Sunday, November 13, 2016

Brain Fatigue

I don't have much to say today. I'm doing my best to stay off Facebook -- at least where political content is concerned -- and just give my brain a rest. The students in my French class yesterday seemed completely unsurprised that the USA elected Trump. I guess after Brexit, they felt like it was inevitable. Apparently only we Trump-opposing Americans were fooling ourselves.

Our garden is in serious need of some routine maintenance, and the dog needs a trip to Hampstead Heath, and I would love to get out and take some photos. So that's likely to be my day.

Did I tell you our dog-sitter cancelled on us for Christmas break? It's not her fault; she got a job in Abu Dhabi. She's still going to stay with Olga for Thanksgiving but we need to find someone else for the two weeks we'll be away in December -- and since our previous dog boarder is also out of the picture, we'll have to find someone new. I have one option but the choices seem to be allowing Olga to go stay with her (expensive) or having her come to stay in our house (crazy expensive). So stay tuned.

(Photo: Mushrooms on Hampstead Heath a few weeks ago.)


Yorkshire Pudding said...

Why not put a notice up in the school library? There must be one reliable child/family who would love to look after Olga through the Christmas holidays. To some it would be like having a Christmas gift. In fact you could put Olga in a box and wrap it in colourful Xmas paper.

Ms. Moon said...

I don't have anyone to house/chicken/cat sit for the two weeks we're going to be gone at Christmas either.
Right now the energy required to pull this trip together seems impossible.

ellen abbott said...

me too, brain fatigue. I've been avoiding any contact with my neighbors and town folk afraid they are going t bring up the election and if they do I'm going to have to tell them what I think which won't be good for neighborly relationships I don't think. I have a mold to fill which will take me the better part of the day and require concentration.

Sharon said...

Brain fatigue....that sums it up beautifully. I'm still avoiding the political on both Facebook and TV. I may even have to stop watching "West Wing" for a little while. I watched and episode last night and through the whole thing I kept trying picture Trump dealing with the international crises that came up. I simply can't picture him in the "war room" with advisors and generals making the final decision. He doesn't have the intellect needed.

Red said...

The challenges of having a dog! They are worth every penny though!

Catalyst said...

Great mushroom shot. And poor Olga, having to get used to new sitters.