Friday, May 26, 2017

Nod and Smile

Well, the phone call with the bank turned out to be no big deal, once I stopped trying to complain and resist. I just agreed with everything and acted super-friendly and the whole ordeal was over in about five minutes. I suppose I should learn a lesson from this -- just roll with it!

So I have a new ATM card. Oh well.

I came home last night and found about 40 black ants, some with wings, crawling around the woodwork near the back door. I hated to do it, but I got out the vacuum cleaner and sucked them all up, and then took them outside and deposited them in the yard. I'm sure they'll die or be eaten out there, away from their nest (wherever it is), but I can't very well allow them to set up housekeeping in our baseboards, can I? I'm just wondering if they're termites. Once again, I'm glad I'm a renter.

I'm in a better mood today. For one thing, I'm finally getting that spot on my forehead taken care of -- the basal cell carcinoma my doctor diagnosed about a month ago. I have an appointment in the dermatology clinic of the Royal Free Hospital at 10 a.m. I'll be glad to get this resolved!

Olga never came to bed last night -- she stayed out in the living room. I think she was hearing foxes in the yard. (Or were they anteaters?!) I heard them yipping just before I went to bed, and when I got up this morning some objects near the back door had been shoved around, which makes me think Olga was dancing around there trying to get out. Always the hunter!

(Photo: A tiny black fly on Hampstead Heath Extension. I have no idea what kind it is.)


Yorkshire Pudding said...

You cruel b*****d Steve! How would you like to be sucked up by the nozzle of a vacuum cleaner? Mind you, I have heard that some guys like that kind of thing - you might see one or two of them in the waiting room at The Royal Free Hospital. They'll still have vacuum cleaners attached.

Ms. Moon said...

Steve- that almost looks like a love bug.
Funny. I was reading a post I made from a year ago and little black ants had taken over my house here. How odd. Enjoy your new ATM card.

Red said...

I recently got a new ATM card and the bank isn't sure why. There are reasons for a card not working but they aren't sure which reason caused my card to stop working.

ellen abbott said...

my little dog was restless all night too. the ants could be termites. when they swarm they have wings and as soon as they get wherever it is they are going, the wings drop off. or the could have just been ants hatching some new queens.

Sharon said...

I was about to say good luck with the removal of the cell but, by the time I'm typing this you've already had it done. I hope it went well which I'm sure it did.
Those ants might be termites. I was always told if they have wings they are termites. You will have to keep your eye open for any more that might show up.

The Bug said...

I love close-up pictures of flies - they're just such cool little aliens. Aliens that should, at all times, live outside. Ha!

Hope your procedure went well!

jenny_o said...

Sometimes arguing something for the principle of the thing just stops being worth your sanity! You're smart. I would have kept going :)

I hope your ants stay away and even more so that your forehead spot stays away.

Sabine said...

What a great photo! I wouldn't worry about the ants. It them or us if they come inside.

Sabine said...

What a great photo! I wouldn't worry about the ants. It them or us if they come inside.

Catalyst said...

I hate ants!

I had a squamous cell carcinoma cut out of my upper arm a few years ago. Good luck with your surgery.