Thursday, June 30, 2016

Jesus Christ Superstar

Dave, being a school band director, is a big fan of Drum Corps International, which is basically an organization of competitive marching bands. Every summer DCI groups compete against each other with carefully arranged and choreographed field shows, like half-time shows on steroids. Dave, in fact, used to perform with a DCI group, the Madison Scouts.

This year, Madison's show is based on the musical "Jesus Christ Superstar," and Dave has been watching their performances over and over on his computer. So I've been hearing that familiar Superstar music seeping out from his headphones. (I used to have the soundtrack from the 1973 movie, so I know it well.)

Turns out, he'd never seen the film. So last night we rented it, and had a great time watching. I had forgotten how deeply '70s-groovy it is. (If you doubt me, watch here, and wait until about the 1 minute mark.)

Otherwise, I can't say we did much yesterday. Dave went to the fishmonger and made a terrific fish stew for dinner; I stayed on the couch, reading.

Our hawkweed, or fox-and-cubs, is making its annual appearance. We've decided not to mow certain areas of the back garden this summer (did I mention this already?) to encourage wildflowers and grasses. This is growing in one of our protected zones.

We've reached out to our landlord to renew our lease -- once again, it's time. We haven't heard back from her yet so of course I'm having all sorts of nightmares about getting evicted, but presumably she'll want to keep us on. We've been just about the best tenants she could want. (We did recently request a new oven and stove, but even the engineer for the management company agreed our existing ones are old and ought to go.)

Also, we've almost completed the transition to our new bank account, thus avoiding the extortionate fees our existing account will incur beginning July 31 -- £20 per month for people with our level of savings. (Insane!) All I have to do now is close our current account, which I plan to do today.

(Top photo: Laundry lines in Pimlico, on Tuesday.)


e said...

Oh, the joys of domestic bliss...Further details on your fish stew desired, please!

Ms. Moon said...

Unless your landlady is a completely crazy woman, she'll renew.

Red said...

CAtchy tunes in Jesus Christ Superstar. Our local theatre group put it on back in the 70's.

Sharon said...

I remember when Jesus Christ Superstar (the play) came to Phoenix and I went to see it. It was being performed at our Symphony Hall which used to have a huge plaza in front of it. That plaza was full of protesters waving all kinds of signs calling it blasphemy. I remember asking one of the protesters if they'd seen the play. They of course said no and I asked how they could judge something they had never seen. The protester moved on in a bit of a huff.
I love that top photo. For some reason that seems like an odd place to hang clothes out to dry.

jenny_o said...

My older brother had the album and I listened to it a lot as well. Actually just a couple of days ago I realized I was humming one of the tunes from it. They stick in your head. But I'd never seen the movie either, so the clip was fascinating - those costumes, wow!

Elizabeth said...

I loved Jesus Christ Superstar -- can't wait to watch the clip!

Lynne said...

Loved the clip and love that flower. So cheery!

How did you like the "Mandibles?" My sister was also reading it but I'm afraid it has too much about the money aspect of things for me. What did you think?

The Bug said...

My parents had the album - I loved listening to it. I remember singing "I don't know how to LOOOVVEEE him" in a very melodramatic fashion :)

I think we should be getting a new lease soon. They never seem to be very on top of it. I don't worry about it very much - this house was on the rental market for a REALLY long time before we came along & I think we're fabulous. Ha!