Sunday, January 3, 2016

The Dog Report

This was Olga last night, wrapped in her favorite pink blanket and crashed on Dave's lap. She's so happy to be home again. She slept like a rock all night (as did Dave and I) and at the moment she's out in the back garden eating grass and checking out two weeks' worth of foxy and squirrelly smells.

We didn't have any drama with the dog boarder this time, except that Olga's leash didn't come home with her. So hopefully they can find that. *sigh*

Oh, and remember my dad's yappy chihuahuas, Pinky and Manny?

Well, by the time we left, Dave and I apparently won them over. They were still yappy, of course, but not nearly as yappy as before, and both were learning to curl up and relax in our presence. (Above, they're on their favorite cushion, where they each adopt the same position. Pinky is above, Manny is below.) They even slept in our laps.

I guess I can understand my dad's affection for them. They are pretty cute, when they're not snarling and being awful.


  1. Those dogs are so cute...Did you have dogs as a kid?

  2. Looking at Olga peeping out of the pink blanket, I think she would make an excellent Virgin Mary in a Christmas nativity play.

  3. Such cute photos of some contented dogs today!

  4. I bet that Olga is the happiest dog in the entire world.

  5. Awww, she looks completely blissed out!

    Somebody has to love those of us who are high-strung, so good on your dad (and good on my husband :))

  6. LOL at Pudding - Olga DOES look like Mary :)