Friday, May 5, 2017

Grumpy Old Man

When did "May the Fourth Be With You" become a thing? I walked into our cafeteria yesterday at lunch and everything was decked out in Star Wars paraphernalia -- gold and black streamers on the walls, Artoo Detoo hovering over the vegetable curry. It seemed very weird. I figured another movie was coming out or something, but then someone told me that it was Star Wars Day, because of the date.

I swear I have never heard of this before. Or if I have, I blocked it out. I like Star Wars, but I don't see why it needs its own holiday.

I haven't heard a thing yet from my doctor regarding my basal cell carcinoma. It's been almost two weeks since I visited her and she said I'd have a referral to a dermatologist within six weeks. I wouldn't be too concerned, except that I have a feeling once I get the referral letter the appointment itself will be far into the future, and I'd really rather not walk around with this thing on my forehead longer than I have to. By the time I get any attention it'll look like a coconut!

Oh, and remember those Ancestry DNA tests that Dave and I took at the beginning of March? Still no results on those, either. Ancestry initially said 6-8 weeks, and as of today we've passed the 8-week mark (based on when they arrived at Ancestry after being mailed). But they also belatedly notified us that things may take slightly longer because of "high demand." I think it's because of Dave's alien DNA. They've probably never seen anything like it.

I posted this on Facebook, so apologies to those of you who have already seen it. But yes, I did in fact manage to drop my cereal in the kitchen yesterday morning. My hands were wet and I just didn't get a good grip on the bowl, et voila. When that bowl hit the floor -- and miraculously did not break -- the dog came running at top speed. I took the easy way out and let her lick up the milk before cleaning up the rest. Is that bad?

She wasn't at all interested in the bran flakes.

Oh, and I saved the blackberries -- before Olga got near them. Washed 'em off and ate 'em on my replacement cereal. They're too expensive to throw out!

(Top photo: Lunch break, Kentish Town.)


  1. Ooooh! Big mess and a very good reason for keeping a dog...


  2. Star Wars Day? That says a lot about the kind of world we are living in - celebrating a money-making film franchise as if was a saints day or an important anniversary in national history. I shake my head in despair.

  3. I have no idea about such Star Wars goings on. I've probably only seen two of the movies. I love the fact that you washed off the blackberries and ate them. You're my kind of man, Steve Reed!

  4. Someone mentioned the May 4th thing at work yesterday and I had totally forgotten about it. I think I only heard of it last year or the year before. Who knows how that got started.

  5. It's a fantastic picture. I sure hope you get your appointment soon. I hate that you have to wait --

  6. Alien DNA - hah! I bet Olga was glad you dropped your cereal :)

    To be honest, I'd rather have days like Pi(e) Day and May The Fourth Be With You Day than some of the ones we've been saddled with. They're a lot more fun. The world could use more fun.

  7. there's so much to look at in that top photo!

  8. I didn't get much of the may the fourth be with you. ..not even from my son who's star wars fanatic.

  9. Re-using the kind of man!