Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Another Mystery Slide

Remember those discarded slides I found outside my neighbor's house a few weeks ago? Well, here's another one.

In addition to the box of slides from Sardinia, selections from which I posted earlier, I grabbed six or seven loose slides. They'd been soaked by rain and I wasn't sure they would survive, but I brought them home and air-dried them, and this is one of them.

They seemed to depict the National Railway Museum in Shildon and environs, taken in the late 1980s. So my best guess is that this is an industrial site somewhere south of Durham. I have no idea exactly what it is, though. Any guesses?

Thanks to Mr. Pudding for correctly solving one of our garden mysteries by identifying yesterday's flower as lychnis chalcedonica, also known by about a hundred common names including Maltese cross, Jerusalem cross, common rose campion, flower of Constantinople, London pride and tears of Christ. (No shortage of imagination in naming plants!)


  1. That is a curious building - a mixture of old and new and Heath Robinsonesque invention. I have tried my best to identify it but alas - to no avail.

  2. I love all those names for that little red flower!

  3. Neat structure in the rescued slide. I wonder who took them, what their job or interests were.

  4. I love all the names for that red flower! So dramatic and fitting --

  5. Well, that is one very interesting shot. It obviously doesn't make any sense to us North Americans, but I'm sure somebody will know what it is.

  6. YP: It looks like some kind of mill, maybe? And I'm wondering if that's a cannon in front. I have no idea.

    Sharon: Aren't they great?! And those are only about half the names on the list I saw.

    Jenny-O: Well, they were clearly interested in trains, because several of the slides showed the Railway Museum, and specific trains therein. But beyond that, who knows?!

    Elizabeth: You can just picture Victorian gardeners sitting around coming up with all those names.

    Red: Hopefully! Maybe it has something to do with coal?

    E: You think?! I actually think it's kind of cool looking. A nice color scheme.