Friday, June 23, 2017

A Piano, and Hawkweed

Dave and I finally, finally got around to renting "La La Land" last night. I really enjoyed it -- a colorful, fun homage to old Hollywood, and yet without the traditionally sappy Hollywood ending. It was well-made and entertaining. It was not, however, a Best Picture, no matter what Faye Dunaway says. The Academy made the right call by giving that award to "Moonlight," a much more substantial film.

Anyway, "La La Land" reminded me that I had this photo of a discarded piano -- or part of a piano, anyway -- to use on the ol' blog. I found it while walking Olga the other day. I'm surprised someone hasn't harvested all that metal from the interior. Aren't those wires copper?

In the garden, the fox & cubs -- a.k.a. hawkweed -- is blooming once again. I always enjoy these flowers, and this year we have more of them than ever before. Woo hoo!

Today Dave and I are off to take our "Life in the U.K." tests. My head is full of information about the Beveridge Report and the Butler Act and Queen Boudicca of the Iceni and the Cavaliers and Roundheads. I studied all day yesterday and Dave ran practice tests with an app that he purchased. Fingers crossed!

It was much cooler yesterday -- a high of about 72ºF. Now that's more like it!


  1. That is so freaky - two days ago I was at a small venue for a dinner party and as part of the eclectic decorating style there was an exposed sounding board from a piano, hung on the wall - like the one in your picture but with intact strings. It took me a minute to realize that's what it was. And now you post a picture from halfway around the world of the same thing.

    Mr. Google says, by the way, that piano wires are made of tempered high-carbon steel.

  2. The Life in the UK test sounds quite difficult. I hope our beloved Minister for Immigration, who is currently making life as difficult as possible for those people who wish to become citizens, doesn't get wind of this and apply another test to temporary residents.


  3. 1. What is Hull City's nickname?
    2. Which indigenous mammal is being persecuted by the Tory government who have hired several secret marksmen to blast it out of existence?
    3. What is the singer songwriter Donovan's last name?
    4. What should American settlers in Britain say about The American War of Independence?

    1) The Tigers 2) badger 3) Leitch 4) We are very, very sorry.

  4. Perhaps you'll have post-birthday good luck!

  5. I had some friends who used an exposed piano sounding board for a headboard on their bed. They were extremely artistic people and I just read in the paper this morning that their grandson (I think) has made a beautiful music video.
    They should ask questions about the Rolling Stones and the Beatles on that test. THAT would be interesting and I could pass it. "Which one of the Rolling Stones sang for the queen when he was but a wee lad?"
    (Keith Richards.)
    I am glad it is cooler there. I wish it were cooler here.
    Love from Lloyd. Good luck on your test.

  6. cool weather...what's that? 90s in June here. I shudder to think what the rest of summer is going to be like. I'm sure you will do fine on the test.

  7. Oh good, it's back to the London "scarf" weather that I've grown to love. Best of luck with the tests!
    That piano is looking terribly sad.

  8. I'm sure you'll pass your test with flying colors. Good luck.

  9. Those are gorgeous pictures! And good luck on your test. I hope that by the time you've read this comment, you've both passed with flying colors!

  10. I never fail to be amazed by the variety of interesting photographic subjects you see on your walks! -Kate

  11. Hope you and Dave did well on your test. Enjoy the cooler weather there!

  12. Jenny-O: Tempered steel? Who knew? They were copper-colored, but at least that explains why no one had harvested them.

    Alphie: Is there no "Life in Australia" test for people wanting to immigrate? We have similar tests in the states, and the joke is that most Americans wouldn't pass them.

    YP: I knew 2 and 3, for what it's worth. And I think the answer to No. 4 actually is, "We like you more now that you don't have an insane king." :)

    E: It seems so!

    Ms. Moon: Actually, the Beatles and the Stones WERE on the test! Not questions as specific as yours, though.

    Ellen: I know, I really have no right to complain when our heat is just a blip and so many others live with it for months at a time.

    Sharon: Yes! Now THIS is England.

    Red: Thanks! :)

    John: Isn't it? I wish someone would repurpose it, as Ms. Moon described above.

    Elizabeth: Thanks, and yes, we passed -- although whether our colors are flying is arguable.

    Kate: I'm always amazed, too. There's a lot of stuff lying around in London!

    Robin: Thanks! We ARE loving the coolness. :)