Monday, September 1, 2014

Blessed Respite

Yesterday was fabulous. I did not touch the camera all day. I am on a respite from my photography, a hobby holiday. I am resting my eyes. (As my parents used to say when I was a little kid and I'd catch them falling asleep: "Oh, I'm just resting my eyes.")

I spent the day around the house. I weeded the garden in the morning and relocated a few slugs away from our better plants. Slugs are disgusting, but they're also fascinating. There are leopard-spotted slugs and brown slugs with bright orange fringes, almost like a petticoat. There are roundish slugs and longish slugs. It seems unlikely that what's essentially a snail with no shell could survive at all -- and yet they prosper.

And the earthworms! We have some big ol' earthworms. While I weeded, a robin sat in the bushes just a foot or two away, waiting for vulnerable worms to be unearthed. Dave joked that it was like a scene from Mary Poppins. And then it quickly turned into a horror film -- that tiny little bird could hoover down an entire worm in a flash.

I walked Olga over to Hampstead Heath and we had a good long wander through the woods. She had a great time. I always imagine she looks at me a bit accusingly these days, like, "Why don't you walk me anymore?" It was good to spend time with her and alleviate my guilt.

Dave bought a few more plants at the garden store yesterday afternoon -- speedwell and bergamot and I can't remember what else -- and he planted those. Things are getting a bit tightly packed along the perimeters of the garden. Slug festival!

Finally, last night, we went to the Black Lion, our local pub, for dinner. I had butternut squash wellington, which was good and autumnal. The temperatures are dipping and the air is taking on a cooler edge. We are moving into fall!

(Photos: Some sculptural hedges from Highams Park, on Saturday, and tile art in the seating alcoves at the Black Horse Road tube station.)


  1. Those shrubs remind me of great elephants or hippos or some other wild and fabulous and large animal.
    Thanks for the plant ID on my blog! I had no idea.
    I am so grateful that we do not have many slugs.
    I love the image of the robin swooping down to eat your worms. Cheeky little bird!

  2. Yes, a kneeling elephant. A respite is always good for freshening one's perspective, I suppose. Looking forward to pictures of the garden and everything else when your respite is over!

  3. I wonder if there is a method to their madness in sculpting those shrubs.

  4. Everyone is getting very green fingered on my blog list! Maybe I should take that as a sign to follow suit?