Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Night on Portobello Road

I didn't leave the house at all yesterday. I didn't even open the front door. I had work, work, work.

I can already see the downside to working at home -- it's harder to turn your brain off. After all, your computer is always sitting there, just beckoning you to check e-mail or otherwise engage with the world of making a living. "Something important might have happened within the last five minutes!" it says, calling, calling.

This new job is like a big jigsaw puzzle. I have to fit lots of pieces together -- lots of schedules, lots of communication. I lie awake at night sometimes thinking, "If I have this person work these classes and this other person work these classes..." (I'm scheduling substitute teachers, remember?)

Yesterday I also managed to do laundry, and vacuum the house, and read a few pages of "Treasure Island" on my lunch break. (Leftover chicken hacked into chicken salad, with a handful of our home-grown tomatoes!) But still: Work, work, work.

Maybe I'm just out of the rhythm of working. That could be why a busy day feels so draining.

At any rate, I think today won't be as crazy. Hopefully I'll be able to go for a run and maybe get over to Trellick Tower to shoot some graffiti pictures.

I hasten to add that I am not complaining. Having work, even when it keeps your mind racing as you lie in bed at night, is better than having no work at all!


  1. These pictures are glorious! Love the one with the shadows on the plywood. Actually, I just love them all. Night pictures. Fantastic!

  2. I know what you mean. Having work is much better than not.

  3. I love the pictures too - especially that first one (for some reason it makes me think of the movie Notting Hill - ha!).

    I would be the same as you - always intermittently working throughout the day. I guess if it becomes a problem you can make yourself adhere to a schedule - but that kind of defeats the purpose of working from home :)

  4. Steve, what a fabulous post to come back in on. Ok, I am all kinds of tired from work. But trust me when I say that I miss your beautiful pictures and think of all the fab posts I am missing.

    I will have to get back in the routine of opening your blog up first thing when I get to work. :)

    The images are breathtaking.

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    A Teacher's Plan

  5. These remind me of Todd Hido's work. Any chance you'd consider selling a print?