Sunday, February 16, 2020

Cemetery Tag-Along

Yesterday morning was relatively calm, weather-wise, but we knew wind and rain were coming. So we took advantage of the stillness and got some things done.

Even before breakfast we were pruning in the garden, and we finally got the roses and the buddleias cut back (above). Dave left some height on the roses, which were already budding pretty vigorously -- hopefully cutting them back now hasn't done any damage. I'm not too worried. (The landlords told me some of these rose bushes date back to the 1920s!) We cleared five yard-waste bags full of trimmings.

I also repotted the dying/dead ficus tree. Still no sign of any change there.

And finally, I fixed the weatherbeaten fence between us and Mrs. Kravitz. I took a hammer and box of nails over and pounded in probably way more than were necessary, but I'll be darned if I'm going to have holes blown through that fence again. I'm sure Mrs. Kravitz, who wants the whole fence replaced, is grumbling.

Now, despite heavy winds all night, the fence is still intact. I just went out and checked.

Of course we had some fun yesterday too. Dave made french toast for breakfast, an unusual treat, and then I took Olga to the cemetery despite the rain. I made a little video of our experience. You'll see Olga:

-- chasing her Kong
-- trampling daffodils
-- scratching her back on a tree
-- barking
-- being stubborn

You'll also see some of the already-blooming trees in the cemetery, and one of its more notorious headstones. And you'll hear some of Olga's nicknames, which include Oglie-Boglies, Crazy Girl, Crazy Beast, Beastie-beast, Beastmaster, Screwball and, in recent years, Sergei Screwball.

Finally, I included some clips of her post-walk bath, because I wrote recently about how she behaves in the tub. Of course this was the one day she didn't get in the tub on her own, but I swear she does sometimes.


  1. You'll see Steve:
    - walking on the dead
    - trampling spring flowers
    - throwing a rubber sex toy a short distance
    - speaking in cutsie doggie language
    - revealing his neanderthal feet
    - massaging a bitch in a bath

    (Loved the video and the burst of pipe organ music when Dracula's grave appeared!).

  2. I did wonder about the " walking on the dead" ! ( great poem Mr .Pud ) Nice to go for a walk with you though, and amazed at how well Olga takes care of her Kong. Alexi also tries to hang his head outside the bath when he gets a the vain hope that I won't wet his head!

  3. I usually try to walk BETWEEN the dead, but admittedly, I'm not always successful.

  4. Isn't there a TV drama called "THE WALKING DEAD"? Perhaps there should be a new one - "WALKING ON THE DEAD"!

  5. Olga's kong looks like a giant turd which is a bonus really for a dog, at least my beagle would see that as a bonus. I'm looking forward to spring with two wet, muddy dogs. Heidi has very long legs so I'm hoping she won't get that muddy.

  6. How great that Olga gets to run free, Elsa-like. I hate having Mamie on a leash every moment, but a)we have to here and b)she's so skittish I worry something would frighten her and off she'd go.
    Olga is a very,very good girl, stubborn moments aside.

  7. Love seeing Olga out running there and the spring flowers. I had no idea Dracula's grave was there!

  8. Just Cant Thank You Enough For That Video - Made My Day

    Sending Olga Some Love,

  9. I did some work out in the yard yesterday. got another section of flower bed weeded and removed all the dead canes from a rather large rosebush. so cool that some of your roses are so old.

  10. I love seeing Olga in the cemetery. I remember a few of those spots you photographed. She really is good about getting her bath. You can certainly tell you've been getting a lot of rain.

  11. Pruning in the garden before breakfast? That's nuts! With weather sometimes you have to do your gardening when you get a chance.

  12. I enjoyed the video. What a fascinating cemetery. I loved watching Olga running and playing and having such fun. One year, I trimmed one of my rose trees too short and it never came back. I hope yours come back nicely. You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.

  13. OLGA has the Best life!! I want to be your dog next time around. That is the coolest cemetery too! Thank you for the video , made my day! DRACULA!! I want to meet him.
    Our fence blows down all the time, but when Mr. Man put up a heavy wire replacement temporarily, the wind went through it , as it now we are considering a wire fence instead of wood. Not as unattractive as one might imagine.

  14. Olga knew you were filming her bath time and she decided to give you some drama! You're a good neighbor, I hope Mrs. Kravitz knows it.

  15. It was sort of sad to see all those tilting and fallen cemetery headstones and crosses. But I liked the one for Dracula! And that energetic Olga, she certainly does love her Kong. I can see, though, why once you've returned from one of these outings that she sleeps like a log. She wears herself out!

  16. I want hundred-year old roses!
    What a beautiful walk. Lucky, lucky Olga and lucky Steve.
    You know, it's been years since I've washed a dog but that part of the video brought back the entire visceral experience of what it feels like, smells, like, looks like, sounds like. The patient doggie face, the wet fur as it gets clean again, the gentle scrubbing and then the rinsing. And the SHAKE afterwards. Drying off with the towel.
    And the tub and half the bathroom.

  17. I enjoyed the wonderful video of Olga and the walk through that old cemetery. The Dracula music was a nice touch. What cemetery was that?
    Good that you and Dave have accomplished so many garden chores. The roses will be a great for winter worn eyes when they bloom in the spring.

  18. I have been trying to change great to TREAT...not as easy as you might think

  19. Just look at that pretty girl! I love Olga and she looks especially nice surrounded by daffodils. I wish I could let George run and chase a kong off-leash. He needs the exercise but he's not to be trusted for an instant off leash. He refuses to come back to you! Bad boy.

  20. Love the video :D ... especially the bath. What a good girl!

  21. Hi Steve and Olga,
    What a great video and Olga is so good. My Bandit would have never came back once he ran free. We almost lost him a thousand times but my boyfriend would not rest until Bandit was found.

    I love the Kong. It brought back so many memories of my Cisco. He loved his. Of course it was bigger than he was so he couldn't tote it around like Olga does. We filled Cisco's with bones or bones dipped in peanut butter. He would spend hours getting the treats out.
    I looked for it after he passed away and never found it. I asked the boys if they threw it away and if they did no one manned up to it. I still have a lot of his things, his food and water bowls, toys that Miss Edna sent and blankets.

    I loved the walk in the cemetery. I loved Dracula too and the music. Too cool. I also have to ask if you know why the crosses are down or leaned against the headstones? Did they just fall over? I have never seen them like that before

    Have a wonderful week... I am going to catch up on a few more of your posts. Hugs my friend.