Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Test-Taking and More

I finally scheduled the test we have to take to get Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK. I've been holding off because Dave has been in the middle of concerts and all sorts of band activity, and he didn't feel ready to commit to studying up on "Who was Queen Boudicca?" and "At what age can you get a driving license in the UK?" But I'm getting nervous that so much time is elapsing. Our visas expire in September, and everything has to be done by then! So last night we set June 23 as the test date. I scheduled my test, but Dave -- who has to register and schedule his own -- has been stymied so far by the spam-filter on his work e-mail. Long story, but I'll make sure it gets done.

I'm not too nervous about it. I'm usually a pretty good test-taker. But I've got some studying to do too, no question. I've read up on the history, but I'm fuzzy on some aspects of current government.

We're at that time of year when the garden is going gangbusters. Every day there's a new surprise. The nigella opened this week, and the purple spire of a wild foxglove appeared all by itself in our front flower bed. The roses are insane. Just a few weeks after I posted our first rose of the year, we must have 40 blossoms out there, studding the bushes like fireworks in the sky. Now, as I sit here typing in the cool, quiet early morning, the pigeons are cooing for their breakfast (I usually put out seed in the mornings) and Olga is keeping vigil for squirrels.

We've been watching "The Keepers" on Netflix, a documentary series about the unsolved 1969 murder of a nun in Baltimore, and some related coverups within the Catholic church. Fascinating!

(Photo: A self-portrait in Soho on Sunday.)


  1. Just to help with your citizenship quiz, here are a few simple questions:-
    1) What is Jeremy Corbyn's middle name?
    2) Who is Hull City's all time top scorer?
    3) In what year did Thomas Hardy publish "A Pair of Blue Eyes"?
    4) Name all the tributary rivers that feed into The River Humber.
    5) What were the county towns and administrative centres of Yorkshire's three "ridings"?

    Once you have addressed these questions I can supply many more. Glad to be of service.

  2. Good luck with the test taking! It's a momentous step. You'll officially be immigrants and no longer expats. Thanks for making me rethink London (where as you know I lived briefly as a tyke) to the point where I now want visit it.

  3. A test! Lord, I haven't taken one in years. I'm sure you and Dave will both pass with flying colors. Will you celebrate with a pint and some bubble and squeak? A little spotted dick for pudding?
    (Sorry- those are the most British things I can think of.)

  4. good luck with that. I don't test well myself. especially when someone is testing me and I don't know it.

  5. Each country has it's own hoops to jump through. good luck on your test. My daughter did the US one to get her American citizenship.

  6. Preparing for that test would make me just a little bit nervous. I've always been a nervous test-taker. I'm sure you will do perfectly well. I love that photo today. I'm not sure how but those headless gents seem to be watching that passing lady.

  7. Very cool picture! I haven't taken a test in years and don't know how well my memory would hold up - I used to study like mad just before an exam and rely on short-term memory ... probably now I'd have to start well ahead, as you are so wisely doing.

  8. From what friends have told us, you can get the test pack online and run through practice tests that cover all the questions.

    We did the German equivalent last year when my man got his dual citizenship and it was quite the parlour game for a while, all visitors got involved. My father almost through a fit when he got less than 75% in his first attempt.

  9. Oh, and The Keepers, these two women, Abbie and Gemma, are amazing.

  10. I love that photo! Well I can tell you all about Queen Boudicca - I've seen the documentary about her about a jillion times. Actually, all I remember is that she was HOT, and she lost.

  11. The photo is perfect for the post, particularly your brief description of the show that you're watching!