Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Spies, Blue Dogs and Back Hair

A collection of fun graffiti encountered on my wanderings over the past week or two!

First, remember "Spy vs. Spy," the Cold War cartoon from Mad magazine in which two weirdly birdlike spies continually try to off each other? Here's an homage by local street artist Diet, who sometimes spells his name Dyet.

And here's an apparent homage to back hair, of all things, signed (I believe) Bronson.

I really like this piece, which I found in a completely unexpected place during my recent walk along the Grand Union Canal. I have no idea who did it.

Yay for Mom!

A couple of shrunken heads and a fractured skeleton by Wilbo and Kesh.

And finally, to bring us full circle, another piece by Diet, the "Spy vs. Spy" artist -- this one featuring a blue dog. I've heard of yellow dogs, but never blue ones*!

* Actually, there appear to be blue ones too. Who knew?!


  1. I don't especially like graffiti art. It usually makes me feel weird and creeped out. Not that it's there, but the actual art itself. However, I do love the idea of guerilla art being out there in the world. You know, some of the train cars that pass by my house are tagged, too. Perhaps graffiti is the blog of the art world.
    Except that blogs are legal and you don't have to write them under cover of darkness and anonymity. Mostly. Although you can.

  2. I love graffiti art. Tagging I'm not so fond of but guerilla art I love. You inspire me to do a street art post myself. I've taken a few pictures and I've seen a really cool dragon art work that I want to stop and photograph but usually whenever I pass it on one of my days in the city I'm on a tight schedule to get everything done.

  3. I love all the explosion of color - definitely draws the eye. The spy one is REALLY cool :)

  4. Love the street art. My fav is the Spy vs. Spy. I so remember laughing so much while watching and reading.

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  5. That's some wild stuff. I'm pondering Ms. Moon's response to graffiti -- I would generally feel the same way, but maybe after so many years of living in the city -- particularly Los Angeles, I've grown quite enamored of all of it.

  6. Ms Moon: It CAN be creepy, and it's rarely in what would be deemed "good taste." But it's miraculous what can be done with spray cans, and as you said, guerilla artwork is pretty appealing. I like stumbling onto it when I'm out and about -- it can change my whole day.

    Ellen: Yeah, the tagging isn't quite the same, though even some tags can be artful. There's a fine line there sometimes. I want to see that dragon now!

    Bug: Isn't it great?

    Ms M:Good old Spy vs Spy. I hadn't thought of it in years!

    Linda Sue: You're welcome!

    Elizabeth: Graffiti is so much a part of the urban landscape, especially now, when it's growing in popularity. (And the artists are proving ever more skillful.) I see it as a thing of beauty, even though it's so often tacky too! I've often asked myself how I'd feel if it were my wall, but I really think if pieces like these appeared on my wall, I'd leave them alone!