Monday, May 6, 2013

Spring Violets

I was surprised to find a couple of violets growing in a corner of one of our courtyards.

I used to see wild violets all the time as a child in Florida, where they grew in a field near our house. The woman who took care of me and my brother during the day, Mrs. Kirkland, would walk us over to the field so we could pick them. We haven't seen them there in years -- maybe we're just not looking anymore, or maybe they're gone. (I'm sure picking them all didn't do them any favors.) In any case, I left these alone!

The weather was beautiful yesterday morning. Dave and I took Olga to the park and let her run free, and then walked to the Lido Cafe on the Serpentine and had lunch. Olga was a bit overstimulated by chasing sticks, and by other dogs, and by all the people around us at the cafe -- she could not relax, although she appeared to be having a great time. Then some clouds blew in and the day got chillier, so we made our way back home, where she collapsed and slept the rest of the afternoon.

Last night we watched an impromptu Katharine Ross double feature -- "The Swarm," which has to be the worst Irwin Allen disaster movie ever made, followed by "The Stepford Wives," which is actually pretty good.

Today is a bank holiday in the UK, so we technically have the day off! But I need to do my weekly report for work, so I'll need to invest an hour or two in front of the computer.

(Photos: The violets, and a cup advertising the Lichtenstein retrospective at the Tate that I saw a few weeks ago.)


Reya Mellicker said...

I love the Stepford Wives! I've seen it rather recently and found it fascinating sociology.

I love the pic you posted of Olga. She looks so blissed out. She is a lucky dog.

Ms. Moon said...

We had so many violets this spring. How nice to think of you enjoying them now in London.

Lynne said...

What? You watched Katharine Ross movies and didn't include the Graduate? coo-coo-ca-choo. I forgot she played in the Stepford Wives.

Beautiful photo of the violet! I love violets too. We have one spot in our front yard where they grow. Our neighbors down the street have so many violets blooming in their yard their grass looks purple.

Nancy said...

I wonder if the violets categorize themselves like people categorize themselves. Floridian violets and London violets. I don't think I've seen a single Atlanta violet on my property.

Elizabeth said...

The Stepford Wives is so awesome. I love when they walk through the supermarket in their maxi dresses, and when they moan how wonderful their husbands are when they're having sex. Now ya'll have to watch "Valley of the Dolls."

ellen abbott said...

We had violets growing in the yard of the city house but they were much paler than these. I hope to get them established at the country house.

The Bug said...

We have some sort of violet growing in our yard - we love them!

Photokismet said...

I had wild violets all over the yard until yesterday when the guys came and cut everything. I know they'll be back and hopefully I'll be ready with my camera!

Steve Reed said...

Reya: It IS fascinating sociology.

Ms. Moon: I'm glad they're not one of the many species that are dwindling in Florida!

Lynne: We have watched The Graduate SO many times. It's my absolute favorite movie.

Nancy: In all seriousness, I do wonder if these are the exact same species as the ones I used to see in Florida. Probably not.

Elizabeth: We've watched Valley of the Dolls many, many times! (We own it!)

Ellen: Can they be transplanted? I don't even know.

Bug: I love them too! I was so excited to find just this one.

Helene: Yeah, I suspect this one is due to meet the lawn mower sometime soon. But it'll grow back, I suppose.