Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Yellow Cars

I've noticed a funny trend in my photography over the past couple of weeks. I seem especially drawn to yellow cars.

When I was young, I had a vague idea that I wanted a yellow Volkswagen, and as I recall, yellow isn't a very popular car color in the states. Maybe that's why I still find it so eye-catching.

British people, on the other hand, seem to like their yellow cars.

They can certainly liven up a street...

...or a driveway.

There are old ones:

And seemingly brand new ones:

(Coworkers of mine have nicknamed this neighborhood behemoth the "ice cream truck.")

And how about special credit for a yellow truck next to a yellow house?

It's kind of funny that I shot all these photos over a couple of weeks and only belatedly realized I had a definite theme going!


  1. I love the pink house and the yellow cars.

    Like you, I would love to know that dogs would romp around above my grave. At Congressional Cemetery here, they do just that. In fact it was the dog walkers that helped restore the cemetery. dog owners pay a hefty fee to belong. The cemetery is perfect because it is fenced in. The dogs go wild. I posted a pic of Jake there on FB - I'll tag you.

    Thick with squirrels - what a great phrase. You're such a good writer, Steve.

  2. Also, p.s. I've dreamed two nights in a row that I was living in England. i was so happy. Funny!

  3. Who knew your heart's delight would be a yellow car? Love it.

  4. The Land Rover with the moss all over it is awesome. The Beetle with the red lug nuts, not so much.

  5. In a country with so much rain, some bright yellow seems to add a ray of sunshine.

  6. I love yellow cars! In fact, just this morning Oliver and I saw the coolest old Mustang -- it was yellow like a banana with a brown hood. That sounds ugly but it was awesome. And I love the new VW Beetle in the brightest yellow!