Thursday, May 11, 2017


When I was in Vauxhall on Sunday morning, I happened to pass this person on the sidewalk. She was trying to call an Uber but not having much luck, and some guy was chatting with her but she didn't seem very receptive. I circled back, thinking I had to get some pictures, but the street was small and pretty much empty, and there was no way to do it candidly.

So I asked her if I could take her photo. She told me to wait until she was finished calling for a car. I helped her figure out the street address, and then the guy following her around began following me around, begging for change. I gave him some, much to her annoyance, and he went away.

She said her name was Society, and she didn't know that guy at all.

She seemed to be on her way back home after a long night out, and I loved the combination of glamour and fatigue that she projected. She was very kind in allowing me to photograph her. Her brown bag contained at least one wig.

I appreciated your comments yesterday about my crankiness (which is better today, thank you). I think a lot of it was fallout from having to deal with the bank. But as several of you said, the current political situation certainly affects all our moods. In fact, when I read that slogan on the cream container about "sharing our values," I took it as a veiled nationalistic reference, though I'm sure it wasn't meant that way. I think it probably just meant the farmers treat the cows well. My personal Brexit trauma gave it a darker cast!

(Admittedly, any time someone makes a reference to "values," I get squirmy -- not because I don't have them or believe in them, but because the word has been misused to justify all kinds of homophobia and xenophobia.)

And how do we feel about Trump's dismissal of James Comey? I don't think Comey's decisions a la Hillary were great, but his firing seems clearly motivated by politics. What's most troubling to me is that Trump is so blind to justice that he thinks it's permissible to fire the man heading an investigation against him. Shades of Nixon, indeed!

I worked more on library inventory yesterday, and got quite a bit done. I may even be able to finish non-fiction today. Woo hoo!


  1. Are you sure that your photogenic model was a woman? I think it's a bloke called Gary who works in refuse collection - driving a rubbish lorry (American: garbage truck).

  2. When she's dressed like that, she's a she in my book!

  3. I love the pink dress on her and would have loved to have seen the wig...DT is worse than Nixon, far, far worse. His sense of omnipotence never ends...

  4. I love the fact you asked to take her picture and that she agreed...good for both of you.

    And yes, the political scene here is beyond nightmarish. Everyday, it is something else. Just unbelievable; and to think this is only day 112 of this buffoon's term? My only hope is that when the dust all clears, McConnell and Ryan are booted as well for their support of this fool.

  5. I was thinking along similar lines as YP although in these post-post-modern times I am at a loss to know what the correct form of address should be.

  6. The lady you photographed was most gracious, I think! And I agree with your answer to YP on her pronoun.

    There can be only one explanation for the sacking of Comey if you ask me and I think we know what that is.

  7. The lady in pink certainly has a story to tell. I love that she was willing to be photographed. These pictures could inspire a whole novel. As for 45, he fired Coney in some kind of hissy fit. I hope Ryan, Pence, McConnell and the whole lot get swept out with him.

  8. Trump's action with Comey is more like a very demented dictator such as Gadafi. Now maybe I'm over the top on this one but Trump is very erratic.

  9. What an interesting lady you photographed and kudos to you for asking. I don't think I would have been brave enough to do that.
    The Comey thing is all that's on the news right now which makes me wonder if there is anything going on that is being missed. I did hear on the news this morning that when the pres met with the Russian official yesterday he let the Russian camera/news crew into the oval office with him but none of the American press were allowed. I find that troubling.

  10. I LOVE this post on so many levels! Thank you and thank you Society! LOVE!! Pronouns are important, and she is rocking it! The fascist regime here is terrifying EVERY FRONKING DAY! Really need a breather and am anxious to get out of this horror show! Thanks for photographing
    Society, I love her!XO

  11. what Linda Sue said.

    Trump fired Comey for the same reason he fired Yates and Bharara, they wouldn't do what he said. I read Trump asked/told Comey to end the investigations and grand juries and Comey told him no. days later after Comey asked for more money for the investigation Trump fires him. what all this means is anybody's guess but it Trump had nothing to hide why would he care?

  12. That lady is very sultry and I love the hot pink. Great pictures!

    And yeah, the firing Comey thing ... wow. Just - wow.

  13. Yes, I love the meandering of this post and it actually calms my jangled nerves far more than the talking heads we hear constantly over here. I don't have anything more to add about the Comey affair -- what a crock of shit, is what I think. And scary shit, too. With Sessions as the Attorney General, though, there's not much hope for impeachment unless some Republicans get spines and get to it. Otherwise, we have to turn the House in the 2018 election.

  14. The whole administration is a horror show. Sessions is bringing back mandatory sentencing - 15 years for crimes that don't merit that much time. It's directed at the non-white people. Pence told a meeting of the faithful that Christians are the most persecuted religion. Really? I haven't seen any Christian travel bans, only the Muslims. They're ALL delusional. Guess I'll take a breath now.

  15. This -"it probably just meant the farmers treat the cows well" reminded me of something I wanted to share on my blog. So I did; I put it under "OVERHEARD" but I'll tell it to you here anyway:

    Farmer's Wife: “How is that cow doing, the one that lost her first calf?”
    Farmer: “She’s sad. They’re just like people. I sure feel sorry for her.”
    FW: “Is there anything you can do to help her?”
    F: “She lays down, off by herself away from the herd, except for when she comes to eat. I go rub her head and scratch her ears.”

    I'm the farmer's wife and he treats his cattle like big dogs. They're pets.


    Your DNA entry was interesting as I've wanted to have mine done too. Aside from the cost (I haven't had a regular job since Sept so am not spending $ frivolously), it seems that two siblings can have quite different genetic markers. That means even though they may have the exact same blood ancestors, their genes are not all necessarily going to show up in both DNA tests, which is disappointing. But one day when I've got $ to throw around, I'll do it anyway. I expect, like you, that nothing much surprising will show up, but one never knows!


    It's always shocking to see Trump supporters interviewed. They appear to be normal people, but the things that come out of their mouths! Like, "He's doing a great job, getting things done," and so on. WTF!