Saturday, September 20, 2014

A Rainy Saturday Morning

How about those Scots! I'm so glad that reason prevailed over emotion and they made the smart decision. It was such a relief to wake up to that news yesterday morning. I suspect we'll have months of political fallout from this vote, and all the last minute bargaining that led up to it, but still, it worked out the best way possible.

Oh, and thanks to those of you who responded to my recent request for links to some good male bloggers. Not that I am unhappy with the mostly women-centric blogs I currently read -- but I felt a bit out of balance! For variety's sake I'm happy with some fresh insight and the recommendations do look promising.

I've been photographing like crazy the last couple of days for Bleeding London, trying to finish all the streets in the NW8 postcode, where I work. I went out every lunch hour and each evening on Wednesday, Thursday and yesterday (well, except Thursday evening, when I went to see Joan). I think it's pretty much finished now. I can't claim to have done the entire postcode by myself, because some of it was photographed by others earlier and I didn't redo those streets.

I was going to go out today and work on NW4, north of us, where we've had no photo coverage so far. But it poured rain last night, with lightning and everything, and it's drizzling as I write now. (Olga is sitting next to me on the couch, mournfully staring outside as if willing it to stop.) I'm not sure I'm going anywhere after all.

This weekend is also the annual architecture open house, when many private buildings in London open their doors to visitors. I had considered going to see the Gherkin, but frankly I am just not motivated to go all the way into central London to stand in line in yucky weather.

Dave returned last night from leading his school trip to Paris -- apparently it went well, no one died or went missing, and he was quite ready for a glass of wine (he couldn't drink as he was in the presence of students). All is back to normal around here!

(Photo: Hall Gate, St. John's Wood, yesterday.)


The Bug said...

Well! After binge-reading the last month's worth of posts I'm finally caught up - on your blog anyway :) I think I'm going to have to re-prioritize my life because I miss my blog friends when I don't read. Of course, this means that I have to cut down on Facebook time, doesn't it? Ha!

Looks like it's going to be a beautiful day here - I'm off to the Wool Gathering - an annual festival for people who do things with natural fibers. There will be a few animals (sheep, alpacas, rabbits), but mostly there will be yarn & implements to use while working with yarn. I am taking $20. That's all I'm allowed to spend!

P.S. Back in the day I REALLY wanted a yellow car - a Geo or a Neon. So cute!

Ms. Moon said...

I was standing in line at Steinmart yesterday and the guy in front of me was in full kilt kit. It took me forever to figure out why.