Thursday, June 2, 2016


I was going to write a more thoughtful post this morning, but because I didn't wake up until 7 a.m. (!) I'll have to save that for another day. Instead, let me share some photos of our avocado tree.

Isn't it huge? Hard to believe just a few years ago it was this.

I'm hoping if we keep it in this pot it will eventually stop growing so enthusiastically, having maxed out its root space. Maybe we'll have to turn it into an extra-large bonsai, with periodic root and foliage pruning? I have no idea.

I wish we could plant it outside, but the general consensus is that avocados can't survive outdoors in London. It's got another few feet to grow before it hits the ceiling -- which probably means another year or two -- so I'll keep you posted!


Elizabeth said...

I love that you included these photos and updated us on the growth of your little avocado tree. That first photo is so beautiful --

Ms. Moon said...

Maybe an interim pot? That pot looks a bit small for that beautiful avocado. It looks so loved. Such beautiful photos.

Linda said...

Living the the Pacific Northwest where everything grows so rapidly I frequently have beautiful plants that are perfect and gorgeous one day and seems like overnight they become root bound and unhappy. Wonder how long your tree will be happy root bound. Any hope it will produce an avocado?

ellen abbott said...

I have a red bud tree in a large pot. it was given to me maybe 15 years or more ago and I had no where to plant it so I put it in a pot, then a bigger pot, etc. it's not a bonsai but it is a perpetual very small tree. I don't prune it, branches or roots. maybe I should because I think that's the biggest pot I will get for it. I fed it with a tree spike this spring and it thanked me by sending out two new branches.

Sharon said...

It certainly looks big and healthy.

jenny_o said...

I looked back at your post where that avocado was just a wee sprout ... amazing how it has grown. I'm not a big fan of houseplants, preferring their outdoor cousins instead, but I admire anyone who can grow them.

Red said...

Maybe the avocado will fool you and produce lots of avocados.

37paddington said...

That's a beautiful corner.

Steve Reed said...

Elizabeth: It's the little things in life, right?

Ms Moon: We repotted it last summer, and actually I think it's OK for now. I'd rather not move it to a bigger pot, if possible, to help keep its size manageable. A bigger pot would be really hard to move, too!)

Linda: I don't think it's root-bound yet, though it may be moving in that direction. I doubt it will produce. As I understand it, trees from grocery-store avocados often don't. I'm not sure why.

Ellen: I'm hoping this one behaves the same way! It's good to know your tree has survived in a pot all that time.

Sharon: It does indeed!

Jenny-O: We do like our plants around here. This tree has been amazingly low-maintenance.

Red: I doubt it, but one can hope!

37P: Thanks. :) Shoes and all!

Lynne said...

Such a green thumb! Sometime things grow better when they are pot-bound.