Monday, November 28, 2016

Death of a Tennis Ball

One last Copenhagen photo. This is from a cafe where we had breakfast yesterday, overlooking a public square and the Stork Fountain. (Our guidebook says the birds on the fountain are actually herons, but whatever.) The sun was shining brilliantly and I was sorry to leave, but Olga awaited!

Traveling home was unremarkable, which is probably a good thing. When we got to the Copenhagen airport, I had a bunch of random Danish change in my pocket, enough to buy a bottle of inexpensive sparkling wine at the duty-free shop. We were going to give it to our dog-sitter, but by the time we got home she was already gone.

Olga was thrilled to see us, but her Kong toy was missing. I'm guessing she took it on a walk and dropped it somewhere, which she is prone to do -- you gotta keep an eye on her at all times! A lesson for the dog-sitter. Fortunately, thanks to my former boss Susan -- who brought a Kong to Olga on her recent visit -- we had a spare.

Meanwhile, in her excitement at our arrival, Olga demolished a tennis ball on the living room rug. Scraps of rubber and damp green fuzz everywhere!


Ms. Moon said...

I hope it feels good to be back, dead tennis ball and all.

Yorkshire Pudding said...

Excellent cafe window photograph. For Christmas you and Dave should buy each other bumper packs of assorted kongs. With any luck they might last till Eastertime.

37paddington said...

Welcome home traveler. I'm off to catch up on your Danish adventure.

Sharon said...

That tennis ball had it coming! ;-)

Red said...

Death of a tennis ball sounded like a poem title and I expected a poem!!! Nice weekend trip.

ellen abbott said...

Minnie has a thing for paper towels and tissues. can't leave them where she can get them because she shreds them.

e said...

Great homecoming...did you drink the wine?

jenny_o said...

LOL at your title :)

You packed a lot into a long weekend. Thanks for letting us look over your shoulder!

Catalyst said...

Olga has a funny of showing you how glad she is that you're home.

Steve Reed said...

Ms Moon: There's no place like home!

YP: Seriously, we SHOULD stock up! I think we still have one more in the closet.

37P: Thanks! Hope you enjoyed the rambling.

Sharon: Merely by EXISTING in this house!

The dog destroyed a tennis ball
And that is all.

Ellen: It's so funny what dogs respond to.

E: No! We're going to give it to the dog-sitter at Christmas.

Jenny-O: We did, and you're welcome!

Catalyst: She basically gets so excited that she just HAS to work out her energy somehow!