Saturday, February 15, 2020

Lava Lamp

This was my fun, groovy impulse buy as I walked home from work last night. We used to have a lava lamp, and I really liked it, but then it stopped working several years ago and I couldn't figure out why. I wound up giving the whole thing to charity.

So as I walked past Robert Dyas the Ironmongers (yes, the shop is really called that) I thought, "I'm going to see if they have any lava lamps lying around." And they DID -- on sale for £9.99, even! According to the box it has a hand-painted base and cap in a "stylish ombré effect." I had to explain to Dave what ombré meant, and I must say the world is getting a little insane when not only your hair but also your lava lamp needs to be ombré.

As the box says, "Calming. Peaceful. Relaxing." They could have added "Tacky," but I love it anyway.

And that's next week's stack of reading, beside the lamp. I'm probably being overly optimistic thinking I might get through it all. I did start "The Library Book" yesterday (which is not in the stack), so I'm no longer lying about that in my blog sidebar, and I'm about 3/4 of the way through "Dobry," my current Newbery read (which is in the stack).

"Dobry," from 1934, is a cute book about a boy growing up in rural Bulgaria. I haven't read any evidence that the Canadian-American author had even been to Bulgaria -- which nowadays would surely raise questions about cultural appropriation -- but at least the book's illustrator was Bulgarian. So that helps. Funny how our cultural standards change over time.

Here's the mystery plant -- now almost 2 1/2 feet tall. It's was a bit battered by Storm Ciara's high winds last weekend, and we're supposed to get more today and tomorrow from Storm Dennis. But I have a feeling this plant is pretty hardy.

The hairy little flower buds remain small, but I think I see hints of purple or blue at their tips. I'm still thinking this is borage, Borago officinalis. Stay tuned!


  1. Isn't ombré what Mexican bandits call you before they steal your gold?

  2. I love your lava lamp. I used to have a pair of them that a friend brought me from Sweden. They were beautiful. Over the years, they stopped working and eventually disappeared. I think they are very calming. That's quite a challenging stack of books to read in just one week. My old brains now only choose easy books to read. I haven't found your plant in my new book yet, but I'm looking. You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.

  3. What A Score!! Good For You & Read On Brother.


  4. I'm surprised they still make lava lamps. I've never had one myself but they are pretty cool. I'm not seeing the ombré effect though.

  5. Ha! Now I know who donates those broken lava lamps to the thrift store! We have no fix-it section, so into the trash they go.

    The other day a mother who homeschools told me she always looks for Newbery books at the store. "I know someone who's reading all of them," I said.
    She was impressed!

  6. I was a geeky child, it was not fun being younger and smaller than my classmates. Books saved me, one in particular. My aunt forced my cousin to invite me to her birthday party where no one would talk to me. However, my cousin received a copy of "A Wrinkle in Time." I spent my entire time there reading that book. Over the next few years I read it a lot. Glad to see it's in your stack of books to read.

  7. I love the lava lamp. I haven't seen one in a store in many, many years. That's a lot of books to get through in one week but, I've learned from reading your blog that you are a much faster reader than I ever was.

  8. I've always wanted to read A Wrinkle in Time. I await your review.

  9. My hair and beard ombred from reddish brown to gray a long time ago. Just got a new driver's license and for the first time I had to put down gray as my hair color. (groan) Maybe I'll go your route, Steve.

  10. I read A Wrinkle in Time last year for the first time. I gave it three stars (liked it, but didn’t love it). Can’t wait to hear what you think!

    I might have to get Mike a lava lamp.

  11. I had to look up "ombre."
    I love your lava lamp. We had one but it as in some weird yellowish color. Yours is much better.
    Tell us what you think about The Library Book. I don't know why it didn't hold my attention.

  12. A Wrinkle in Time is pretty good; I imagine you'll find it an easy read but interesting. I haven't heard of The Library Book. Must google it.

    Love the lamp! We've never had one and I feel I missed out :)

  13. I don't usually like lava lamps but I do like this one. I really enjoyed A Wrinkle in Time. I would definitely vote for borage as well.

  14. YP: Or is it the bandit who's a "bad ombré"? Or maybe "bad ombré" is just an unfortunate hairstyle.

    E: Thank you!

    Edna: Wow, IMPORTED lava lamps! Fancy! Were they different from the standard ones?

    Padre: Thanks! I thought so!

    Ellen: It's subtle, but the lamp is darker at the base than at the top.

    Fresca: Yes, it's ME! I confess! I just couldn't bring myself to throw it out, thinking someone might be able to fix it, but I'm sure it also went into the trash.

    Allison: Some Newbery winners are long forgotten, but "A Wrinkle in Time" is one that is still very much read and loved. It was one of my favorite childhood books, and I'm looking forward to giving it another go!

    Sharon: I bet you could get one at Target or Wal-Mart. If you were so inclined, that is!

    Vivian: You should! But yes, I'lll let you know what I think reading it as an adult.

    Catalyst: Ha! I'm not sure that counts as ombré, unless both colors are in your beard simultaneously, with a slow fade from one to another. (To be ridiculously precise about it.)

    Bug: OK, interesting! I loved it as a kid, so we'll see how well it fares now.

    Ms Moon: So far I am REALLY liking "The Library Book." But of course I work in a library, and maybe that influences my perceptions.

    Penelope: It's a good color, isn't it?

    Jenny-O: You'll have to keep an eye out for one! There's always Amazon. I bet they even deliver in the snow. :)

    Lilycedar: I liked the color scheme better than our earlier purple one.

  15. I had my first lava lamp in 1971. Don’t know what ever happened to it. Bought one for my office in 1996 or so and passed it on to one of my staff when I left that job. I still love them. No matter how tacky, they’re hypnotic. That does look like borage. Just read Wrinkle in Time after a wonderful blog visitor mentioned the series from her childhood. I had never hear of it.

  16. I absolutely love a lava lamp! I could lie in a dark room and watch one for hours. Good for meditation, I suppose. I gave my daughter one when she was a pre-teen but it has long since stopped working and we put it out. You make me think it might be time to get another one! The shiny red ombre is pretty cool.

  17. I love that photo of the lava lamp and books. It's beautiful!

  18. The lava lamp interior looks like outer space. Very pretty!