Wednesday, September 12, 2012


At the risk of overextending myself, I decided to create a Tumblr blog for my photos. Tumblr is really good for photo sharing -- people can "like" your photos as well as reblog them, so they can "go viral," as the young folks say.

Good grief. All these different electronic platforms. I'm still not tweeting, though I do have a Twitter account. There's only so much I can manage, you know?

At any rate, the photos I post at the Tumblr blog will be more or less the same ones I post here, so don't feel you should keep up with both sites. You're off the hook!

Yesterday was much more manageable in terms of work. I had a reasonably busy morning, and then went running, which got my blood moving. I went to Tesco and bought an armload of vegetables -- we've been eating lasagna the last few nights, and even though there are tomatoes and spinach in lasagna (ours anyway), I still felt vegetable deprived. I needed something crunchy. So I made a big stir-fry for lunch and we had long-stem broccoli at dinner. I also popped into the fishmonger (don't you love that word?) and bought some red snapper which Dave broiled whole. Red snapper sure are pretty fish.

I also managed to swing by Trellick Tower yesterday and photograph the graffiti, which of course has changed dramatically from last week. That place keeps me on my toes.

I finished "Treasure Island," and Dave and I are up to season 4 of "Breaking Bad" on Netflix. I think we're just about caught up.

(Photo: Portobello Road, yesterday.)


Reya Mellicker said...

Your life is so good. I love reading about what you eat. Long gone are the days of canned soup for you! Bravo.

Do you ever get homesick?

I surely get homesick for you.

37paddington said...

It seems as if things are going well! I'm so happy for you. Enjoy tumblr.

The Bug said...

I can't access Tumblr at work so I'm glad your blog isn't going away (I have another blog friend who recently just moved over to Tumblr & closed her blog).

I get ansty for veggies sometimes too - although my southern roots don't let me like them all that crunchy. Ha!

Ms.M said...

Oh I also Tumblr, for my personal stuff, and to be honest it can be overwhelming with how fast it goes! I only follow a select few and wow do they post.

Wait until you want to use instagram! I just recently got an account for that am enjoying all the effect I have avaliable for images. :)

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