the fears of the Native Americans and their feelings of betrayal by the white settlers. Mostly, though, it extolled Boone's heroism and there was certainly a lot of shooting and scalping and fort-building. Yawn.

I was interviewed yesterday by the editor of the student newspaper about my Newbery challenge. Maybe some of the kids will be inspired! I've also been talking to colleagues about creating a platform to post my reviews online -- so when we get that up and running, and assuming it's publicly available, I'll link to it here. (Because I know you're all dying to know what I think about 98 different children's books. Ha!)

Olga was wired this morning -- wide-awake at 4 a.m., tail thumping, staring at us and whining at every twitch or whisper of movement. I think she heard foxes outside. I finally got up at 5:15 just to get her out of our faces, and she went straight to the back door. I opened it (making a lot of noise to warn off the foxes) and she charged to the back fence, growling. The she came in and fell sound asleep. She's snoring as I type. I'm glad some of us can go back to bed.

(Photo: Soap bubbles in front of the National Theatre at South Bank, several weeks ago.)


  1. The way he egnored Palotsi's hand!
    A baby in a man's body
    She had the last laugh....wonderful chutzpah

  2. Olga should get together with our cats (now that’s a scary thought). Yes, isn’t it nice that someone can get back to sleep... and then we get whined at for disturbing them when WE get up. The situation in the USA is making me ill.

  3. I love Nancy Pelosi. And our dogs love waking me up multiple times each night to go out, but by the time I leave for work they're both asleep again. Must be nice!

  4. I think I'd have chosen the same as you on the ballot for many of the same reasons but yeah- if the final candidate is a dead cod, or dog, or ear mite, they have my vote.

  5. I agree with you in all respects in how you're assessing the Dems. I think Warren is far and away the most qualified candidate, but like you, whoever wins the nomination had my vote.

  6. And Nancy Pelosi is a badass! When a reporter asked her why she tore up that lying screed, she said, "It was the courteous thing to do given the alternatives."

  7. Regarding Nancy, I thought it was extremely rude. No matter what your feelings are in regards to our President, it shows other countries how immature our government is. Both sides have fault. He has done good and bad things ... How about we just call a truce and do the best for America.

  8. Thank you for voting. And yes, I was beside myself with glee over Nancy Pelosi's action. Why? Because it stole his thunder. Everyone was talking about Nancy the next day instead of him.

  9. Republicans have voted for a dead stinky cod!

  10. Our primary here in California is in March. We've been getting all kinds of ballot info in the mail. This is the first time California is voting when it matters and not waiting until June for our primary election. Still not sure who I'm going to vote for, but also planning to vote blue no matter who in November. I'm not optimistic, but hoping we have the numbers and momentum. Nancy Pelosi knows how to drive DT crazy. It's so much fun to watch.

  11. The sane Vivian is commenting here: Nancy Pelosi is my hero. Elizabeth Warren as my vote because she has pledged to get rid of the electoral college. It's about time.

  12. there is something to be said for the silent grand gesture. good for Nancy. at least someone had the guts to stand up to his pack of lies. our primary is coming up and I'll probably vote for Warren too but like you I'll vote for whoever the nominee is even if it's another old white man but I hope it isn't. and I really hope it isn't Bernie. I don't think he's electable. I don't think any republicans sitting on the fence will vote for him. he's too extreme and his followers are just as cultish as Trump's.

    and yeah, dogs.

  13. Red's comment made me laugh out loud! I'm with you on the voting thing. Whoever the democrats choose is who I will vote for. I'm not a fan of Bernie but I'd still vote for him. I think he's too old and too angry and after reading the interview the NY Times did with him, he doesn't seem to have any plan for how he would accomplish his agenda. The Arizona primary is 3/17 too so our ballots should be coming sometime soon.

  14. Olga should go to Washington and clean the place up!

  15. I only wish I could vote in the U.S. election! I think there are many of us Canadians who wish we could add our votes. I think you're right in your analysis about Biden and Warren. And I thought Pelosi's gesture was grand. The right was predictably indignant at what they called her lack of respect. Where is their outrage for Trump's lack of respect for EVERYTHING?

