Thursday, May 18, 2017

Politics (Sorry) and a Foxglove

I went to an end-of-the-school-year work party last night, held in a spacious pub in Hampstead. Of course, after a couple of pints, we wound up talking politics. Fortunately my co-workers and I all appear to be on the same page when it comes to Brexit and Trump, so I didn't have to self-censor too much.

I'm experiencing an odd sort of disassociation about Trump. It's almost like this isn't really happening. We don't really have an incompetent egoist in the White House, hacking his way through the federal government and our treasured Constitutional legacies with a machete in his short-fingered hands. Do we?

Well, yes, we do, but it's still hard to believe.

I've concluded that I, personally, have to just let it play out, however it will. There's nothing more to be done. Maybe I'm still in denial, but I doubt this character will last four years, and though he'll inflict some damage in the meantime, I have to have faith that the government is stronger than he is.

Every few days, in addition to the real news, I take a look at Breitbart to see what the right-wingers are saying, especially in the reader comments. Interestingly, they have no real pro-Trump message. All they can do is whine about the liberal media and invoke outrage at the idea that Hillary would be any better. (They're still spending incredible amounts of time and energy grousing about the criminal, corrupt Clintons. I think Clinton-hating is a genuine psychiatric disorder among these people.)

I have seen right-wing rumbles that Trump needs to stop listening to his "liberal Manhattan family." There is discontent with Jared Kushner and Ivanka -- rooted in anti-Semitism, I suspect.

It's all so exhausting that, on a day-to-day basis, I think about it only as much as I can stand. There is reason for hope, though. Trump is so clueless that his incompetence will bog him down. He may prove to be quite ineffective.

In other news, as you can see, one of our foxgloves (not the rescued one) is blooming quite well already. Dave's nieces had a great time exploring London yesterday, traipsing around Westminster. They didn't get home until nearly 10 p.m. last night! More of the same for them today, I'm sure.

Once again I worked on library inventory in the afternoon, scanning and scanning books on the shelf. I think I can finish the fiction section today. Then it's just a matter of a few small sections here and there, and we'll be done. The antidote to my organization-man thinking about the library, as I expressed yesterday, is to remember that the library and the librarians are there for the people, not for the books. Right?


  1. I very much doubt that Trump has read the US constitution. He lacks education and understanding, preferring bullishness and bravado. He continues to do a lot of damage to America's reputation and simply cannot last four years. He has to go - one way or another - but who can unite America now? Paul Ryan?

    Please post pictures of how messy your apartment has become since the young women arrived - with ladies' underwear and hair products strewn all over the place. On Facebook I noticed that word of the big party on Saturday night is out there. Around a hundred are expected.

  2. The damage done by this man and those he has appointed far exceeds tarnishing of reputation and yes, there are things that can be done and are being done in the form of pushback. I do not have the luxury of geography and distance to spare me the effects and live every day in a state of anxiety because I depend on social security and medicare and I'm waiting to see if the ADA will at some point be dismantled and further complicate or eliminate my rights as a citizen.

  3. His persecution complex astounds me.....especially as he said publically yesterday that he is the most picked on leader ever! Amazing

  4. I echo E above. The extent of the damage this man has done, in just 4 months, is beyond belief. And Ryan is just as bad. Heaven help us if that man ever gets some real power.

    Every day is some new revelation, in addition to all the actual dismantling of rights and regulations that Trump has enacted. If it weren't our lives being affected, we would assume this was some kind of joke.

  5. First of all- your shot of the Fox Glove is amazing.
    Now- as to Trump- he's going down. As to what will happen after that- who knows? But I think he may even resign although probably not because he's such a narcissist. I'm sure you're correct about the anti-Semitism.
    But. The damage has been done and the office of the presidency will never be seen the same again.
    That's one of the things I worry about.

  6. love the foxglove. I've planted them now and then but not this year. you've probably heard by now that an independent investigator has been appointed by the deputy AG without telling either Trump or Sessions in advance. Rumors are swirling that the whole GOP is going down just about.

  7. Lovely photo and so peaceful as opposed to the political front these days. Each day brings a new bombshell.

    Trump -- I am hoping for impeachment. Can you imagine if Hillary had done this?

    Yorkshire Pudding just freakin' cracks me up!!!!

