Thursday, June 16, 2016

Sardinia 1988

Yesterday I picked up the scans of the discarded slides I rescued. There were 40 slides, in a small plastic box marked "Sardinia," each one dated July 1988 on the frame.

Most of them really were trash, it turns out -- or at least fairly uninteresting. But a handful were pretty nice.

Nearly all of them depict a single location, with a round, rock structure and what looks like a medieval church.

I did a bit of internet research and learned (without too much effort, surprisingly) that this is the Church of St. Sabina and an accompanying neolithic stone tower, called a "nuraghe." The tower dates from the Bronze Age.

And as our guest photographer faithfully recorded, you can climb up to the top! (Apparently this is still true, according to a review by a recent visitor.)

I thought these were pretty interesting pictures! They took me on an internet journey I would never have experienced otherwise. As I mentioned yesterday, I hate to see old (even just old-ish) photos discarded -- good photos are a beautiful slice of captured time, after all, and once lost they can never be reproduced. I was glad to salvage these.

Some of them even look like something I would have taken, don't you think?!


Alphie Soup said...

Unsurprising some slides were uninteresting.

1988. Well before the digital era, when you did not know until the slides were developed whether they were good or bad. The stone structures are wonderful and I can see two you might have taken.


Jennifer said...

Wow! What a great thing that you did, saving those photos. Sardinia seems awfully exotic!

e said...

I agree! Thanks for sharing those. visually appealing.

Yorkshire Pudding said...

Yes...they are a bit arty farty Steve! ...Only kidding. The quality of colour is interesting isn't it? Somehow it dates these pictures. Thanks for sharing your "found" images. The cameraman or woman would never have imagined that they would one day end up on the internet

Cheryl West said...

Another worthwhile rescue. Good for you.

Ms. Moon said...

Yes. They DO look like something you might have taken. The photographer had a good eye, as do you.
Life is so odd.

Vivian said...

wow...turned out to be a good rescue...they are very interesting.

Sharon said...

I agree, they do look like photos you might have taken and I enjoyed seeing them. I like the little slice of time.

Linda Sue said...

WOW good SAVE!!! Awesome find! Thank you for doing that, Steve. Especially loving the doorway and the crusty steps, and the woman on top of the structure, So cool!

ellen abbott said...

just goes to show, one person's trash is another person's treasure. there used to be an antique store in Houston named Trash and Treasure.

Red said...

That's an amazing discovery. Curiosity goes a long way and being a librarian you know how to do the research.

jenny_o said...

Those are very cool! And yes, those ones at least were taken by someone like you with an eye for making things look their best.

Steve Reed said...

Alphie: Two?! That's so precise! :)

Jennifer: Doesn't it? I would love to go.

E: You're welcome!

YP: Actually I adjusted the color, and some of them are still a bit "off," I agree. The slides themselves have deteriorated over the years and are very blue.

Cheryl: It would be a shame for the world to lose these images, don't you think?

Ms Moon: It's funny, isn't it?

Vivian: I agree!

Sharon: Me too! Like a time capsule. There were a few photos of people, but I'm respecting privacy and not posting those.

Linda Sue: I like the woman up on top of the tower, too. Really helps us appreciate the scale!

Ellen: It's true!

Red: It pays to be inquisitive, though sometimes it gets me in trouble. :)

Jenny-O: As I said, there were some that didn't come out so well -- at least not in my opinion!

37paddington said...

I thought they were your pictures before I read your words. The photographer has a nice eye, or maybe the photo editor who picked these from the rest is the one with the great eye!

Elizabeth said...

They were meant for you. I love them and that you picked them out of trash and brought them some visibility! I especially love the one with the people on top. How wonderful!