  16. Calling me insane? really?? Real mature

  17. Wow, I have the same thoughts about those same candidates. I do worry that Bernie's health and age will do him in. I like Warren, but wasn't sure about the national health coverage she was proposing. I have watched a bunch of You-Tube videos from people who have experienced health care coverage both in the U.S. and in European countries. And I am becoming convinced of the national coverage. It seems like the cost in the U.S is out of wack with the costs charged in the many other developed countries. The greedy insurance companies have a lot to do with the high costs. So I am going to read up some more on the national health plans to understand it better.
    I agree with many here... as long as Trump is out. I will be very happy.
    Pelosi - she did bite her tongue about many of Trumps shenanigans, she has more grit than I ever will. I think I can overlook this one thing.
    Mayor Pete- I feel the same. I think in about 5-10 years, he should run again.

  18. Olga on patrol! I'd vote for Olga...maybe she could get rid of all the squirrels and foxes in the senate.
    I think Nancy should have rolled up that speech and swatted him on his plastic hair.
    It is sweet you still believe your vote will be counted. I have lost what little faith I had in the system. When the medal of honor is given to a pig, things are amiss.

  19. I agree with you about the candidates - I'll probably vote for Warren in our primary, which is March 3 (my birthday! Auspicious?).

  20. Sorry..I meant to say Medal of Freedom.

  21. A prescient speech by Red Jacket.
    Scalping, maybe not so much but shooting and fort building? Wasn't that how the West was won?


  22. John: He IS a baby in a man's body. That's a great way to put it.

    Mitchell: We definitely don't want Olga to get together with your cats!

    Jennifer: ME TOO! I love how crazy she makes the Republicans. They just can't stand her because she's a smart woman who stands up to them.

    Ms Moon: Here's hoping we don't get a cod, though. :)

    37P: She definitely seems the most promising to me. I know some people worry she's not electable, but at some point you have to vote for your own beliefs, you know?

    Vivian: I don't think it was any more rude than Trump refusing to shake her hand. As for other governments, you should see the way parliamentarians in Britain shout at each other! I would honestly be hard-pressed to name a single good thing that Trump has done. (I'm open to suggestions, though!) I'd love to see both sides unite for the national good, but I really don't think Trump is interested in unity. When Clinton was impeached by the Republicans, he stood in the rose garden the very next day and called for reconciliation. Trump has called for war on the Dems.

    Colette: Exactly. She stole the limelight, which Trump hates more than anything.

    Red: LOL! It's true!

    Robin: "Blue no matter who" -- definitely!

    Vivian S: I really like Warren's approach to a lot of issues.

    Ellen: Some of these guys have been in office since I was a kid! Enough already!

    Sharon: In Bernie's defense, I'd be angry too if I were him. (I AM angry!) But I agree he's not the optimal candidate.

    Catalyst: She would undoubtedly do a better job than a certain orange individual.

    Jenny-O: Exactly. It's ridiculous to chastise Pelosi for a lack of respect with that man in the White House.

    MGM: As one of my friends was pointing out the other day, the USA already HAS socialized medicine in some respects -- Medicare, Medicaid. Extending that coverage only makes sense.

    Penelope: I do think voting counts. We've seen it time and again in recent years, when races come down to a relative handful of votes. It's bizarre how close elections come now, but I guess that's a sign of our cultural polarization.

    Bug: I hope you get a good political birthday present! LOL

    Alphie: Oh, definitely. Any book about the west would talk about shooting and fort-building. This one just seemed a little over-reliant on the "action." I'd like to know more about Boone's inner life. But maybe we don't know. (And granted, kids might not care.)

  23. Vivian: I just want to add to my comment above to say that I am glad you come here and engage with us on these issues even though you support Trump (at least somewhat). The only way we can all move toward any kind of unity is to discuss these things with each other respectfully. Even if we disagree I'm always glad to hear from you.