  8. It looks like Trump hijacked the work party! This guy could have learned but each day he does something dumber.

  9. " incompetent egoist in the White House, hacking his way through the federal government and our treasured Constitutional legacies with a machete in his short-fingered hands." That has got to be one of the best descriptions Of what is going on right now that I've ever heard.
    I do have to admit to being news-weary right now but I can't seem to stop listening, reading and watching.
    On a much better subject, I love the foxglove. They are such pretty flowers and your photos are gorgeous. The Desert Botanical Garden does have a few of them growing right now. I'm sure they won't last much longer after our summer heat hits.

  10. The second picture is exquisite with that drop of water just leaving the petal!

    I find that lately I have to step away from all things political, from international to local. Skimming it from a distance is possible; immersion is not. I feel for those who have already been so directly affected and those who may be affected in the future. I'm glad to hear of Mueller's appointment; it's the first good news in awhile.

  11. I like Donald Trump. He's better than Clinton. God knows what would've happened if she'd have won. British politics I can only apologise for. You never said what you thought of Brexit. I imagine you don't like it and I'm sorry about that. Personally, I thought it was great Thanks to Tony Blair and Barack Obama for helping us to win. They didn't mean to (that's what's so funny about it). I hope you enjoy your stay in the UK.

  12. I love foxgloves - I need to add them to the list of flowers I want for our yard.

    As for the current political situation, I continue to feel like I'm in actual shock (the medical condition). It's just insane.

  13. The saving grace (maybe) with Trump is that his attention span is so short (like his fingers) that he may not be able to concentrate on any one thing to do any real damage. One can hope, anyway.

  14. You don't have to apologise for talking/writing about politics as far as I am concerned. I don't know too many people who do this. They usually just jump into the conversation, boots and all.
    Foxgloves. Aren't they lovely just? When I lived in Tasmania they grew wild in a bush area near the Liffey River. I'm sure the Parks and Wildlife people were not happy about this at all.


  15. YP: If he goes, I assume we'll be left with Pence, who is scary in his own right but who at least might be competent. So far no sign of partying from our house guests, but you never know!

    E: I'm not minimizing the seriousness of the problem. But tell me, what things "can be done and are being done" by ordinary citizens that are making a difference? Once someone is elected, the power is largely out of our hands. We can demonstrate (as I have) but beyond public displays of dissent, which have minimal practical effect, there's just not much we can do. It's frustrating but it's a fact.

    John: He's always been a whiner.

    Elle: In some ways Ryan and Pence might be MORE dangerous, because they're skilled politically. Trump gets so bogged down in his own errors and miscalculations that they slow him down. But at least under skilled politicians things wouldn't be so chaotic and apparently unstable. It's a trade-off.

    Ms Moon: I can't see him quitting. His ego would never permit it.

    Ellen: Yeah, I'm THRILLED about the independent investigator. It's definitely what's needed at this point.

    Lynne: I know! If this were Hillary people would be up in arms! (Literally!)

    Red: It's true. Another day, another insane revelation.

    Sharon: I have to admit I stole the "short-fingered" description from Spy magazine, which used to refer to Trump way back in the late '80s as a "short-fingered vulgarian." I've never forgotten that.

    Jenny-O: I try my best to read the articles just to stay on top of things, but they ARE stomach-churning.

    Treey: As you anticipated, I disagree with you on every level. Trump is a disaster, Brexit is a disaster. Why you see Trump as better than Clinton -- a seasoned, experienced, skilled politician -- is a mystery to me. The modern presidency is a job that requires someone who's familiar with governing. As for Brexit, as I've often said here, the modern world requires interaction, engagement and cooperation, not isolation. Brexit is a step in exactly the wrong direction.

    Bug: Yes! Grow foxgloves! They ARE beautiful and they're vigorous plants. They are also, however, poisonous, so don't plant them anywhere where kids or pets will eat them.

    Catalyst: The short attention span works against us in some ways, though, because it plunges us into a state of chaos. Every day something new! It's insane. Someone definitely needs to take away that Twitter account.

    Alphie: I always feel like readers will see a political post and go, "Oh, God, not again!" We all read so much political news, after all. Are foxgloves native in Australia or are they imports? I do love them. One of my favorite flowers.

  16. I get responses to petitions and phone calls from Kathy Castor, Bill Nelson and others so I guess I'm at least communicating and exercising my rights of protest and keeping up with things which is what I can do.

  17. Treey: Now THAT I can agree with. I would be more comfortable with the results of our elections if I felt like people were making their choices based on factual information.

    E: Well, that certainly can't hurt! It's good that you're getting responses.