Saturday, November 5, 2016

A Wrecked Shoe

Last weekend, Olga and I came across this battered athletic shoe discarded on Hampstead Heath. It looks like it lived fast and hard, like James Dean or Edie Sedgwick. I like how whoever repaired it with tape at least thought to color-coordinate.

I'm having a bit of a busy morning, trying to get my French homework done before class, get the dog walked and get myself appropriately groomed to leave the house. Thanks for all the thoughtful comments on my post yesterday; I'm sorry I have to leave my followup, for the moment, to just this cursory acknowledgement because it is a complicated subject.

Last night, Dave and I watched Michael Moore do a standup show in Ohio called "Michael Moore in Trumpland." We got it on iTunes. It was entertaining but it seemed apparent to me, after a while, that although Moore specifically invited Trump supporters, most of the people in the audience were not! Maybe it's unrealistic to expect Trump supporters to attend a Michael Moore comedy show. I enjoyed it, but I think Dave expected something with a more documentary flavor. Just think -- four days from now, this election will be over! Whew!

Oh, and Dave and I got some shocking news last night via e-mail. Remember our disagreeable dog boarder? The one we stopped using because she kept badgering us to buy things? Well, apparently she died unexpectedly and the business is closing. I have no idea what happened. Even though we'd stopped going there I'm sorry to hear that dramatic news.


Yorkshire Pudding said...

I have also watched "Michael Moore in Trumpland" and I saw him talking about it on "Democracy Now" too. He makes some incisive points about why Hillary Clinton is by far the best option. Of course, the live show was filmed in Clinton County, Ohio - a hotbed of Trumpism.

"Trumpland" sounds like a nightmare theme park. Not a place you'd want to take your kids. The roller coaster would descend into a dark underworld through the open mouth of a giant fibreglass Donald Trump head. I shudder.

Marty said...

I can't imagine Trump followers at a Michael Moore evening. The only possible result is violence, given their usual behavior.

Lucky you, with the forethought to be in another country should Tuesday go south.

Ms. Moon said...

I was thinking what Marty was- if Trump gets elected, at least you're out of the country.
I just threw away a pair of shoes, one of which was being held body-to-sole with bright blue duct tape. I sure was glad to throw those shoes away although they have served me well.

ellen abbott said...

I only wear real shoes when it's too cold to be barefoot or in sandals. since I live on the coastal plains of Texas, that's not very often so my shoes tend to last forever. my sandals on the other hand wear out fast.

Sharon said...

I had not heard about that show. I'll have to look it up. I watched the first episode of the Netflix series, "The Crown" last night and I think it looks like it will be very good. Although, I do question the wisdom of casting John Lithgow as Churchill. I wondered at the time if it would even be available over there.

Lesley UK said...

Steve, am I the only one having trouble to leave a comment on your blog? I just wanted to say 'I bet that shoe could tell some tales, although some of them might be rather 'racy'. Oh dear, that doesn't sound even remotely amusing at the second writing. I never wear shoes unless I absolutely necessary. I'm 71 on Monday, and I can say, without fear of contradiction my feet are the prettiest thing about me. (That didn't quite work out the I meant it to of my pinkies is really quite beautiful! It always makes me smile when I see pics of 'Slebs' all tarted up for a big party or film premiere. Just look at their feet. What horrors have been inflicted on them? I don't think the Spanish Inquisition could have done anything that bad. Not that we're expecting the Spanish Inquisition...whoops, wrong script.
I really shouldn't have opened that 2nd bottle of wine, but my football team have just lost 2-3 at home, so I am need of an anaesthetic! I hope yiou understand

jenny_o said...

News analysts on both sides of the US/Canada border are now speculating that things won't be over after Tuesday - or next January, even. That if Hillary wins, there will be a huge movement to impeach or indict her, and stonewalling worse than in the past eight years. It seems democracy and decency are completely at risk no matter what the outcome. It's crazy.

Catalyst said...

I have used duct (duck?) tape to repair a pair of slippers I was loath to separate from but I think I'd refrain from trying that on a pair of shoes I might wear in public. Fortunately I no longer need running shoes since I no longer run.

Red said...

I'm sure the shoe could tell a great story.

Elizabeth said...

I'm so ready for Tuesday to be over, although I have no doubt that things will continue to be as loony as they've already been. We all need a respite.

Coming here to read your thoughts and see a bit of your daily life is a respite from the craziness. I hope you feel that from your many devoted readers.

Steve Reed said...

YP: Definitely a nightmare. Have you seen the movie "Trumped," about Trump's efforts to build a golf course in Scotland? It's an excellent movie.

Marty: I think being in another country won't insulate us much from Trump's excesses. We are a globalized planet at this point. (And of course we're contending with our own Trump-like movement in Brexit.)

Ms Moon: I believe in wearing things out. Sounds like you do too!

Ellen: That sounds terrific. I love wearing sandals. Not something I get to do very often in England.

Sharon: Yes, "The Crown" is available here and in fact it's being heavily promoted. I told Dave we should give it a try.

Lesley: NO ONE expects the Spanish Inquisition! LOL! You may be my most consistently entertaining commenter. Another person was talking about having problems leaving a comment, but I'm not sure what's going on there. Are you getting error messages?

Jenny-O: I do worry about that. I'm sure she will be embattled from Day One. If we get a Democratic Senate, though, that will go a long way toward making Washington more functional.

Catalyst: I've seen it both ways -- duct and duck. I usually opt for the former but who knows?? I think this one is a rugby shoe, but I'm not sure.

Red: It may be too tired!

Elizabeth: Yes, please, the end is in sight! (Although as Jenny-O said it may not really be the end.) I'm glad I'm a respite, even though things occasionally seem quite crazy here too. :)

The Bug said...

Duck is a brand of duct tape - and it's located in Ohio! Just like me & that scary Clinton County. Sigh.