Thursday, January 21, 2016

Hand of Fatima

Thanks for all your encouraging words yesterday. I had a much better day at work and our router cable finally arrived, so I've been able to extend the router into the living room and boost our WiFi signal. So far it appears to be working much better, though we still have a new router on the way that hopefully will improve things even more.

I knew life would be looking up when I found this on the sidewalk while walking Olga yesterday morning...

...a bright blue, plastic Hand of Fatima. Begone, evil eye!

I'm not sure why yesterday was better at work. I'm trying to be more Zen about my day, allowing it to unfold as it will, reminding myself to breathe and be kind to people in the process (rather than being annoyed that the SAME KID wants to check out a computer charger AGAIN). A bit of mindfulness really does help.

In the evening, Dave and I went to the pub with two of his coworkers and that was a boost, too -- the warmth of a pleasant pub on a cold, dark night. I get why the pub culture developed in this part of the world.

(Top photo: Another ghost sign, on my walk to work yesterday morning.)


  1. Forget the French lessons Steve - here's an English lesson. Repeat after me:-
    "I did not find the Hand of Fatima on the sidewalk, I found it on the PAVEMENT!"

  2. Finding that Hand of Fatima must mean something. You just have to work out what it is!

  3. May no evil eye be cast upon you...and being more Zen-like in the face of middle and high schoolers is a stress saving thing. Thanks for your compliment at mine earlier.

  4. What a great find! I hope the new router gets there soon. It will make a lot of difference!

  5. Breath deeply ad then lower your voice an octave. Lowering your voice is key. This , from a very elderly retired teacher!!!

  6. sounds like a good omen. I see I've missed several of your posts but I have caught up. those stained glass windows are really beautiful. and go easy on the kid. maybe it's the only charger he has access to.

  7. I love the Hand of Fatima!!! I want one for myself!

  8. I want a night in the pub now... Mmm beer.

  9. This made me think about how engrossed in computers my son was in junior and senior high school. He was a very quiet kid but he would have returned at every occasion to ask for a charger if that's what it took! He'll be making his living at computer work in a few short months, if all goes well. You never know the impact your work and your behavior might have on young people. Love the colour of the hand of Fatima.

  10. You find the most extraordinary things when you are out walking - whether it is on the sidewalk, the pavement or maybe even The Footpath. I couldn't give a toss about Fatima or the Evil Eye - I just love that vibrant blue colour.

    Pleased to hear things are looking up for you :-)

    Ms Soup

  11. YP: But pavement can be anything paved, can't it? The roadway is pavement too. It's non-specific, at least where I come from!

    Red: I appreciate that advice! :)

    Ellen: It's not the kids I mind, it's the tedium. Know what I mean? Anyway, I think I'm very good at concealing my frustrations from the kids. Hopefully.

    Jenny-O: You are exactly right. Kids absorb and remember so much. I do try to always be "firm but kind" and be aware of that!

    Ms Soup: Olga is a GREAT finder of things!