Sunday, September 23, 2012

Shoreditch Street Art

I went wandering in Shoreditch yesterday to check out all the new (and new-ish) street art. I hadn't been over there for a couple of months, so I found quite a bit I hadn't yet seen. Some of it was Olympics-themed, like James Cochran's portrait of runner Usain Bolt (above), high on a building overlooking a parking lot.

This corner was once occupied by a Roa squirrel, but lately it had been looking pretty ragged. Probs covered everything up with this mural of an Indian.

I don't know who's behind this. And what is it? Apparently a jellyfish with a cat on its head.

This rope heart/noose by Shok-1 has been up for a while. How about the guy walking beneath in a red outfit?! I couldn't have paid for better timing.

This Damien Hirst-ish unicorn comes to us from Nathan Bowen.

Here are some cool 3-D pieces by Cityzen Kane reminiscent of trilobites. In real life they're very shiny and sparkly; the picture doesn't really do them justice.

I get a big kick out of smaller artworks, too. Bortusk Leer always does amusing characters on newspaper pages.

Every once in a while you find something a little creepy.

Here's one of Mjar's sticker faces. I had to get on my hands and knees to get low enough for a picture. Maybe that's why he's laughing!


  1. I knew unicorns were made of rainbows!

  2. So much brilliance! WOW! how inspiring to just cross the street! These are all so amazing- made my day! AGAIN! Thanks.

  3. Wow that first one is amazing - and I LOVE the rope heart. It's really cool!

    I think that the jellyfish is an ALIEN jellyfish - ha!

  4. When does all this art get made? And is it legal? It's so amazing.

  5. Very cool -- you know, now when I walk about in Los Angles and see the street art (which I've always admired!), I always think of you --

  6. Linda Sue: It is an inspiring neighborhood!

    Ms. Moon: Some of it is legal -- I suspect the artists have permission for the larger pieces, like the Usain Bolt mural. But some of it just goes up in the middle of the night! It's a mixed bag.

    Elizabeth: Cool! I only wish I were talented enough to PRODUCE street art. But I can live with being an archivist, I suppose!

  7. I love these. the jellyfish with the cat on it's head looks like it has a chop in the upper right hand corner. and the 3-D pieces are cool. how big are they and what are they made of?

  8. As I have previously mentioned I love the street art. Though my fav from this bunch is the heart rope.