Thursday, September 4, 2014

Alleys and Mews

This might be my favorite shopfront ever. As I wrote long ago, I love a good accordion. And what about that huge, bent sign? Awesome.

Yesterday was another bonanza day for photography. I went out in the morning, and again at lunch, and again after work. I am trying to hit lots of tiny little streets in many disparate locations that I bypassed on my first walks through our postcode. It's amazing how many little litter-strewn alleys and picturesque mews there are, snaking behind the main avenues. According to the rules of Bleeding London, they all deserve a picture.

I think I've completed about 3/4 of our postcode. One more good outing and I should be done. Tonight, though, I'm going on another meetup with the other photographers, this time in South London -- so NW6 will have to wait until the weekend.

Otherwise, yesterday was very quiet. I sat in the library much of the day and plotted my walking and photography strategy!

Thanks for enduring my preachiness yesterday. I get a bit insane about population issues. It's probably the one topic I feel most passionate about, and one I will continue to study. I'm going to shut up about it now, though.


  1. Why should you shut up? It's a valid a topic as any other and we should be discussing it more. (Said the woman who had four children.)
    Hey- do you know where I could get an accordion in London?

  2. What a great shop front you've picture today! I'll be curious to hear about your south London session since I stayed in South London last November. While I've been viewing your photos, I've thought about some of the interesting places I passed on my journey to and from the tube station in Balham.

  3. That IS a great photo -- I especially love how the yellows are laid out, and, yes, that crooked sign!

    As for your preachiness -- I really appreciated your thoughtful post yesterday. Anything that makes me think about an issue deeply is a good thing.

  4. we all climb on the soap box now and then.

  5. Steve, I didn't find you preachy yesterday at all, just thought-provoking. And I agree with you, there are no easy answers, and I suppose its easy to fall on the sword of platitudes like our responsibility to the poor. I love to hear your take on things; it's always clear and morally grounded, never preachy. On another note your Bleeding London project is making me think about where we used to live when I was a child in London. It was at 22 Studdridge Street and our tube station was Parsons Green. I wonder if anyone has photographed that street? Thinking about it now, it's like time collapses on itself. I suddenly remember that street so clearly.

  6. Hi Steve,
    Thanks for the positive comments! I only saw your comments just now or else I might have come to join in in Deptford. I used to live there and it has some great streets! Hope you got lots done. I will do my best to get as many streets in Charlton done as possible. I have enjoyed my few days wandering round so far. It is nice to have an actual concrete reason for taking so many photos-I love to do that anyway but it has given a different slant to it!
    Great shop front. Not a common type of shop either. I think there used to be one in Lee Green though not sure if it is still there.