Sunday, November 6, 2016

Memorial Day Flashback

This is not my picture. It was taken by my friend Suzanne, and in fact I'm in the picture, resting my hands on the legs of two of my friends. This was back in 1989 or 1990, on Memorial Day weekend, when a group of us rented a condo on the beach in Florida. I love the easy companionability that this shot conveys.

I was in touch with Suzanne on Facebook a few days ago and she mentioned that she was scanning old photos. I knew she'd taken pictures on this Memorial Day trip, but I wasn't sure I'd ever seen them. So I asked her to send me some. She forwarded 19 shots, and it was so great to look through them. Some of the people who came with us on that weekend I haven't seen for years. Like, decades. A few I'm not even in touch with on Facebook. I have no idea where they are these days.

I remember those shorts I'm wearing, comfy baggy cotton ones with gray and pink squares. I think I got them at Marshalls. I'd completely forgotten about that tank top with the graphic design, but now that I see the picture I remember it, too. Very '80s!

Anyway, what a trip down memory lane!

Yesterday was a whirlwind. French class went well, and I got some laundry done, too. I also took all our sheets and blankets to the laundromat and had them washed. There is nothing better than a clean bed.

Dave and I had a little celebration last night, a dinner at Alain Ducasse with our friends Gordon and Donna. It was ostensibly to thank Gordon, who works with Dave, for covering for him during his illness and surgery last spring. But it was also for my birthday and, well, whatever other reason we could come up with! This was our second trip to Alain Ducasse this year. I think we've broken the bank.


  1. Nothing better than a clean bed? What about world peace? The end of ivory and rhino horn poaching? The brutal assassination of Donald J. Trump on the eve of voting day in the US presidential election.

  2. I love a clean bed myself, and broken bank or not, I hope you had a great time!

  3. Beautiful shot. Absolutely.
    I'm with you on the clean bed, as you know.

  4. What fun seeing those old photos! Your dinner sounds fabulous. One needs to break the bank on dinner once in a while.

  5. oh yah, memory lane and the way back machine.

  6. To answer your question. Yes, they are the same Chihuly's I've featured many times. The garden purchased them (for a mere 1 million) back in 2009 when he first visited the garden with one of his shows. They sit right at the entrance to the garden so people can see them even if they don't go into the garden.

  7. Old photos we've never seen can trigger a lot of great memories.

  8. I love seeing other people's photos of times we've shared; they're like re-living the moment in a way never done through our own familiar photos. Glad you had a great dinner out!

  9. I love old photos! The best are those that we believed they were lost.

  10. Wrecked shoe and now long lost toes...I love the variety and never quite knowing what I'll find when I stop by...

  11. YP: Well, OK, I might have overstated things a bit. But hey, NO ASSASSINATION JOKES on my blog! The Secret Service takes that seriously, and although I dislike Trump I certainly wouldn't want THAT! :)

    E: Long lost toes?! I think the toes still exist! They've just aged somewhat. :)

    Ms Moon: I know, and it's true, although I'd like it even more if we had a clothesline and good drying weather.

    Sharon: I wondered why those Chihulys were there all the time! That explains it.

    Ellen: Wayback machine, indeed -- to a time before the Internet, even!

    John: It is! I don't remember being that tactile, honestly.

    Red: They do indeed! I suspect she has more, too, which I hope to see at some point.

    Jenny-O: Plus, we're IN them! Which is a fun change from most of my old photos, when I was behind the lens.

    Kaki: Absolutely. It makes me wonder what other pictures my friends have that I've never seen!