Sunday, January 24, 2016

Saturday Vanishes

Well, I did manage to Skype with my mom yesterday, for two hours. We had a bit of Internet disruption on her end, but from what I could tell our connection in London worked fine. I think it's much better.

Mom is managing pretty well after selling our family house and relocating, but she admits to being a bit bored. As anyone who owns a house knows, they take tremendous amounts of time and energy to maintain -- and when those obligations are gone, a lot of time suddenly opens up. I tried to urge her to get in the car and go check out some local birdwatching spots or even the mall, just for a change of scenery.

Anyway, between Skyping and French class, not to mention watching three episodes of "Making a Murderer" in the evening, I saw the day entirely vanish. I did manage to walk the dog in the morning, on a not-very-adventurous circuit through the neighborhood. I owe her a better outing today.

At least I'm not getting snowed under, like all my friends on the East Coast of the U.S. -- although frankly I could use a snow day. I have a stack of unread New Yorkers and Harper's, a book I've only just begun, and lots of online reading to catch up on, not to mention French practice and my own ongoing journal transcribing project. Today is pretty much spoken for, too, so some of those things will have to wait.

(Photo: Mitcham, South London.)


  1. It's true. Getting our house in order is pretty much our hobby at the moment. (By necessity.)

  2. There's the rub, isn't it? You downsize to simplify your life and suddenly your life is too simple.

  3. You're a busy guy. But don't you think Saturday would vanish even if you sat there and did nothing? Your Mom's life will fill up very quickly.

  4. That's what I keep wondering- what will I DO if we move away from my little farmette here?

  5. The thing about snow days in these parts is that everyone still has to clear their driveways so they can get to work. And then we have to clean the end of our driveways again because the snow plow pushed a bunch more compacted snow into it. A snow day is a harder day than usual! If the storm is big enough to keep us from going to work, it just means we have more snow to clear. But I'm glad your snow days aren't like that! And why don't work days go as quickly as weekend days? I'd like to see some research dollars spent on that question :)

  6. I'm feeling buried, too, in everything BUT snow! I have stacks of New Yorkers and books and just so much stuff that I want to read. I've also got this manuscript to order and then my new job. Oy vey!