Friday, April 29, 2016

Good News from the Spaceship

I'm sitting here at 2:21 a.m. in my dad's hospital room, watching the NFL Draft with the sound off, which is the only way I can stand it -- and even then, only barely. My dad is mostly asleep, though he's restless, lying on a gigantic white plastic-framed bed that looks like a spaceship. Hospital beds are just immense now.

The good news is that his surgery went well -- about as well as possible, in fact. Afterwards they brought him to the ICU where we all met him, and once he'd awakened a bit, he feebly talked and joked with us (declaring, among other things, that Dilaudid is "powerful shit"). My brother and I spent the night in his room, while he mostly drifted and slept.

This hospital is nice, with shiny, clean public areas in tones of brown and dark blue, and gigantic, colorful photos of flowers on the walls. (There is not, however, a giant fish.) From all I can tell, the care has been excellent.

I could do without the NFL Draft, though. Seriously. What a mystifying, tedious experience. My siblings know all the players and have endless conversations pairing individual names and teams and speculating how one draft pick affects the others. All the rounds and numbers -- it's like a foreign language that everyone in the room except me can speak. How do they know all these players? How are they so famous?

I can't help but think that if humankind invested the collective time and energy spent on the NFL Draft, not to mention football in general, in developing alternative energy sources or managing climate change, we could transform the planet.

(Photo: My dad and stepmother's side patio. I think my stepmother uses the soap jugs for watering plants.)


  1. Which football team do you support in London Steve? You sound like a Fulham man to me and Olga's coat is in Fulham colours. I am pleased to hear that your father emerged successfully from the surgery. By the way, it was snowing in Sheffield this morning!

  2. I am convinced sports is the male version of afternoon soap operas.
    So glad your dad is doing well, although I'll bet you're now suffering from a large bout of jet lag combined with trying to doze in a hospital chair.

  3. I am happy to hear that your father is doing so well after his surgery. A great relief for all of you.
    NPR did a segment yesterday on the NFL saying football was the real American pastime and is newsworthy year round. There is always something of note for those interested.
    I like the soap jug idea for watering plants. Not as heavy as watering cans and very colorful.
    I do hope you get some rest now before your flight back to London.

  4. Add in all of the energy and money spent on religion and there would be enough for all of the truly needed and needy.
    I am so glad your dad is okay. You are a good son and a good sibling, as well.
    Get some rest, dear Steve.

  5. I'm glad to hear your dad came through the surgery with no complications. always iffy at this point. and I'm with you on football. and hockey and basketball and baseball. and soccer for that matter. my husband is always giving me the back story on different players even though he knows I don't care. it's like a soap opera he says.

  6. Oh, so glad to hear the surgery went well and your dad is getting some drug-induced sleep!

    I'm with you on football. I just don't get it -- any of it.

    Love the pic of the colorful watering jugs. What a great idea.

  7. That is excellent news! I'm so glad everything went well.
    I also agree about the football stuff. I saw a little of it yesterday at lunch only because the TV was hanging right above my table. I had no idea what was going on.
    I LOVE the photo today.

  8. So happy to hear your dad came through the surgery well. It sounds like you're having some good family time around his spaceship, the NFL draft notwithstanding. And I too love that photo, the organic wood and plants and then the brightly colored plastics. You have such a great eye.

  9. It's good to hear that your dad's surgery went well. Sending wishes for a quick and uneventful and total recovery.

    Yes, not just football, but ALL competitive sports, in my opinion - if we put a fraction of that money into other uses... what could we achieve!

  10. Ugh football. I can't help but know some of the names - just from facebook & family. But I sure don't care.

    Glad the surgery went well!

  11. It's great your Dad's surgery went well...You are not the only one who cannot speak football. I'm right there with you on that. Best to your dad and family!