Saturday, June 11, 2016


Woo hoo! Summer vacation! "No more pencils, no more books, no more teachers' dirty looks!"

(Never mind that I'm the one giving the dirty looks nowadays. The sentiment is the same.)

We had a full workday yesterday and I managed to find enough to do to stay busy in the library. We got all but about 15 books back -- some checked out to teachers who just can't find them at the moment, a couple checked out to students who will settle their accounts next fall, and three checked out to a parent who just couldn't get herself to the library this week. I think we'll get them all back eventually. Meanwhile I'm going to stop thinking about it because IT'S SUMMER!

Olga is ready for the fun to begin! ("But first, where DID that squirrel go?")

Our roses are reaching something close to their peak -- nearly every bush is in bloom, even a few that haven't bloomed before. I mowed on Thursday and weeded the flower beds (the "borders," as they're known in England) on all three sides, so things are looking good out there. We have such an overgrowth of vegetation from some plants that I've had to trim them back to let the others get some light -- I imagine the shaded plants sighing with happiness when the sun hits them.

I can see how Dave gets into this gardening thing.

Last night we watched some very British TV -- an ecology show featuring Germaine Greer talking about the importance of insects, the televised service from St. Paul's Cathedral for the Queen's 90th birthday, and "Gardener's World," which -- as you can imagine -- is one of our favorite shows. It's always a disappointment when late fall rolls around and Gardener's World goes on hiatus until the following spring. And I'm not going to think about that now because IT'S SUMMER!

Well, I have to get ready for French class. I seem to be developing a cold (ugh) but I have to go this week, having skipped last week. Merde!

(Top photo: Daisies in Islington, last Sunday.)


  1. Bloody hell! The grass grows fast in London. You say you mowed the lawn on Thursday? You need to get out and mow it again. It is as if Olga is standing in the prairieland of the midwest before the wagon trains first arrived.

    PS I don't appreciate your verification tick box as I am in fact a robot. It's discrimination!

  2. Actually, I took this picture the morning before I mowed the lawn. :)

    (Prairieland?! I don't think so!)

  3. Beautiful!!!!
    Garden AND vacation!

  4. The absolutely fabulous thing about working in education is SUMMER. Time off at the most beautiful point in the year, and the opportunity to start fresh in the fall. I loved that. The lack of a paycheck for 2 1/2 months is a whole other thing. . .

  5. I bet it feels great to know you have the summer off. That garden looks fantastic.

  6. It can take awhile to switch gears when coming off a busy time. I hope your cold is a mild one. How is Dave doing lately? And - scritches for Olga!

  7. After I was done with school and I had my first real full time job and the first summer rolled around, I was shocked to realize, I would no longer get summers off! you are spoiled now, with the garden. it will be hard to move to a place without one if you ever have to.

  8. The last day of school is a joyous occasion as it means the stress is off for a couple of months. Enjoy your summer.

  9. I want to live in your back yard... I might need to borrow your kitchen & bathroom though...