Saturday, September 13, 2014

Large Rose Sawfly Blues

Waking up at 7 a.m. this morning, after a work-related reception and dinner last night that ran until midnight. I haven't been out that late in ages. It was fun -- a reception at the Museum of London for all faculty and staff, where we could walk among the exhibits with our glasses of wine. Seems a bit risky -- mightn't someone spill their cabernet onto the Roman coinage? -- but as far as I know there were no incidents, at least not by the time I left. I realized that I need to go see that museum and spend some real time there!

We have a work-related event today, too -- the librarians are coming over to our flat to tie-dye t-shirts in our back garden. (Doesn't that sound like the plot of a farcical movie? "The Groovy Librarians," or something like that?) Every year we take a group photo and we try to have a theme. This year, tie-dye is the theme. I can't even remember why.

We have jokingly threatened to tie-dye Olga, who is after all mostly white, and thus the perfect canvas.

Daniel, our gardener, came back yesterday to mow the lawn. Dave had him plant some bulbs, even though we already have about a million dormant bulbs in our garden. So next spring will be bulb-a-palooza. I suspect we've overdone it, actually.

Also, I just realized that some of our roses are being devoured by tiny green caterpillars. I'm thinking these. I'm going to go out this morning and pick them off by hand.

(Photo: Reflections in West Hampstead, a few weeks ago.)


  1. A dazzling array of alien eyes! Wow.

    Hey there is no such thing as too many bulb flowers. Seriously, the more the merrier. Someone on East Capitol fills their front yard with tulips. When they're all blooming it is so gorgeous, it makes me gasp.

    Museum of London! Would love to see it. I just started Winston Churchill's History of the English Speaking people. I wonder if I'll make it through all 4 volumes.

    Don't spill your cabernet on the Roman coinage!

  2. I absolutely adore the image of librarians gathering to tie-dye! In your garden!
    Poor roses. Good luck with the hand-removal.

  3. love the picture! sun light runes. revive the roses and critters come to dine. and no, I don't think you can overdo bulbs.

  4. your garden has opened up whole new avenues of social interaction! you must take a photo of the proceedings!